improve your blog pictureMy son has a new girlfriend.

He's a bit shy, so Rosemary and I are having a bit of fun teasing him.

It'a also really fun to watch, remembering back to when we were dating.  The romance, the feeling of being on top of the world, the being on your best behavior…. it's all part of the dating dance.

And then it hit me!

Dating is not that different fr0m romancing your blog readers.

I know, you're probably saying….. SERIOUSLY?

It's true.

Head on over to my good friend Jane Sheeba's blog to read my Guest Post

5 Ways To Romance Your Blog Readers Like a New Girlfriend

I'm going to show you just how much you can learn about improving your blog from the world of romance.

Think it's a stretch?  Well, it's not but if nothing else…

The picture will make you laugh, I promise.

Please Support Me!

This is the first time I've guest posted on someone else's blog.

So when you get over to Jane's blog,…

If you like my blog post, please vote for it, share it, tweet it, give it a thumbs up… whatever you can do to promote it to your circle of friends would be most appreciated.

I so appreciate you!  See you over on Jane's blog.

    24 replies to "What Does My Son’s New Girlfriend Have To Do With Improving Your Blog?"

    • Liza Lane

      Thanks for providing interesting and important details.It’s very creative. I think it is also better idea of relationship. Keep blogging!

    • Jenny

      Haha. Love the title. Interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing.

    • Ron

      I guess that a blogger should have an inspiration for him/her to create blogs that will attract readers to read his/her blogs. Having inspiration in life will drive you to be more active and full of love in what you are doing.

      • Bob

        Having a passion for anything you is essential in my opinion. This is especially true with bloggers, since it involves consistent action over time. Without passion it becomes just work and its likely that you’ll fade with time.

        Thanks for the comment, Ron!

    • Jamal

      I think there is no alternative to a girl friend in real life and honest girl friend is actual asset of life. A blog is nothing without visitor and in blogging world they are more than a girl friend.Online business of a blogger goes to an end with out visitors. Because of importance of visitors some bloggers has started introduction of their top commentators of a week.

      Good comments of visitors also become a part of organic searches that is another benefit because of visitors.

      • Bob

        Its true, Jamal… a person can live without a mate, but a blog cannot live without readers. Well said!

    • Kristina L.

      Hi, Bob,
      I was attracted by the headline to see what this post is about and then I realized I already commented on it when you were guest posting on Jane’s blog.
      I only didn’t have any idea that the whole article was actually inspired by your son being in love. I think it is great you are supportive with it-I know many parents who see the first girlfriends or boyfriends of their children as the biggest threat…which is absolutely ridiculous, in my point of view.
      Hope your boy is happy in his relationship. He sure does a great job in inspiring you.
      Best wishes!

      • Bob

        Hi Kristina,

        Well, the bad news is he broke up with his GF right after I posted this…. hope I didn’t jinx it. But he learns lessons well and he’ll be fine.

        Glad my headline attracted you to re-read the post. My copywriting courses must be paying off! 🙂

        Thanks for the support and for your comments here on this blog!

    • jane

      Saw the post .Learned a thing or two about keeping your readers happy.Thanks

      • Bob

        You’re very welcome!

    • marquita herald

      Great post Bob, congratulations on your first guest post! I enjoyed your article and I think you’ve really provided some excellent tips on courting audiences. Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Bob

        I love that, Marty….”courting audiences”. Yes, that is exactly what we are doing!

        Thanks for your kind words of support, Marty!

    • Andy Nathan

      This can work with a wide variety of friends and family. I was with a friend about 2-3 weeks ago and he missed this perfect opening to talk to a women he was interested in. I gave him non-stop ribbing about the fact that he should just go out there and talk to the girl, as well as just some tips on how to do it.

      • Bob

        Very true, Andy… it works with other types of relationships as well.

        Glad you set your friend straight! 🙂

        Thanks for your comment, Andy!

    • Natasha

      Bob –

      This sounds like a fantastic read! I am on my way over there right now… I can already tell I’m going to love it 🙂


      • Bob

        Great, Natasha… it will be great to see you over at Jane’s blog.

        Hope you enjoy the post!

    • Adrienne

      Wonderful job on the first guest post Bob, really loved the comparison. As I mentioned in my comment on the actual post, aren’t you glad your son got a new girlfriend? Great inspiration for a post.

      Love it and hope to see more from you in the future.


      • Bob

        Thanks for the kind words of support, Adrienne.

        As a side note, unfortunately my son broke up with his girlfriend right after I published this post…. bad karma? I hope not.

        Thanks for the comment, Adrienne!

    • Mavis Nong

      Hey Dr Clarke,

      What a fantastic analogy. I can just imagine you and Rosemary teasing your son. I remember those days 🙂

      Well done for promoting your very first guest post here on your blog. I absolutely loved it, shared and commented.

      Happy guest blogging,

      • Bob

        Thanks for the support, Mavis… and for sharing and commenting as well.

        I had so much fun writing this post. The more I thought of it and started writing, the easier it was to find parallels that just made sense.

        Appreciate the comment here, Mavis!

    • Rick Lelchuk


      What a great idea to be a guest blogger and expose yourself to so many new people. And your topic and analogy is superb. Congrats for breaking the ice and expanding yourself.


      • Bob

        Thanks, Rick… it wasn’t difficult once I decided to do it. But it was new and uncharted territory, so sometimes we procrastinate because it’s more comfortable.

        Thanks for your support Rick… it means alot!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      you did a great job on your first guest post. And what a lovely analogy 🙂

      I remember that time very well 22 years ago…and we are recalling it as often as we can. I can’t tell how often we fell in love again with each other 😉

      Thanks for sharing your insights and congratulations to your son, you shouldn’t tease hime 😉

      Take care


      • Bob

        Hi Oliver,

        It sounds like you and your wife have a beautiful, loving relationship! And I’m sure that, like anything else worthwhile, you guys worked through struggles to get there. We all do, but those that continue to work through the struggles will, in the end find the success and pleasure they covet.

        Thanks for the support, Oliver!

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