Today is a big day here at;  today is the day where we've reached a significant milestone in our business.

Today is a day for celebration!

business milestones celebrateYou see, the post you are reading today is our 100th post published on this blog.

Now, that may not seem like much compared to some of the huge blogs out there in the blogosphere, but to us, 100 posts means something.

It means we are serious.  It means we are “in the game”.  It means we are on our way to changing the lives of others.

To us, it means we can call ourselves BLOGGERS!

Your Business Milestones are All About YOU!

You see, when you're setting milestones,  it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

You can (and should) have milestones in every area of your life:  Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Relationships, and Business.

They are YOUR milestones to envision, to work towards, and to celebrate when you reach them.

Later in this post, I will give you some specific tips on reaching milestones in your business…

But first a bit of clarification.

Aren't Goals and Business Milestones The Same Thing?

We hear a lot about setting goals and how important it is.  It's been drilled into our heads since we were young, and most of us do a lot of goal setting as part of our New Years' Resolutions!

But isn't a goal and a milestone the same thing?

Yes and no.

Goals and milestones may be first cousins, but there are important differences.

According to Webster's dicitionary...

A GOAL is “the end towards which effort is directed; the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.”

A MILESTONE is “a significant point in development; a significant event in the progress of a person or business.”

For me, it means simply this…

A goal is my end result, the aim or target that I am working for.

A milestone is an important event that occurs along the way.

7 Simple Steps for Reaching Any Business Milestone

Milestones don't just happen.  You don't just wake up one day and realize you've reached a milestone in your business.

It's not that easy.

But there are steps you can take that will help you along the way.

1.  Brainstorm

Sit down in a quiet place and envision the milestones that will take place as you are working towards a goal in your life.

What events that will occur along the way hold importance for you?

List them out and put them someplace where you can see them.

What are some examples?

  • If you are just starting a business, milestones might include your first lead, your first sale, or the first month you see a positive return on your investment.
  • If you goal is to have the best blog in your niche (as ours is), early milestones may include your first comment, your first re-tweet or in our case, your 100th post.

2.  Envision Yourself Achieving the Milestone

Now, see yourself actually achieving that milestone.  See it in our mind, draw a picture if you have to, but make it real for you.

These visualization techniques are the same ones you have probably used for goal setting, and they are just as powerful when it comes to achieving milestones.

3.  Make a Plan

Just as it's important to make a map towards your goals, it's equally important to develop a plan towards achieving milestones in your business.

Get as specific as you can here, and pay special attention to those critical first steps.

These are the ones that get most of us in trouble.

For us and our milestone of reaching 100 blog posts, our plan included a consistent posting schedule, a specific blog promotion strategy and an effective blog commenting strategy.

We knew that if we kept to our plan, achieving our milestone would be a sure thing!

4.  Make It Happen

Now that the planning has taken place, it's time for ACTION.  That's right – you'll never reach any milestone in your business by simply thinking about it.

Now's the time to roll up your sleeve and get to work.

If you've set your plan correctly, you'll know exactly what steps need to be taken initially to get started.

So what are you waiting for?

5.  Be Accountable

Having an accountability partner has done wonders for our business.  What is that?

An accountability partner (sometimes called a “running buddy”) is someone who will help keep you on track, someone you are accountable to.  If your have a business partner, this person can also serve as your accountability partner.

If you're a solo entrepreneur, you partner can be anyone who will get in your face if you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing.

It's just too easy to justify not doing something to yourself.

6.  Plan for Obstacles

On your way towards achieving a milestone or working towards a goal, obstacles WILL appear and stand in your way.  For a blogger, this may be in the form of writer's block (“What do I write about?”).

Obstacles come in many forms, and your ability to achieve milestones in your business will depend on identifying these obstacles BEFORE they show up, and having a plan to get around them.

If you want to be successful and achieve specific milestones in your business, you'll have to learn this invaluable skill.

7 .  Celebrate!

When you've done all your planning, envisioning, and you've rolled up your sleeves and done the work, you WILL achieve the milestones you've dreamed about.

And then it's time to CELEBRATE!

Don't forget this step.  It's as important as any of the other steps in the process.

With this final step in mind, Rosemary and I are off to celebrate our milestone of our 100th blog post.

We will take the night off and celebrate our accomplishment… and reflect on how we got here.

Then tomorrow, it's off to the next milestone!

Your Turn

What milestones do you have in your business?  Have you met them yet?

If not, are you on track?

Leave a comment and join in the discussion!

    29 replies to "7 Simple Steps for Reaching Any Business Milestone"

    • Audrey Ross

      Congratulations Bob and Rose Mary! It’s nice to see people celebrate small victories (milestones) like this. It just goes to show how passionate you guys are with what you do (sharing / helping people). This is what life is all about, isn’t it? Wishing you guys more milestones to come and more goals achieved!

    • Heather C Stephens

      Hi Bob!

      Congratulations on your 100th post! That is a fantastic milestone to celebrate. The phrase annoys me, but it’s so appropriate for what we do in our business. “Do the do.” The book the slight edge talks about the little choices that are easy to do and easy not to do that compound into big results. Your 100th post is a great example of that!

      I love your list, and especially focus on number 4 and 5. Effective activity with an accountability buddy to help stretch you and keep you on track! 🙂

      Great job and congrats!

      • Bob

        Hi Heather!

        Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

        It’s so funny you referenced The Slight Edge, because we just purchased the audio book and plan on listening to it during our 4 hour trip to PA to visit our daughter’s college. I will drive and Rosemary will take notes! 🙂

        I am lucky, I have a built in accountability partner in Rosemary… she doesn’t let me get away with anything!

    • Ian Belanger

      Hi Bob,

      Setting goals is very important, but reaching those goals in the time you allow yourself is even more important.

      The steps you have outlined here would be a great help to anyone trying to accomplish something more with their lives.

      Thanks for sharing Bob and have a good one!


    • Kris

      Congratulations and what a great article to talk about. It’s definitely easier said than done when it comes to blogging so thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.

      • Bob

        Hi Kris!

        Reaching any milestone or goal isn’t necessarily easy, but it sure feels good when you’ve worked towards something on a consistent basis and finally reach it. The key, I’ve found is to break it down into simpler and less overwhelming tasks. That allows me to keep going.

        Appreciate the comment, Kris. See you again soon!

    • Joyce Oladipo

      BobandRosemary, Congratulations!

      I can’t wait to get me 100th post, you are such an inspiration.

      All I need is commitment and to follow through in what I set my mind on. I love what you’ve shared on how we can reach a solid milestone in our life and business. I will definitely put it to use.

      The steps you’ve shared are definitely practical enough

    • Josh Garcia

      Hi Bob,

      That is a milestone! Congrats!!!!

      Most individuals that start a blog only continue for a month or two. It shows that you were persistent with this blog by the ranking.

      Have a great day…

      • Bob

        Hi Josh,

        It truly is about consistency and persistence. Consistent effort in working towards your goals and being persistent when obstacles get thrown in your way. You need both — consistency and persistence– to really make headway towards your goals.

        Thanks for the comment, Josh. See you again soon!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      congratulations to this important milestones. I agree that milestones and goals can be similar. More often than not, milestones have symbolic character, haven’t they ? That’s why, round figures – such as the 100th blog post – are so appealing.

      Again congratulations and I am definitely looking forward to the next 100 post !

      You guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up.

      Take care


      • Bob

        Hi Oliver!

        Great to see you here again! I agree that milestones are mostly symbolic in nature, thus the round numbers! 🙂

        I truly believe in the importance of reaching and CELEBRATING milestones that you reach when you are taking consistent effort towards your goal. A good pat on the back, a nice dinner with someone you love and off you go, on to the next one!

        Thanks for your insights, Oliver!

    • Janet

      Bob, aloha. Congrats to you and Rosemary on this achievement. While I agree with everything on your list, my favorite is #7.

      Bob, as you know, it is so important to celebrate the victories along the journey. There are many steps along the way and each one plays an essential part in getting us where we want to go.

      Happily, Bob, I am on track with my latest project. Everything is proceeding perfectly. The entire process has been exhilarating!

      Hope you and Rosemary enjoyed a wonderful celebration. Happy launch onto your next milestone. Bob, I’ll be with you along the journey.

      Best wishes for a terrific week. Aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Hey Janet,

        We are so thrilled to hear that your project is moving along so well. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!!!

        Thanks for the kind words and support. We had a great celebration, and now its on to the next 100!

        Great to see you again, Janet! We appreciate you!

    • Ilka Flood

      Hi Bob And Rosemary,

      Congratulations on your 100th blog post! That’s a huge accomplishment and definitely one that warrants a celebration.

      Here’s to your 200th!

      “Hitch your wagon to a star; Keep your seat and there you are.” ~ Anonymous


      • Bob

        Hi Ilka,

        200! Now that would be something, right?

        With the help of our friends, readers and supporters, I have not doubt in my mind that we will achieve it. In fact, I am visualizing it right now! 🙂

        Have a great week, Ilka. Great to see you here again.

    • Catarina

      Congratulations Bob & Rosemary!

      Useful list of steps for people starting up a business and setting up goals and milestones! Recommend that people with start-ups read it.

      • Bob

        Hi Catarina,

        It’s always great to see you here.

        I do believe that these tips are particularly useful to people starting up a business. Thanks for recommending it!

        See you again soon, Catarina. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Paul

      Hi Bob,

      Congratulations on your milestone. 100th post is indeed worth celebrating. Not too many people reach that number of posts. A celebration can also keep you moving and eventually achieve another milestone. Keep it up!

      • Bob

        Hey Paul, great to see you here.

        You’re right — celebrating a milestone has a way to pushing you towards the next one! That’s why we make it a point to celebrate whenever we reach a significant accomplishment!

        Thanks for stopping by, Paul…. see you again soon!

    • Marcus Baker

      Sorry Bob that was meant to be an O not an i!!


    • Marcus Baker

      Hi Bib and Rosemary,

      Awesome! Congratulations…. there’s every reason to celebrate! 🙂

      Your post reminds me of a saying I heard but can’t recall who said it – “Manage your activity and not your outcomes”. I like it because it makes such common sense. When we manage our activity the outcomes take care of themselves.

      Also it is very important to celebrate each step along the way as this signals gratitude to the universe and helps us to continue achieving our bigger goal.

      Have an awesome weekend!


      • Bob

        Hey Marcus… thanks for reminding me of that quote, it is exactly how we feel and one of the big reasons we’ve been successful on our blog.

        We tend to keep our head down and moving forward (after we’ve mapped out our plan, of course). We don’t focus much on outcomes, other than taking time to appreciate certain milestones ! 🙂

        Thanks for the kind words, Marcus!

    • Dennis Edell

      Woot! Keep flyin’ my friends, I hit my 100th in may and it is awesome, ain’t it!


      • Bob

        Hehe Dennis… guess we have joined the “100 club”! Yes, it is a great feeling of accomplishment, for sure.

        Thanks for your continued support and encouragement, Dennis. It means a lot to us!

    • Tosin

      Hey Bob,

      Big big congratulations to you! And how so happy I am for you! It definitely is something to be happy about.

      100 blog post is not a joke, it takes dedication, perseverance and alot of commitment. Despite the fact that you are a part-time networker you pulled it off.

      I believe in gratitude alot and that nothing is too small to be grateful for.

      Congratulations and this is to one more 100 posts!


      • Bob

        You’re so right, Tosin… it’s all about gratitude and we have a healthy dose of it lately. We are so grateful for the wonderful friends we’ve found at and also for our loyal readers who make it so easy to keep going when challenges arise!

        Appreciate your support, Tosin… it means a lot to us!

    • Linda Secretan

      BobandRosemary, Congratulations!

      I’m always happy when I take the time to read your posts. Today, I just wanted to celebrate with you but found — as usual — so much to engage my attention: I couldn’t resist following your link to “Effective Commenting Strategy” which let to yet another in-depth look at how you achieved this milestone.

      I’ll know where to return for advice that is not readily available unless one buys it (just as soon as I overcome my analysis paralysis)!

      Many thanks!

      • Bob

        Hi Linda!
        Great to see you here again!

        Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and for helping us celebrate our milestone 100th post! It makes it so much fun to write when we know there are people like you getting useful information from what we publish.

        We appreciate you, Linda! Thanks for stopping by!


      7 Simple Steps for Reaching Any Business Milestone…

      Today is a big day here at; today is the day where we’ve reached a significant milestone in our business. What are the important milestones in your business. Today, I will show you 7 simple steps to achieving any business milestone….

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