There are some people who come into your life at just the right time.

They say things to you that you NEED to hear, not necessarily what you WANT  to hear… and they change your life forever.

That is how it was for us… and Mr. Aaron Parkinson.

How We Met Aaron Parkinson

The year was 2008 and Rosemary and I had decided to start a business.  This was a reach for us.  Neither of us had any business experience and we grew up being taught to get a traditional job, work hard and the company would take care of you.

Yeah, right.

So we decided to take action and to develop an exit strategy and plan for leaving our jobs.

We did our research and finally decided to join Carbon Copy PRO.  Immediately upon signing up, we decided to attend our first live event… the Carbon Copy PRO Master Marketing event in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was an event that changed our lives, not so much for what we learned but for WHO WE MET.  It's why you  should do whatever it takes to attend a live event.

We met Aaron Parkinson.

Aaron was a huge deal… cofounder of the company and organizer of the Event.  But he took the time to greet us, listen to our story and give us a few pointers about becoming an entrepreneur.

It was the beginning of a very beneficial relationship for us.

The Importance of a Mentor

Now, I've written in this blog many times about finding a mentor to shortcut your way to success.  And Aaron was one of our mentors, but not in the traditional sense.

  • We didn't do organized one-on-one training with Aaron.
  • He didn't teach us how to get leads or drive traffic to our website.
  • He didn't even teach us how to close a sale.

Aaron taught these totally green, entrepreneur-wannabes something far more value.

Aaron taught us HOW TO THINK

After our initial meetings, we've ran into Aaron several more times at Events and Mastermind Events.  We would listen to Aaron talk about positioning and marketing wit h his typcial “in your face” style.  In fact, our favorite time each week was to tune into Aarons “Full Contact Marketing” training call. We came away from each call invigorated, excited and ready to move forward in our business.

Aaron showed us what it meant to be an entrepreneur, to take risks, to do whatever it took to solve a problem and get results.

Aaron took us away from our 9-5 Entitlement Mentality and helped us grow into our new roles as Entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And for that, we are eternally grateful.

Just last week, Aaron announced that we would be taking on a different role within Carbon Copy PRO and it's quite likely we won't be seeing as much of Aaron as we'd like.

But even if we never see Aaron Parkinson again, he has made an indelible mark on our lives.  He has changed us in ways he will never know.

Thank you, Aaron.

Thank you…

    6 replies to "A Special Thanks to Aaron Parkinson… and The Unique Way He Changed Our Lives"

    • Steven

      Finally I found a post on this interesting topic, but it was not easy. Are You making any SEO for your blog?

    • Kyle Vaughan

      Hi Bob,

      That’s so nice of you to recognize and be grateful to your mentor who has helped you reach what you have achieved now. It is just great to find someone like Aaaron who has shared to you what he has learned so far.

      By the way, I have read some of your posts too and they are fantastic. It’s so nice to be here. 🙂



    • Emma Tiebens

      Hello Bob and Rosemary!

      What a great blog you have here! I commend you for taking the time to edify your mentor… Yes Mentors absolutely help us shorten the proverbial learning curve and you were so wise to heed and implement the advice of yours!

      All the best to you both!

      Cheering You On!

      Emma 😉

      • Bob

        Thanks, Emma… we feel its so important to give thanks to those who have selflessly helped us along the way. Aaron and others have definitely shortened our learning curve, no doubt! I think the smartest thing anyone can do is to find a good mentor who has done what you wish to do. Thanks for starting this great topic in The Relational Marketer FB group!

    • Val Wilcox

      Hey Bob,
      You know, people like Aaron really set the bar for others. They share their passions in such a way that you understand the messages and know where to look for answers. You were so lucky to meet him early on in your online business career. He took years off your learning curve by sharing valuable info that you were able to synthesize into your goals.

      Glad you were open to hearing the message and knowing how to act on it. Your posts support all online marketers with timely tips and suggestions. You are now shortening others learning curves. Paying it forward big time!

      Val 🙂

      • Bob

        Yes, Val! Being open to the messages your mentors provide you is so key to your success. Sometimes we all get so busy on the minutia of life and building our business that we forget to STOP and LISTEN to those who’ve been where we wish to go.

        Thanks for visiting… great comment as always!

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