stand out from the crowd imageWe've all been there.

You want to get noticed by a certain “guru” or expert that could help you really grow your business if only you could get their attention.

You're desperate to get the attention of that person who could become your perfect mentor.

But how do you stand out from the crowd?

It seems that so many times these people are inaccessible.

Not anymore.

I've discovered 5 ways to Get the Attention of that Guru and all of them are Free!

 I recommend you do all of the following:

1.  Become a Social Media Fan

Befriend them on Facebook, join their FB Group, follow them on Twitter and Linkedin…. be all over their social media pages.

 Become a presence simply by posting comments and questions on their social media posts.

 2.  Comment on their Blog Posts

This one is big.

First of all, subscribe to their blogs so that you don't miss a single post.

Once you've read their post, make a good comment AND ASK A QUESTION at the end of your comment.

If they are reading their comments (they probably are), they will likely answer your question and now you've got their attention.

 3.  Get on their Email List

If you're on their blog, chances are good they have an opt in box for a free giveaway.

By filling this out, you will not only get their giveaway but you'll also become a member of their “list”.

That means that whenever they send out an email, you'll receive it and you can be the first to know about what they've got going on.

You definitely want to be on the email list of any expert whose attention you covet.

4.  Attend their Free Web Events

Many experts will offer Free Webinars or Teleseminars and you should definitely take advantage of these.

Understand that at the end of these events, some kind of  a product or service many be offered, but that's all part of the game.

You don't have to buy anything if you don't want.

And this is another great opportunity to ASK QUESTIONS and GET NOTICED.

5.  Support Them When Asked

Recently, I have been involved in a blogging contest where my blog is competing with other MLM blogs for top rankings.

I've asked many people to support me by voting for my blog.

So many have voted for me that I am humbled and astounded.

I even got together with 4 other top bloggers to offer an enticement to vote —

a free webinar to ask any question about blogging.

[Voting has been extended to Dec 2nd at midnight ET, so you can still vote and get your private invite to this free event]


The point is this —  if you are asked by a guru whose attention you covet to support them in contests or in other ways, make sure you do it, and then

tell them you did it.

Send them an email or contact them on FB or Twitter and say something like,“Hey, just wanted to tell you that I just voted for you.  Good luck.”

Quick, painless but you can bet that you got their attention, and their gratitude.

Your Turn

How do you go about getting attention of the “gurus” in your niche?  What has worked (or not worked) for you?

Leave a comment and join in the discussion!

    26 replies to "5 Free Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Noticed!"

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    • James Corn

      It is very difficult thing to stand the crowd and get notice. For this we do the extra effort and doing the some attractive things.

      • Bob

        It’s not as hard as you think. Finding your message and speaking it with conviction is the best way I know to get started.

    • Astro Gremlin

      Thank you for this, Bob. A number of gurus seem to be set up to help folks without going to a tremendous amount of trouble to stand out. Just by visiting blogs and subscribing to newsletters I have received a tremendous amount of help and guidance. There is a price of admission: you have to listen and follow instructions. In my experience, the bigger they, the nicer they are (although some are mighty busy!). 🙂

      • Bob

        Most of the expert bloggers and marketers I know are just itching to help others, but are waiting for them to separate themselves from the masses. Once you show initiative and a willingness to work for what you believe in, most “gurus” will be very willing to help.

        So Astro, who are the gurus in your marketing life? Where did you find them?

        • Astro Gremlin

          Early on when focused on basic design, Dave at Doitwithwordpress and Rob Cubbon, offered great info. Rob turned me on to Ana Hoffman, who is an unending source of ideas. Ana turned me onto CommentLuv and Andy Bailey, and it’s been a string of new gurus, too long to mention. The community seems to know one another, and when I see a retweet from someone I follow, I check them out. Steve Scott is another guru who offered great ideas early on. The level of guru one needs as a mentor changes with one’s knowledge. But clear writing, good ideas, and a friendly spirit keep me coming back.

          • Dr. Bob Clarke

            That is very true… people tend to think that they only need to find that one mentor or coach who will help them from start to finish. But the reality is, as you say that we need different mentors along the path of success.

            The names you have listed are all awesome marketers. I especially know Ana quite well and she is one of my favorites, as well.

            Thanks for your contributions here on BobandRosemary!

    • Kim

      Blog commenting grew our business more than anything else, and in the process, I have learned so much. Whether I am reading blogs about SEO, personal development or even home improvement, I learn something new every day. Thanks for your info!

      • Bob

        That’s very true, Kim… besides the SEO and relationship building benefits of blog commenting, we LEARN… and it is in this learning that we become more valuable to those around us.

        Thanks for stopping by, Kim.

    • Janet Callaway

      Bob, aloha. Great tips and advice. To me the most important is to “show up!” Be places where they see you interacting with others as well as them. Make the comments you leave memorable. Build a relationship by BEING YOURSELF!

      While the “gurus” might have talents in certain areas, each of us has talents in other areas. We all bring something to the party and have contributions to make. Don’t think that you are less than you are just because these people have chosen to concentrate in a certain field.

      The other thing that is important, Bob, is to know why you want to connect with these people and if their values/core beliefs are similar to yours. For instance, would you truly be interested in cultivating a relationship with someone who is a “guru” or “authority” if you knew that multiple dealings with others showed them to be less than honest?

      Great post topic well done, Bob. Best wishes to you and Rosemary for a wonderful weekend. Until next time, aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Hi Janet,

        Totally agree — before we take even one step towards getting the attention of someone we covet online, it’s essential to be sure you truly want to attract them into your lives in the first place.

        It’s happened to me where I heard how a certain guru is one you must follow and be mentored by. But when I checked them out and understood what they were about, I just didn’t resonate with their ways of doing things.

        Great point, Janet…. thanks for your insights.

    • Kent

      Very good post, Bob. Finding a way to do something for that person that is unselfish goes a long way. A few RTs can make you stand out in a hurry. Linking to the guru’s article in your blog is another example. Most bloggers keep track of who is linking to them.

      • Bob

        Great points, Ken… wish I had included them! 🙂

        I love the idea of linking to an article from your own blog. I know when someone does that for me, it truly gets my attention.

        Thanks for your insights!

        • Bob

          Sorry, I meant Kent, of course (my typing skills are very suspect!) 🙂

    • Ed Nollmann

      Just learning the real intricacies of blogging….Bob & Rosemary are pros and I look forward to learn much from you guys and all the pros. Thanks

      • Bob

        Welcome aboard, Ed! Great to have you here.

        Come back often and let us know how we can help you!

    • Charles Holmes

      Dr. Bob,

      You are spot on man. Social media is very important. And so is leaving good blog comments.

      What is your personal favorite way to get noticed?


      • Bob

        Hmmm. that’s a great question, Chuck. I guess it depends if you are distinguishing between free and paid.

        My number one PAID way to get noticed is to purchase a product from a mentor I covet, dive into the content, apply it to my marketing, get some results worth discussing and then making a testimonial video for the product owner. That is the surest way I know to get on their radar.

        If you are talking about FREE strategies, I’d have to say blog comments. When I see someone on my blog that continually leaves quality comments, I automatically go to their link and check out their blog or site. I’m sure that others do the same.

        What about you, Charles? Do you have a favorite?

    • Tory McBroom

      These are all great tips Bob! I have personally noticed that repetition is key to getting noticed. In all of your examples above, just continually doing them will in time help build a relationship with the blog owner and get you noticed.

      • Bob

        Absolutely, Tory, consistency is the key. All of these tips are dependent on taking consistent action over time.

        Thanks for pointing that out!

    • Adrienne

      Great tips Bob and you are so right about these.

      Great way to get noticed is to just show up everywhere. I know that I use to think that these people wouldn’t want to hear what I had to share but I was so wrong. Just comment and continue asking questions. They love the interaction. That’s what makes communities so wonderful.

      Best of luck to you with the MLM contest. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.


    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      thanks for sharing this. Getting noticed is not difficult and when we know how. Thanks to your post, people know now how to dit. In addition to that I would say that it’s unnecessary to be afraid of approaching them or of being rejected. We are already unnoticed, aren’t we ? So we can only win by approaching the right people in a correct way.

      Be blessed


    • TracyAnn0312

      This really gives interest to webmasters to stand out to crowd. Tried to blog comment and it is really helpful to notice.

    • Herbert

      Impressive one sir Bob, all points are really helpful and if done with precision, it will be a big success for any blogger

    • kevin k lau

      I agree with your recommendations. One more that I might suggest is, don’t put these gurus above you. At the end of the day, they too, are only humans. Treat them as you would treat a good friend and they will respond in kind.

      • Erich

        I agree with Kevin. It is possible for someone to become a guru without having to stalk another just to be noticed. In most cases that I have observed, bloggers want to get noticed by gurus so that those gurus can give the newbie bloggers the break and the exposure that they need to get noticed by everyone else. I think that’s the bottomline–to be noticed by everyone else. I’m not saying having a guru is the only way to achieve that. All I’m saying is that there are many cases of guru-less bloggers who get many people’s attention. Just my cents worth. 🙂

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