Many people struggle with building their list… that's all they think about.

Get more people on my list…

More people.

More people.

They get so focused on building their list numbers and they FORGET about building a RELATIONSHIP with their list.

Romance Your List Like A New Girlfriend

In many ways, building a list relationship is a lot like ROMANCING your new girlfriend or boyfriend (or husband/wife).

The same rules apply:

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 I'm on many lists where the list owner makes it all about THEM.

HUGE mistake!

Every email you write should be talking directly to each person on your list…

And focusing on THEIR problems, not YOUR desires.

If you can make your list members feel included and part of a community, you'll go a long way towards building the relationship that will ultimately make you wealthy! 


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Respect your list members by valuing their TIME.

Remember – they're probably on dozens of email lists of other marketers, so show right out of the gate that you RESPECT them…

By not sending them crap and pitch after pitch.

Send them information that in RELEVANT to their needs and problems.

And only email when you have something valuable to say!


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Everyone loves surprises!

Remember when you were first romancing your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Didn't you get them little gifts and surprise them out of nowhere?

Same goes with your list.

If you're boring and predictable, you'll soon end up being single (as in UNSUBSCRIBE)!

Periodically send your list free gifts like trainings, ebooks, and videos that will help them in their business.

Don't announce it… just surprise them!

They'll LOVE you for it.


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When you're beginning a relationship, you want to take some time to get feedback.

You sit down over a nice dinner and gently ask if you're getting an A or flunking out! 

And chances are she'll tell you!

You can do the same with your list, using surveys.

Once in a while, send out a quick survey to your list asking what they like or dislike about your emails.

Ask what they want more of… and less.

Sometimes you can add a small bonus to people who respond (like a 15 min consultation)…

This will increase your response.

I use a free service called Survey Monkey for this purpose.


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There will come a time…

When you've done your homework, you've laid the groundwork and foundation.

When you've added so much value to your list members that you've earned the right to…


You don't want to do this too early or too often, but when you've built that relationship with your list…

And they're raving fans and loyal supporters,

You earn the RIGHT to ask them for the sale.


WATCH how I build a relationship with my list as I do it LIVE



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    • Shivam Chawla

      Nice comparison.
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