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It's that time of year again… New Year's Resolutions.

Some love 'em and some hate 'em… but that's all you hear about in the news, magazines, newspapers, blogs — it's everywhere.

In fact, I've even written about New Year's Resolutions here on this blog:

3 Critical Goal Setting Strategies to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

And for those that believe in being proactive, try this one:

Why Network Marketers Make Their New Year's Resolutions in November

This year, I've decided not to make any New Year's Resolutions.  I'm sick and tired of making Resolutions, breaking them by the second week of January and then beating myself up until June.

Nope, not this year.

But I am doing something to replace my resolutions.

I'm talking about my 3 words.

Why 3 Words?

I got the idea for using 3 words on which to focus my efforts throughout the year from expert blogger, Chris Brogan in his post, “My 3 Words for 2012”.

So why 3 words?

Chris tells it this way….

“Every year, I come up with three words that will be my guiding pillars for what I will focus on in the coming year. Instead of resolutions, which don’t usually help me very much, I work hard on using these words as a lighthouse for my actions and efforts.”

This made so much sense to me.

3 words that I can tape on my bathroom mirror, as a reminder each day as to what actions I should be taking.

It's a great way to ensure that your actions are in line with your goals for the year.

No more broken resolutions, now I have my 3 words.

My 3 Words for 2012

Here are my 3 words that will serve as my beacons for 2o12:


I will become more visible in 2012.  Visibility is a key to online success.

After all, if you aren't seen, you aren't a factor, right?

How will I increase my visibility?

  • I will guest post on other blogs at least once a month, exposing my writing to a whole different set of readers.
  • I will start doing webinars (either alone or together with other marketers).
  • I will take more of a leadership role in social media (starting my own Facebook group, Triberr, tribe, etc.).

When people think of Part Time Online Marketing, I want Bob and Rosemary to be the first people they think of.


In 2012, I will strive to be more focused.

Because I work full time and have limited time to work on our business, focus is non-negotiable.

It's not a matter of “I should focus more”.  Rather it's….


I will be more focussed and more productive by:

  • limiting distractions when I work
  • creating a schedule and sticking to it
  • finding an accountability partner to keep me on track


Integrity is my final word for 2012.  

I made it one of “my words” because I believe that your integrity must be a guiding light in your business.

My goal is to be sure that every ad I place, every blog post I publish, and every sales page I write be in integrity with who I am and what I stand for.

Being in integrity with my business at all times is at the top of my list in 2012.

Your Turn

What are YOUR 3 words for 2012?

Let me know in the Comment Section below… and be sure to post them on our Facebook Page.

    37 replies to "What Are Your 3 Words For 2012?"

    • subodh

      Hi Bob,

      Nice Post. Thanx for sharing. I always fancy three words.



      Hard Work

      • Bob Clarke

        Love your 3 words!

    • Paul Blackburn

      Thank you for sharing to us. It will be a great help.Looking forward to your next article.

      • Bob

        You bet, Paul

    • Omar

      Hi Bob,

      Nice blog. and very interesting way to make a new year’s resolution.
      though its a little late for making a new years resolution, but here are my three words.

      and Confidence.

      These are the three C’s I always want to practice and will try harder this year.
      Creativity and confidence are important but no good can be achieved without consistency.

      • Bob

        These are great words, Omar. In some ways they are very inter-related, right? Being consistently creative will certainly breed confidence. That’s great, because when you work at one you will be serving the other words as well.

        Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Amanda Gordon

      My 3 words for the new year are in the form of a short sentence – “Make it work”!

      Till 2011 I had been focusing on too many areas – drifting from one to another. Picking up a niche or a strategy and finding that it is either too competitive, does not get enough traffic or does not monetize well.

      This year, I have decided to stop scattering my attention all over the place and dig deep on the strategies that I am convinced will work well if I put in decent effort.

      So my three words for 2012 are Make it work. That means, no more complaining why something doesn’t work. No complaints about being in a niche that is too competitive. Just make it work!

      • Bob

        Love it, Amanda… it sounds like your words are similar to my word, Focus. It’s so important, as we both have found out!

        Best of luck in 2012. Keep us updated on your progress and tell us how your phrase “Make it work” is helping you!

        Thanks for the comment.

    • Nicholle Olores

      I actually hate New Year’s Resolution because last year I made a list but I failed to do so but then I got an idea from you Bob in having Resolution in another way by having a THREE words which definitely triggers me deeply. Thanks Bob, for now I can’t present you here my three words but I probably make it possible and I will let you know soon.

    • Cat Alexandra

      Dear Bob,

      I love the idea of 3 power words to live by in the new year! I will be paying Chris B’s site a visit next to see this article you’ve mentioned.

      I just did a little soul searching on your task of sharing my 3 words and here’s where I will be focused.

      1.) Clarity – I believe our “starting point” to be of utmost importance as a variable in the overall success quotient of life’s many aspects. It’s my intention to be clear from my starting point in all that I do. In this clarity, I’m in touch with my love for life, my personal flair (or savoir faire, as I call it), my purpose for everything I do…it’s an all encompassing place from which to work.

      2.) Authenticity – I intend to be fully present in my activities so that each word I breathe and every thing that I share comes from a place within that is genuine and transparent.

      3.) Relentlessness – Because that’s how I roll; in it to win it. Always moving forward, never looking back.

      Thank you for jogging my mind on this, Bob. I love the concept and am moved to share these ideas with others!

      Highest regards,

    • Cristian Balau

      My three resolution words for 2012 are pretty simple.

      Focus – I have the skill, I have the potential, I have the opportunity, all I need to do is focus and work harder.

      Health – I’m starting to gain weight, working online has its effects. I need to start working out and eat more healthy.

      Succeed – basically I want to succeed in everything I put my mind to.

    • bilal

      my three words are education, career and yes the exercise

    • Mae

      Inspiring post, Bob! Happy New Year to you 🙂 Your 3 words are very motivational; I would love to apply them too. I hope it is okay because your 3 words are just right for anyone who wants to be successful in the online world.

      I love blogging and I am looking forward to making a good online career this year! Cheers!

    • Roger Reed

      Awesome and Insightful blog post my friend! I love love LOVe the 3 Words! Instantly applying now!

    • Ilka Flood

      Hi Bob and Rosemary,

      Great idea and awesome advice! I find New Year’s Resolutions a waste of time and not worth the paper they are written on (if you write them down which most people don’t anyway.) I like you have given up on them because I don’t like breaking promises, especially those I make to myself.

      Those 3 words are a much better approach and something concrete to work with. (By the way, I love taping stuff to my bathroom mirror as well and my kids get a great kick out of it.)

      Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!


    • Hi Bob! I just read a post regarding enthusiasm and passion. I have to add my third word that is focus. I believe that if someone has the passion to do something, he will have the enthusiasm to continue working on this but he needs great focus on the subject so he can reach the goal that he always wanted.

    • Sonia

      I saw something like this a few days ago and loved the concept behind it. My 3 words would have to be:

      – Crush: I want to literally crush my goals from the previous year and finish stuff off my to-do list.
      – Focus: Focus more on important tasks and not be all over the place.
      – Empower: To help others new to blogging and answer questions that frustrated me when I started out.

      Thanks Bob for creating an awesome post. Sometimes it’s small reminders like this that keep me focused on the prize. Productivity and finishing what I started.

    • Donna Merrill

      It is so amazing that you tape this on your bathroom mirror. I do the same thing, but I write it in red lipstick. The bathroom mirror is the very first thing you see when you wake up so it makes sense! I like your third word: Integrity. But you already have it! Focus is a key component to work on, we can all keep brushing up on that.
      As for me, my first word would be FINISH. I am working on something and need to Finish it! My second word would be GROWTH because there are things on my mind board that need me to grow into. And let’s face it, Growth is a continuous process that I’m addicted to already. My Third word would be FOCUS also because as I juggle each day, I need to remind myself with lots of self talk that I need more focus.
      Thanks for another great post

    • Nicky

      Well that’s got me thinking and I love some of the ones above, but I think my three have to be:

      1) Consistency
      2) Focus (& time management)
      3) Leadership (by example)

      Great idea!

    • Harriet Cabelly

      Great post! My three words would be: visualize; consistency; mindfulness.

      Thanks for encouraging me to hone in, in a succinct way.

      • Bob

        Hi Harriet,

        Love your 3 words — totally on board with visualize and consistency. Both are essential practices for accomplishing greatness.

        Curious about mindfulness — what exactly do you mean?

        • Harriet Cabelly

          Mindfulness for me means being grounded, present and focused. If I’m all those things I can go after what I want with clarity and drive.

          • Dr. Bob Clarke

            I see, Harriet .. makes perfect sense and it is a great thing to strive for in 2012.

            Best of luck… keep us posted on your progress!

    • Adrienne

      I totally agree with you Bob, I haven’t had a new year’s resolution in years. I just think if you want to do something, why wait?

      So what would my 3 words be. Let’s see…

      1) Integrity – this would remain at the top of my list always.
      2) Presence – to continue living in the present moment.
      3) Focus – to stay focused on the goals I have set for myself this year.

      Great example and I appreciate you sharing this with us along with your three words and why. Great idea, I love this.

      Enjoy your day Bob and let’s get 2012 rolling shall we?


      • Bob

        We seem to be on the same page, Adrienne. Two of our words were the same, and I love your 3rd word — presence. I have to admit that too often I find myself lamenting about the past or wishing for the future.

        Living in the present — a great goal for 2012!

        Thanks for sharing your words!

    • Radu

      Hey Bob,
      This is a great idea. These words have the power of a value that guide all your actions and decisions.
      I didn’t read Chris’ post yet but let’spick up three words now:
      Joy- I look forward to invest my time and energy in activities that I enjoy(blogging, social media etc) and share the joy I feel with as many people as possible.
      Focus- in 2012 I burn all the bridges regarding my past and will focus on developing my passions and skills, build meaningful relationships and growing as a human being..any other activities that distract me will be abandoned.
      Courage- my intention is to always move forward while accepting and using mistakes or setbacks as opportunities. It’s time to stand up!

      You definitely have some great guiding words this year…you will live them for sure. Keep up the awesome work!

      All the best,

      • Bob

        I love your words, Radu — especially Courage. It’s so important to have the attitude that you’ll see mistakes not as failures but as learning opportunities. A great word for 2012!

        Thanks for sharing!

    • Gellie Rondolo

      Greetings from Manila Philippines! Happy Amazing New Year Bob and to your family!!!

      Thank you for asking Bob, here’s my 3 powerful words for 2012 :

      1. Reach – to reach out more people via offline or online
      2. Connect – connect myself with the right and like-minded people and to do
      more collaboration helping individuals to find their niche;
      3. Empower – I want to see people succeed specially those whom I give my mentoring.

      Looking forward to more tips and interaction here…I love your contents Bob, keep it up
      and may God enlarge your tent as you help more and more individuals in building their
      business. Stay blessed, cheers!

      • Bob

        Those are 3 amazing words, Gellie. Empower is such a powerful word, don’t you think? Giving people the power to find success their own way is one of the top benefits of coaching and mentoring.

        Thanks for sharing your words, Gellie… and thanks for the kind words of support!

    • Sandi Cornez

      Great post Bob and Rosemary.

      Narrowing the field down to three words to live by in 2012 makes it easy for everyone to accomplish their goals.

      My 3 words:

      1. Visibility
      2. Productivity
      3. Over the top confidence

      • Bob

        Over the top confidence! Love it, Sandi! When we project confidence in our own strengths it attracts others to us. This is a great goal for 2012.

        Thanks for sharing your 3 words! Love your choices.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Bob,

      Excellent! I read Chris’ post too and I have focused on 2 words.

      1 – Enthusiasm. I intend to bring enthusiasm to all I do. To laugh more, to share more, to lighten up, to let stuff go, to be passionate, to remain high energy.

      2 – Presence. I intend to be present in each moment. To stop worrying about the future, to stop regretting the past, to start being in the moment, being fully present, and making an impact in all I do.

      Thanks for sharing Bob!


      • Bob

        Hey Ryan,

        Enthusiasm — I hadn’t thought of that word, but it makes so much sense. When you bring enthusiasm to the table, it can’t help but create excitement in those around you.

        And since selling is strongly based on emotions, enthusiasm would seem to be a really powerful tool to have in your tool belt!

        Thanks for sharing your words, Ryan. Best of luck in 2012!

    • Jim Syyap

      One phrase for me for 2012–Being without.

      • Bob

        Hey Jim — not sure what you mean by “be without”. Are you talking about simplifying your life?

        Let me know if I am on the right track.

    • Michelle Shaeffer

      Awesome choices, Bob. I’m a fan of the three words as well and this year I chose allow, sparkle, inspire.

      • Bob

        Inspire is an awesome choice of words, Michelle. Inspiring others is what we all aspire to do.
        And how about sparkle? What a great choice as well. Also very unique.

        How do you plan to sparkle in 2012, Michelle? Would love to hear your plans!

        Thanks so much for your contributions!

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