excuses imageExcuses… we all use them in all aspects of our lives.

And when someone is building a business Part-Time, there are plenty of excuses we can use to justify our lack of activity:

  • Not enough time
  • I'm too tired
  • I can't compete with people doing this Full Time

But the reality is that there are no room for excuses in building a business.

Excuses are dream stealers.

So what about these excuses?  

What's the reality?

Watch the video below….  it's one of the rare videos where I get in front of the camera, because I'm gonna challenge you… and I want to look you in the eye.

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Speaking of Excuses

This post on Excuses is appropriate for this week because next weekend is the No Excuses 3 Summit in Las Vegas.

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So What Do You Think?

What excuses have you used to justify a lack of action working on your business?

Let's come up with a list… and then let's explode it!

    15 replies to "Don’t Let Excuses Get in Your Way"

    • Devin Thayer

      The biggest excuse I hear is I don’t know if I can do that. How about this Saturday? Can you make it to this meeting? So-and-so will be skyping in – hes making $60k/mo, will you be there? All I hear is I don’t know. The odd thing is that I DON’T KNOW how to combat their “I don’t knows”. It’s my sticking point. About half are not willing to commit till the last second. At least they’re honest, but hey, I’m looking for a bit more than tentative. Maybe I can’t force someone to be a better scheduler, but I just feel like their business is the last thing on their list of priorities. If I deem something important, I’ll re-arrange things to be there.

    • Abdul Waheed

      Bob, so many people spend so much time making excuses for there failure they end up digging them selves deeper into failure.

      I have seen many people go from worse to worse in my seven years in the industry.

      STOP making excuses and start taking action, perfection is not mandatory action is.

    • Sara

      I have made a lot of excuses throughout my life and I know the more excuses you make the more you miss out on and the less you accomplish. Great post and very true.

    • Jane

      Hi Bob!

      Great inspirational information!

      It is true that excuses will end up in disappointment. Thanks for all the amazing ideas!


    • Richard

      You are right that it is too easy to make excuses. I think sometimes the best thing to do is to try and be more aware of our actions. It is easy to operate on auto-pilot, so we need to make ourselves aware whenever we are doing so, otherwise the time just flies by!

    • Farrel

      I find you post very interesting Bob. You know what having an excuse for once is okay and it can be consider. The person being excused having the idea to do it one more time even though its not properly excusable. Yes, the entire outcomes are disappointment. Thank you for this very wonderful insight of yours.

    • Lambert twagirimana

      wow ! Mr bob , greatest momment for me to join this special group for intrepreneurs !!

      Yes , it’s amazing for me to hear all your idears for business :

      l do not have chance to wach you videos ! So l am sorry for that !

      Dear all l am now in my small shop here in Kigali !! All l have are from Mr bob’s idears !!
      So follow his inspiration if you need to grow up ! Thank you all . And (……………….)

    • Wade

      As they say in the classics, all excuses are equal. They all provide the same outcome-disappointment.

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      love your talking head video…

      Excuses are dream stealers and the cheapest commodity on earth. It’s all about sacrificing a little bit of comfort today, so true.

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      Be blessed


      • Bob

        Thanks, Oliver.. I tend to do more powerpoint presentations, but perhaps I’ll reconsider this strategy — the feedback has been quite positive.

        Excuses are definitely dream stealers… and they are self-induced, which makes it more of a tragedy.

        I know that you hold the “no excuses allowed” mentality… it’s one of the reason for your success.

        Thanks for sharing your insights, Oliver!

    • Pamela

      Some people are very considerate, and those individuals would never question your judgment. Yet, some question every little thing you say. A person may follow up an excuse with a million questions, and it is imperative that you prepare yourself before giving an excuse to those sorts of people.

    • Carol Lynn

      It was great to see you on video! I know it made Adrienne’s day, she is the video queen 😉

      Also a very true message. No excuses! “You’re just going to have to do it.” I think a lot of excuses can be boiled down to 2 things: fear of failure and fear of success. Lots of people are afraid to really try because they don’t want to make mistakes but that’s just part of learning. On the other hand, some people subconsciously sabotage themselves because part of them doesn’t know what to do with success.

      Of course there are always those who just don’t want to be bothered working! It’s definitely hard work and there are no super secret immediate get rich quick things, no matter how many times we hear them in the headlines. You can dream, but you’ve got to be willing to make it happen, too.

      Bob, I hope you have success bubbling over because you are hard working and inspirational and most certainly deserve it!

    • Adrienne

      Love your message Bob and great seeing you in front of the camera. You are a natural! 🙂

      Excuses is something that I believe we all hear from time to time online. No one said building your business would be easy but as you said, the end result is definitely worth all the time you had to put into building it.

      I believe that those who really want a better life will move past all the excuses. Don’t get me wrong, like you mentioned even with yourself, we’ll still have some of our own creep in from time to time. I’m too tired is a good one for me. I wear myself out most of the times and just have no energy whatsoever. But you know what? I give myself permission to have those moments. As long as I pick myself up the next day and keep going. Consistency is what’s going to get you to the end.

      Great message Bob so thanks for getting in front of the camera to share this one with us. Great seeing you!

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Bob,

      Great video.

      It is easy to make excuses, especially for a part timer, but the reality is this: either you do, or you don’t. Yoda was dead on 😉

      Excuses cripple you. Stunt your growth. You can make any excuse sound oh so valid, or ridiculous. It is up to the individual.

      Thanks for sharing Bob!

      Ryan Biddulph

    • ileane

      Hi Bob, you look good in front of the camera 🙂 You’re comfortable and confident in getting your message across. I think you should do the talking head thing more often.

      Thanks for sharing the encouraging message! It’s an important one and I’ll be sure to share it with my followers and friends.

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