Yesterday, I wrote about the need to focus your attention on yourself rather than your MLM company and becoming more of a leader.  What I didn’t tell you was HOW.

become a network marketing leaderJust how do you become the kind of network marketing leader that others will want to follow?

It may seem like a long road, especially if you’re just staring out but like everything else it’s really not that hard when you break it down into smaller steps.


I use the acronym L-A-T-H-E-R to describe the 6 steps to becoming an effective Network Marketing leader, or for that matter a leader in any aspect of your life.  When you complete these 6 steps, people will literally throw themselves at you to get your attention.

People instinctually want to follow a leader.

YOU can be that leader!  It’s not that hard.

L — LEARN new things. In Network Marketing, that means learning new skills that will help you grow your business.  One warning here – don’t try to learn everything.  Pick one or two skills that interest you and learn as much as you can.  In this way, you’ll be seen as an expert, and this is part of what leadership is all about — being an expert in something.  So get on those webinars and training calls.  Purchase a great training program and learn something new.  Make yourself more valuable to others.

A — APPLY what you’ve learned. This used to be a huge stumbling block for me.  I love to learn, but for some reason I found it hard to test out what I had just learned.  You need to apply what you’ve learned to understand it’s effectiveness and the pitfalls that others might come up against.  People want to see that something works, because it gives them hope it will work for them.  Apply what you learn and show the results!  Now that’s powerful!

T — TEACH others.  Now that you’ve learned some new skills or technique and you’ve applied what you learned, it’s time to TEACH others how to do the same.  Most people LOVE to learn new things, and by being the teacher you will automatically be seen as a leader and an expert (assuming you do a good job teaching).  Teaching others what you know is the first real step in this process that separates the Marketers from the Leaders.  Teaching others is a sure way to be seen as a Leader.

H — HELP others when asked.  Now, I’m not talking about spending every minute of your free time responding to calls for help.  But if you’re going to be a leader, you’ll need (and want) to help others with their challenges.  You can organize this so it’s not so overwhelming on your time — set up a Q&A webinar or allow people to schedule Free 15 minute consultations with you at designated times.  However you decide to do it, HELPING others is a key ingredient to the leadership formula.  When you help solve the problems of others, you are a true leader.

E– EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE others.  This is a huge part of leadership, because it gives others hope that they can and will succeed.  When you empower people, you provide them with the tools to succeed on their own, independent of others.  They can do this!  And by Encouraging others, you will become a Believer that they will succeed.  When someone else believes you can do something, you naturally start to believe it yourself.

R – RESPECT your followers. When someone feels like you respect them and understand where they’re coming from, they will be drawn to your message.  Respect is a two way street.  If you want to be respected as a leader, you must respect the people who are  following you.  Take the time to ASK and LISTEN.  Truly understand the challenges that your followers have, their biggest fears that keep them up at night, and their dreams that seem so far away.  Respect theme enough to understand them and you will have a follower and fan for life.

There you have it — the 6 steps to become THE Network Marketing Leader that others will do anything to follow.

Just remember the acronym L*A*T**H*E*R.

Practice these 6 steps religiously and you’ll evolve into the kind of leader that will have a huge following.  You’ll love what you’re doing because you’ll be helping others solve their problems and realizing their dreams in a natural, comfortable way.  You won’t be pitching your business opportunity – there will be NO need to pitch.

People will just naturally want to join you…. to Follow the Leader!

How do YOU see Leadership?  LEAVE A COMMENT and let’s get a conversation going that will help others (and you’ll be seen as a leader for contributing!).

Become a leader and start having FUN in your business!

Til next time,



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    6 replies to "How To Become a Network Marketing Leader That Others Will Follow"

    • Mika Castro

      I love the LATHER and its meaning. This will surely a great help for those who didn’t know it. Many thanks to you.

      • Bob

        Glad you found it useful, Mika!

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    • Michaell

      Few days ago I applied several methods for my own business.Today here I get the dynamic L*A*T*H*E*R theory of Bob and I trust this method will work fast than any other methods for the network marketers.

      • Bob

        Hi Michael,

        Glad to be of help. We are happy that you found this method useful and applicable to your own business.

        Great to see you here!

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