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The secret to growing your blog is really no secret at all:  Understanding who you're talking to, creating stellar content that solves problems for your readers, and letting the world know all about it.

Well, maybe there are some secrets — check out How To Create a Popular Blog in 90 Days or Less Part Time

But what happens when you need a rest?

Take a vacation?

Unplug and get away from it all?

What becomes of your blog then?

If your blog is well established and very popular, you may not notice much of a drop in traffic.  But if you are struggling with your blog's growth, that one week off can mean a loss of traffic and readers that could take a long time to get back.

So what are your options?

You could decide to eliminate all vacations until your blog becomes “super popular”.

Not much of an option, especially if you have a family or anyone that likes you.

3 Ways To Boost Your Blog Growth While On Vacation

Is there a way to boost your blog growth AND take some time off?

The answer is yes… and here are some ways to do it.

1.  Write extra blog posts to publish while you're away

This is one way to maintain or extend your blog growth while you take a vacation, but it will take discipline and time to make it happen.

After all, many bloggers I know struggle to put out 2 or 3 posts each week, never mind writing extra posts.

But if you are motivated and work productively by batching your work, you can make it happen.

2.  Outsource Your Writing

Oh, I can already hear you out there moaning about costs.  But guess what?

It's not that expensive to have a few articles written for you and edit them for your blog.

You'll want to do your homework here — try to find a writer who writes in a similar style and at least somewhat understands your subject area.  This may take a bit of trial and error, but once you find a writer you really like, you'll have no issues with outsourcing a few articles and posting them while on vacation.

TIP:  I've hired article writers from and found them to be very professional and trustworthy (again, do your homework).  You can even hire someone on to help publicize your posts online for $5 if you really wish to unplug and let someone else do the work).

3.  Boost Your Blog Growth: Find Other Bloggers to Guest Post

About a month ago, I read a post on Mavis Nong's blog, Attraction Marketing Online where she announced she was taking a much needed vacation.  She explained that she was a bit burnt out but had arranged to have other guest bloggers fill in for her while she was away.

What a great idea!

Heck, I was even one of the guest bloggers she selected — check out my post on Mavis' blog,  25 Ways to Double Your Blog Productivity This Week.

Can you see why this strategy is so powerful?

  • You can boost your blog growth by publishing stellar content while you're away
  • You can take advantage of your guest blogger's traffic, assuming they will also publicize their post on your blog
  • You will brand new readers to set their eyes on your blog (your guest blogger's readers).
  • You can build a relationship with the guest bloggers for later collaboration

How great is that?

It's Time For Me to Take a Break

grow your blog on vacation image
Yes, that IS Rosemary and Bob!

Next week, I am heading off to the beautiful Atlantis resort in the Bahamas for a well deserved week of rest and relaxation.
During that time, I have a treat for you….

I've lined up 3 very talented Guest Bloggers for you, with posts that you will love.

I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag by revealing who they are, but I promise you won't be disappointed!
Watch for the first guest post on Monday.

See you in a week, everyone!  Stay focussed!

    42 replies to "How To Boost Your Blog Growth While Laying on the Beach"

    • saqib ahmad

      Its really hard to maintain the blog if you are following your studies and office work.. I must say that you have given excellent tips but Recently I hired the article writer for my blog but, he provided me Articles which are manipulated using software.

      My suggestion is that before going for any trip you should write bunch of articles and add the auto scheduling to post them. Hope this help keep posting great tips.

      Thank You Bob!

    • Tanveer

      Good information. Guest blogging is a good option but I think one should have a high PR only then will someone contribute to your blog. I have heard a lot about elance. Will give it a try.

    • Ariel

      Someone earlier mentioned PLR content as a great way to create blog content. This is most definitely true. It is pretty easy to spin unique content from a PLR article. Unfortunately novice or lazy marketers use PLR articles without modifying them which is a big mistake.

      I like to read a PLR article about subject that I know and then write the new version in my own words an with references from my experience to embellish it. This works very well!

    • Jac Morton

      This is one wonderful post Bob. I really admire the way you make things a lot less complicated for us. Boosting your blog while on a vacation is somewhat a challenge for me. I never have got the chance to take on vacation yet since I started with blogging. I think I’m going to re organize my blog again and start applying what I learned here.

      • Bob

        Sounds like a great plan, Jac. Let me know how I can help!

    • Those are great tips. I sometimes get 5 posts out in one day and schedule them to release throughout the week. I made the mistake one time of not posting for almost a week and noticed my ranking went back up quickly. What about trying PLRs? That’s also a great way.

    • Kimberly Anderson

      Bob, this is a great ideas! This tips will make many to relax and enjoy their worry-free vacation. Outsourcing to do your online work is really a good idea to those who want rest or vacation. Thanks for sharing this Bob.

      • Bob

        You’re welcome, Kimberly. Outsourcing can have its place in a blog, but probably not the content aspect of it (at least in my opinion).

        Thanks for your comment!

    • Floyd Andrews

      Some blogs have post schedulers that save your post and put it up at the exact time you’ve set it. That’s how I see number 1. Number 3, on the other hand, is a good way to expand your network. Allowing guest posts from other bloggers gives you the chance to boost your rep in your community.

      • Bob

        Hi Floyd,

        Yes, I also use post schedulers to strategically publish posts at a time I desire. Isn’t technology wonderful? I can be out and about having fun, and my blog post will publish all by itself when I want it to. Love this!

        Having said that, I also like the idea of inviting guest bloggers to share their insights on your blog. This was the first time I’ve done it and the feedback was amazing…. everyone seemed to benefit from it!

    • marquita herald

      These are great tips Bob. I’m planning a trip to the mainland next year for an extended road trip and keeping my eyes open for any/all tips to help me as efficient as possible while I’m away. Thanks!

      • Bob

        Sounds like a great trip, Marty… you should come to the Big Apple and visit us!

    • Meg

      Awesome tips Bob this is what many needed as vacations and holidays are must after a regular interval inorder to refresh ourself but at that time also we are mentally attached with our work and that is due to to we have not planned any thing to remain it continue.

      Thus you tips will definately makes relaxed MANY and they now enjoy their tensionfree holidays.

      • Bob

        Its really hard to disconnect, especially when your blog is like “your baby”! I know that from experience.

        This year I decided to be proactive and get some guest posters lined up, so I didn’t feel the pressure to do it myself. And they did an amazing job! Thanks to Martin Dale, Timo Kiander and Jane Sheeba…. you are awesome bloggers!

    • Hans Schoff

      Hey Bob, great tips. There’s a 4th method you can also use that the search engines seem to approve of and that’s using a plugin called Old Post Promoter (free). Basically it allows you to re-post older posts to your blog that perhaps some of your newer followers have not yet seen or that others may have missed. The plugin simply changes the post date of an older random post and brings it to the front of your blog as frequently as you like (or even on a regular basis) thereby refreshing the content (with all prior comments, shares, etc intact). Just one more way to perhaps achieve the same result – has worked numerous times for my blog!

      • Bob

        Wow, this is interesting, Hans. I have never heard of this plugin.

        But is this re-post actually published again? If so, I would think that Google would be unhappy. What has been your experience?

        Thanks for sharing this tip, Hans!

    • Ilka Flood

      Hi Bob and Rosemary,

      Awesome post and terrific tips! Thanks for sharing them!

      Glad you are taking some time out to relax and get re-energized. Wishing you both a wonderful time in the Bahamas!

      Have fun!


      • Bob

        Thanks, Ilka… it was a great vacation, but now time to catch up!

    • Jayne Kopp

      HI Dr. Bob, I sure wish you and Rosemary a lovely trip and well deserved one at that.

      I noticed Mavis had set up a few ‘guests’ and indeed it is a great idea.

      I am one of those funny people who have not outsourced much at this point. I feel funny when it comes to my ‘writing’ as I wonder how to get them to write from the same place in my heart.

      I guess it’s all to try for thought isn’t it and might not be a bad idea to be honest as it sure would help on those overwhelming weeks.

      I also agree it batching your writing. I find when in writers mode, I can do twice the work I do when fiddling around on a daily basis.

      Thanks for the great suggestion. Have a wonderful trip. I will be willing to bet you are seen with laptop on occasion thought!! 🙂


      • Bob

        Hey Jane,

        Yes, I got the idea about lining up guest bloggers while on vacation from Mavis. I thought it was brilliant.

        I also do not outsource my actual blogging, but it is one way to keep things running when you’re away, especially if you find a writer who shares your style. And batching works well, if you have a block of time and feel inspired.

        Thanks for your insights here, Jayne! Hope all is well!

    • Adrienne

      Great post Bob and I hope you and Rosemary have a wonderful vacation.

      I have no doubt that everything will be just fine while you are gone but you have given us some great tips for when we need to take that much needed break.

      I usually write posts ahead of time and let my readers know I’m taking a short break. If your blog has a good bit of traffic, they’ll be back.

      Can’t wait to hear how your trip was. I’m sure you two are having so much fun! See you soon!


      • Bob

        Hi Adrienne,

        The trip was amazing. We have been to the Bahamas quite a few times and it’s become like a second home for us. Not just that the place if gorgeous — it is. But the Bahamian people are amazingly friendly and warm… it just feels like home. We love to go into town and shop and eat where the locals go. It’s a great way to really get to know the culture.

        Thanks for the good wishes, Adrienne!

        • Adrienne

          Hey Bob,

          I’ve been there a few times myself but was usually around July and way too hot for me. I also use to go into town and eat with the locals, funny story about how that happened but so glad we accidentally got into an off duty cab driver’s car one night. He was happy to take us into town and show us around.

          Glad you two had fun and welcome home!


          • Bob

            That’s so funny. Sometimes we have the best times when we least expect it!

    • debbie turner

      Great article and tips.

      For me, my favorite is tip #1, preplan and write and have a schedule to publish.

      Many bloggers think that they can walk away for a couple of weeks and expect the same
      traffic but studies have shown traffic and interest falls off.

      So I hope any who read this take heed and do something if they are going to be away.

      I like your guest blogger idea. I’ll have to remember that.

      Have a great time

      Debbie Turner
      Where Passions and Entrepreneurship
      meet Propserity

      • Bob

        Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by.

        The key to taking a break is to be prepared and plan ahead. Whether that means doing some posts ahead of time or finding others to guest post while you’re away, it’s much more relaxing and you can really disconnect for a while if you’ve lined things up beforehand. Last minute frantic writing is no way to blog — your readers will sense it and feel cheated!

        Thanks for your insights, Debbie!

    • debbie turner

      Have a great time away. These are great tips and I think for me, the second one would be out. I like the idea, and have used prior, to writing my posts and scheduling them to be published on a timetable.

      I think if bloggers were to be away for more than 10 days and didn’t make arranagements to do something with their blog, traffic would suffer a bit and people may have a tendency to fall off for a bit. So keep it going, plan ahead and utilize these great tips.

      Thanks Bob…

      Debbie Turner
      Where Passions and Entrepreneurship
      Meet Prosperity

      • Bob

        Hi Debbie,

        I put the outsourcing option out there because it is, well… an option! I don’t outsource my blogging either (although I do outsource other aspects of my blog). But if you can find a writer with a similar style, you could certainly pay for a few posts while you’re away.

        Thanks for your insights, Debbie.

    • Larry Lewis

      Great post. When we go on holidays, there are only two things i have to have. The family want sea, sand and sun, plus 5 star hotel, and all inclusive. I on the other hand have much simpler tastes, i need a gym and wireless connections. Best to practice before i start my location independent lifestyle.

      • Bob

        Haha, sounds great Larry. I agree with all of it — sun, sand, resort, gym, and wireless. I was lucky enough to have it all on my latest vacation and it was a blast!

        Thanks for sharing, Larry!

    • Joseph J Young

      HI Bob,
      Good ideas. I do freelance writing at Elance myself. It is definitely a professional system and there are a lot of good writers to be found there. Guest blogging is awesome and I plan to have more at my new site real soon. It is a dual blessing of reciprocity. Enjoy your vaca!


      • Bob

        That’s so cool, Joseph. I love Elance and have always had great experiences.

        Let us know when your new site is live so we can check it out!

    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob, nice tips!! I think it’s always a great idea to have a few extra articles “in pocket” for when things come up in life unexpectedly & also definitely for extended periods of time. Thanks for the preparation tips, I think they should come in handy!

      Oh!! And have a FANTASTIC vaycay! 🙂

      • Bob

        Thanks Cat! Preparedness is the key to being able to unplug and relax, totally free of worry. Your blog can be like leaving your kids with a baby sitter while you’re away. You need to feel assured that it’s in good hands while you’re away!

        Ahhh. another idea for a post, I feel! Thanks for the inspiration, Cat.

    • Hi Bob,

      You’ve offered some excellent tips here for a dilemma a lot of people face when it comes to taking much needed time out. I must admit I struggle with writing ‘extra’ posts ahead of time but your suggestion of lining up people to guest post is awesome! I’ve only just recently lined up my first guest blogger now that I see the value in it.

      I don’t outsource writing on my personal blog but I’ve found a great resource for out sourcing some of my other writing over at The beauty of this site is the writers are rated by skill level and the price for each level goes up accordingly.


      • Bob

        Hey Michaele,

        Thanks for the tip with I’ve not used this site but will definitely check it out.

        I also don’t outsource my blog posts but I have outsourced some articles and reports. I will definitely check out this new site.

        Thanks for your contributions here, Michaele!

    • Nicky

      Great ideas Bob, thanks for sharing and enjoy your week off.

      • Bob

        Thanks, Nicky…. we had a great time, but now it’s time to play catch up! 🙂

    • Martin

      These are some great ideas.
      I must admit, i have never hired or outsource my articles yet.

      I need to give that some serious thought though, because time is precious, and finding the
      time to keep up with consistent blogging is hard to do.

      Creating info-products that train and equip entrepreneurs to work successfully from home is what I love to do, and finding the time to add to my blog gets put on the back burner sometimes.

      So, anyway… I really like these three ideas.

      i have been honored with some extremely good guest posts on my blog,
      which I agree with you is a very clever way to boost your blog growth.

      Have a wonderful vacation!
      Martin Dale

      • Bob

        Hi Martin,

        I am quickly falling in love with guest bloggers on my blog. I resisted it at first, not wanting to give up any control of my content but I’ve found that all of the contributors to my blog (including YOU!) are extremely professional and add high value content. I definitely plan on doing more in the future.

    • Herbert

      This is indeed very true. I also do this sometime if I am very stuck with office works. Getting online writers certainly ease things out.

      Thanks Sir Bob. Enjoy your vacation 🙂

      • Bob

        Agreed, Herbert… it can really help you to relax while away!

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