start an online business part time hurricaneHurricane Irene pounded through the Northeast of the US last night, leaving us with extensive flooding, millions of dollars in property damage, and 11 deaths.

Whenever people die it is a tragic loss, no matter the number.  But here in the NY/NJ metro area, it could have been so much worse.

The fatalities could have numbered in the hundreds or even thousands, if it wasn't for the action of two brave men:

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City.

Why are these two gentlemen heroes?

Because their actions saved lives.

They did what all good leaders do when faced with a difficult decision:  

They gathered information from experts, decided on a course of action and put their plan in motion, and stood by what they knew to be right despite the fierce criticism from skeptics.

We can all learn something from these brave men.

Gathering Information from People you Trust

Both Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Christie gathered information about the impending hurricane from experts in the field.  They kept in constant contact with the National Weather Service, meteorology experts and officials from the states already affected.  

Their goal was to make difficult decisions based on the best information possible.  

Their aim was to be PREPARED.

How does this relate to you?  Let me ask you some questions:

  • How prepared are you for a job layoff?
  • Do you have alternative sources of income should the worst happen?
  • If you are nearing retirement, are you relying on Social Security or company pensions to support you in your retirement years?

Have you actively looked for alternatives that can help you survive if you lose your job or if government or company entitlements don't pan out?

Decide on a Course of Action and Put Your Plan In to Motion

Mayor Bloomberg ordered evacuations of lower Manhattan for the first time ever.  He made the decision to stop all subways and trains for the first time in the history of New York City.  

These decisions were extreme in nature.  They also saved lives.

Governor Christie ordered Atlantic City evacuated, including closure of all casinos and hotels and a loss of millions of dollars to the casino owners and the state.

He issued his now famous order, “Get Off the Damn Beach!!” upon seeing two foolish individuals frolicking on the beach as the hurricane approached.  

His decisions were not popular by any means.  But they definitely saved lives.

What can you do to prepare for the worst, a loss of income?

Their are several courses of action you could take.  

  • You could get a part time job in case you lose your other job, but who has the time or energy?
  • You could try putting away more money to save for retirement, but with most Americans struggling to survive as it is, living paycheck to paycheck that may prove difficult.
  • You could start a Part Time Online Business to provide you with the security you want and need.

In December 2008, my wife Rosemary and I made the decision to start an online business part-time.  We decided we would build it the right way, laying a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

We knew it wouldn't be fast, easy money.  We weren't looking for that.

We were (and are) looking at our business as something that we will grow into and make it our primary income source when the time is right.

Be Prepared For Criticism

Like Bloomberg and Christie who faced fierce criticism for their decisions, you'll undoubtedly find others who will ridicule you for your plan of action.

They'll tell you to save your money in your local banks, invest traditionally in the stock market, and to work hard at your company and they will take care of you.

Yeah, right.

That's what many of our friends and family have told us since we started our part time online business, but we have stayed the course.  

We know that our plan is sound, and we won't let others misguided views get in our way.

Don't let the criticism of others sway you or stop you from taking the actions that will secure your future.

Survivor or Victim?

The people of NY and NJ facing evacuation had a choice — they could leave as they were told and survive the storm.  Or they could stay to “ride out the storm” and face possible dire consequences.

What about you?  

Are you going to be a Survivor or Victim?

Will you plan ahead and take action to secure your financial future or will you sit back, let others make decisions for you and become a victim?

The choice is yours.

What Should You Do Now?

If you are reading this and are unsure where to start, or if you have already started an online business and it's not as successful as you would like,  here is what I want you to do.

Go up the top of the page, click on the Contact Us tab and leave us a short message asking for help.

We are offering Free 15 minute consultations for those looking for advice on starting a business, or making their current business more successful.

Be sure to leave a contact number.  If you are outside the US, we require that you use Skype or an email consultation.

Our Promise:  We won't try to sell you anything or recruit you into our business.  We'll give you our HONEST opinion of what we would do if we were in your shoes.

Your Turn

What have you done to secure your financial future?  

What questions do you have?

Leave a comment and join in the discussion.

    26 replies to "Lessons from Hurricane Irene: Are You a Survivor or Victim?"

    • jason

      i really hope these people had tornado insurance!! ive lived in oklahoma so i know what natural disasters can do…

    • Shine

      So true….we should always be prepared for any unexpected disaster, be it natural or man-made (like losing your job). It’s nice to always have something to fall back to. One advice would be to learn a skill that you can use to earn a living or get another job in case you lose your present job.

    • Mamie

      It’s a great analogy Bob. In every decisions we make, there’s a lesson from it. I know, we have lots of plans and dreams in our minds, but it’s very hard to put it into action.. It’s a challenge to take a certain action on a certain plan.

    • Andy Nathan

      That is an amazing comparison between what the Christie and Bloomberg did to protect the country, and what people need to do in order to better them self.

    • Kristina L.

      Hello, dr Bob,
      I am afraid I still didn’t do much regarding my financial future, but I am on my way to do it.
      I recently started saving money-before I wasn’t earning as much, for it to be enough to be put aside at all. But, things are changing for the better.
      Hopefully, now with the plan I have and the opportunity in addition to it, I will not be a victim, but a well organized person. Or a survivor, as you would say.
      Until recently, I would evacuate my whole money for bills and shopping, so not much would be left for anything else.
      Guess I could learn a thing or two from the NY mayor.:)

    • The death toll here in Maryland was fortunately only 2, and one only marginally hurricane related. We thankful for that, and, I agree, the decisions of the state and local leaders, although tremendously unpopular with local businesses [e.g. the evacuation of Ocean City at peak season] saved lives.

    • Willena Flewelling

      When we’ve got those antennae out, we can learn valuable lessons from just about anything in life. You’ve made a great point here. We can’t always be prepared for every possible emergency, but a general state of preparedness is a good thing. I live in farming country. In the past five years my neighbours have been hit by drought, floods, hail, grasshoppers and ill health. Nothing really serious, but certainly enough to affect their ability to make a living. Farmers KNOW they have to have reserves in place for any of these possibilities. It’s just as important for those of us who aren’t farmers.

      Willena Flewelling

      • Bob

        Hi Willena… great point. I am not from a farming community so I hadn’t thought about this from that perspective, but you’re absolutely right. Farmers, being at the mercy of Mother Nature must have reserves in case of emergency. Thanks for sharing your insights here!

    • Tony Tate

      Yes, we have lots of plans in our minds. We cab easily make up plans and yet it’s very very hard to put it into action. And in regards to the hurricane irene victims, I felt so sorry for the lose. This is just a test that we need to overcome… Have faith in God, everything will turn out fine!

      • Bob

        Yes, Tony! Action is the key ingredient that many of the best planners are missing. The greatest plan in the world is just a piece of paper unless we take steps to make it real.

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Holly

      Thanks for your positive perspective on what the Mayor and Governor did. Too often we aren’t happy with what has to be done and then in the end, it makes a huge positive impact. Good for them! I am working on preparing for the future and love what I am doing. I am a thriving survivor! Nice to meet you! Great post.

      • Bob

        Hi Holly,
        I’m not a huge fan of politicians in general, but these 2 did what they felt was needed to get people through this emergency and were widely criticized in the end for being too prepared. Huh?
        Not sure how that can be criticized, but I guess some people complain about anything and everything.

        Love your attitude… a thriving survivor! I suppose you can either thrive or wilt. It’s everyone’s choice!

    • Carla McNeil

      I agree with Karen and awesome analogy!

      I don’t watch TV or read the papers, you have just provided me with the most information I have seen on this event. I had no idea it was that serious.

      I feel for Christie and Bloomberg, they were very brave.

      • Bob

        They were brave in this instance, Carla. I admire leaders who assess a situation, formulate a solution and then carry it out, even in the midst of controversy and criticism. And for those who criticize, there are still thousands of people who can’t get near their homes because of flood waters… I bet they’re happy they were evacuated.

        Thanks for the comment, Carla!

    • Joanne Massey-Dean

      Great analogy! Yes, decisions that are made are not always the most popular ones. But making them is the first step in accomplishing our goals. So glad I made the decision to put plan B in place. One never knows when plan A will fail.

      • Bob

        Kudos to you, Joan for not only having a Plan B but for taking steps to put it in place. You are among the few!

        Thanks for sharing your insights here!

    • Kayla

      Bob – the hurricane could have been a lot worse, it’s true! Preparing for a layoff and preparing for a natural disaster are indeed similar, but I wouldn’t have made the connection if not for reading this post. Thanks for offering the free consultations, I will recommend this to my sister because she’s just starting out a new business! Thanks 🙂

      • Bob

        Cool, Kayla… it will be great to speak with your sister.

        I believe that being prepared, while not always possible makes those emergent life situations a little easier to bear.

    • marquita herald

      Good analogy Bob … I must confess I’m a bit jaded when it comes to thinking about “disasters.” As a native Calfornian I’ve been through many serious earthquakes and now living in the Islands and having spent a good deal of time in the Pacific and Asia, I’ve experienced more than a few floods, hurricanes and tsunami’s … and you are so right, what makes the difference is being prepared – mentally as well as physically. As far as starting a business … you know our friends and family heaped so much criticism on us when we moved to Hawaii many years ago, then again with various career changes … at this point they pretty much take even the most outlandish moves on my part in stride 🙂

      • Bob

        Friends and family can be our biggest supporters and our harshest critics, right Marty? I’ve found this to be true as well.

        Being a native Californian, I’m sure you were amused at us “rookies” when we experienced a small Earthquake last week. And this hurricane, while a big deal for us is nothing compared to what others have felt. Perhaps the point here is that everyone has their own perspective and fears. What frightens one person might seem perfectly normal for another.

        Thanks for sharing your experiences, Marty!

    • Karen

      What a great analogy! It’s really so true… Coming up with a great idea can be easy… taken action on your idea can be the challenge. Do it and you’ll see the results!

      • Bob

        Absolutely, Karen! I agree 100%.

    • Emma

      Hi Bob,

      My goodness, thank goodness someone had the balls to make such a difficult and unpopular decision!

      Indeed, the decision to start a business online rarely goes down very well with those around us – good job I was never very good at taking advice! I always lived on my instincts.

      I think you are amazing to offer your time and experience to others free of charge – a very valuable service. I know that when I first spoke to someone with more experience – one on one – it was more valuable than the many dozens of hours watching training webinars and such.

      All the best,

      Emma 🙂

      • Bob

        Thanks for the kind words, Emma. I was thinking the same thing as I began writing this post.

        Virtually everyone I know who started a home business has been criticized or even ridiculed. Those that face the criticism head on and continue their path moving forward and the ones who will prosper in the end.

        Appreciate your feedback and insights, Emma!

    • Meg

      Mindblowing post BOB….One think I like most about You and Rosemary that you both have FORESIGHT and FOCUSED and this is the reason you BOTH are successful right now.

      And this post and its topic is best example of your foresightness.

      So thanks a lot for sharing you view concern to this. I get your point clearly and going to implement it.

      • Bob

        Thanks, Meg… very kind of you to say. Keep moving forward!!!

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