monetize your blogIf you're looking to monetize your blog, you're in for a treat today.

If you've spent anytime with me or read my blog,

You know that I'm all about LEVERAGE and finding the simplest and fastest ways of accomplishing my goals.

It's just that I'm really busy, and a little LAZY!  🙂

It's Not That Hard To Monetize Your Blog

There are several ways to monetize your blog.

I'm not talking about building your list,

I'm talking about MAKING MONEY directly from your blog.

You can do this with Google Adsense, advertisements on your blog, and placing banners on your sidebar.

You can also use the dreaded POPUPS!

I don't generally like them because most people use them wrong IMHO,  but…

I recently found this very cool Popup Plugin that is unlike anything I've seen before.

Check out the video below to watch how I can make money directly from my blog using this plugin.


Here is a link to the WP Super Popup PRO Plugin I referred to in the video (not an affiliate link).

Take a look at what this Popup Plugin can do…

Talk about flexibility!

wp super popup pro

As I showed you in the video,

What I like MOST about this plugin is this…

I can use the WP Super Popup PRO to display ANY webpage for ANY offer.

And your readers can opt in right from the popup.


And YES…

You can also use this plugin to brand yourself and Build Your List.

    16 replies to "A Quick And Easy Way To Monetize Your Blog"

    • Chuck Holmes

      Great post man. I’ve never used this popup service myself, but I will check it out. It looks like it might just be exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for sharing.

      • Bob Clarke


    • Calra

      Now I can confidently say that it is indeed quite easy to monetize our blogs. Thanks a lot for being generous with the idea. 🙂

    • Emilia

      I have to try out all these facts for myself. I want to understand more why it is vital to monetize our work. Thanks! 🙂

    • Veronica

      It was a complete package. Nice work, Dr. Bob! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! 🙂

    • Joy

      I did not know that it is also important to monetize our blog. I have to thank for such awareness. I will keep all these in mind!

    • Richard

      The post has it all; it answers all my questions about blogs. It may not be successful for others, I’m optimistic it will work for my blogs. I’m not certain whether or not monetizing my blog will not be difficult at first. But with the information you have just provided, my eyes were widely opened for consideration.

    • gajendran megajolla

      thanks for such an informative tip of plugin, i like it very much, keep sharing..

    • Jessica

      It was really impressive published article. I do personally learn in the post and also I will share it to my friends later after reviewing. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks.

    • Paige

      Hi Bob,
      Getting ready to check out the plugin you are talking about!!
      Great post!

      • Laura

        Here, here! I’d try everything to make more money!

    • James

      Very interesting breakdown, indeed. It’s nice to have such information available in one location and some ideas for new and different directions to take to help one stand out.

    • James

      This is really good published article. I will apply it to my self to improve my blogging. Such a great yet interesting post. Thank you very much for sharing this useful stuff.

    • Peter Horrill

      Hey Bob, I like the look of your blog. I am a part-time “online entrepreneur” and have worked very hard. I find “staying in the loop”, of my goals and projects/communities, challenging, yet managble. Tho I’d love to be much more effective. So, I’m reaching out.

      A) I had intially decided to be very good at everything an online marketer should be good at, which is not practical. ie: I am not great or even good at videos

      B) My strength is in the written word, so I blog mostly

      C) I’ve given myself the challenge of not only being an “infopreneur”, an affiliate
      marketer, a network marketer & at least social media proficient.

      D) I really like the different things I can learn from different mentors, so I tend to shift my attention to teachings that help evolve me most.

      E) I go with my gut mostly.

      F) I keep looking for non-online income producing work, that can more time availble to develop my online presence. Ie: I’ve been looking for day-time work (vs afternoons) that can free up my evenings & weekends (I work all weekend frequently)

      What I’d really love is to work full-time from home. Wouldn’t we all?

      G) I’d like to develop my “name blog” to better support my income. I don’t want to get into EN necessarily.

      H) I’m in Numis too, which is more common ground (besides being PT) and have determined that’s a skill set I will master.

      I) I’ve read much of the book Emotional Intelligence (a while ago) and really have realized that because of the scope of ambitions and goals I’ve set for myself, “emotional mastery” is vital. I’ve evolved to a point where I don’t show much emotion to conserve my energy & mindset/focus. That’s misunderstood a lot.

      J) I have incredible potential, a burning desire to evolve and succeed online, though I’m feeling overwhelmed at times by the volume of work.

      K) I have excellent discipline. I need to be much more effective to feel the “soul gratification”. Blogging has been the most gratifying in terms of applying myself. The growth I’ve experienced so far is excellent, tho I know I can re-think and re-strategize, to be more effective.

      L) Right now my gut is saying: “reach out to Bob”

      M) The fact that you’re part-time, tells me you can understand my challenges better.

      Looking for insights, perspectives and tips to being more effective.

      O) I’ve checked out many different online buisness owners, my inner voice said “reach out”, so I did.

      P) The WP plug-in that you wrote about in this blogpost “caught my eye”..

    • Thomas Bonner

      Love this I always used popup domination when I was little lol, but after watching and reading I will be looking into the plugin and recommending it to my team 🙂

      Thanks Bob


    • Jenni Ryan

      I have found this plugin and pop up to be very powerful and has easily increased my leads being captured 100 fold. I was the same, never really liked pop ups. But this one rocks!

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