bobandrosemary.comThe summer is almost over!  Where did it go?

The Labor Day weekend here in the US signifies the end of summer vacation, kids going back to school and the days getting shorter.

With any change of season comes a chance to sit back, reflect and refocus your energies.

Rosemary and I did this over the weekend with our blog, Simple Solutions for Part Time Network Marketers at  We made a list of our most popular posts according to our readers and Post Rank, in an effort to provide you with more content that we know you love.

And we decided this was a good chance to share this list with you, in case you missed any of our best posts.

The Very Best of

Here are the most popular posts according to you, our valued readers….


 Where are the Productivity Leaks in your Business?

Working From Home Full-Time is Heaven… Right?

3 Real Life Steps to Overcoming Obstacles in Your Business

Productivity or Perfection – It's Your Choice


Part-Time Blogging

How I Boosted my Blog's Alexa Ranking by 108% in 30 Days

A Highly Effective Blog Commenting Strategy for Busy Marketers

5 Surefire Ways to Alienate Your Blog Readers

7 Essential Time Saving WordPress Plugins for the Part Time Blogger


Network Marketing Part Time Business

Most People Fail in Network Marketing

The 9 Killers of a Network Marketing Part Time Business

Part Time Network Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Do You Really Have Time to Start a Network Marketing Business?


You Can Also Find Us Here

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    10 replies to "The Very Best of Productivity, Blogging and Network Marketing Part-Time"

    • Hi Bob and Rosemary,

      This is a great idea sharing your most popular articles and also even better that you included different sections from your blog , I really like the post about working from home. All the best Rosemary

    • Karen

      Thanks for all these wonderful resources! I have taken so many tips from your blogs and found them to be so helpful! I have been amazed at how much more productive I have been in just the past month of my life from making such small, yet significant, changes. Thank you!

    • Holly

      Hi! Great idea!! I might have to borrow it!! I went over to your suggested article about Alexa ranking. Left you a comment there. Thanks for the list. I will be back to check out more… The more info I can put into action the better… for me that it!!

    • Meg

      So nice of you both.

      As I am a LATE COMER so this would be great help for me.

      Thanks a lot for this SORTING and POSTING for us.

    • Martin

      That’s an excellent idea Bob,
      to make a post of your best posts.

      I really like that idea.


    • Natasha

      Bob — great list! And thanks for putting them into categories like this, too. I love everything I’ve read here but I see a few on your list that I haven’t checked out yet – I’m on it!! 🙂

    • Melodie Kantner

      What a great idea making a list of best of posts. I see several I want to read.

    • Hey Bob & Rosemary!

      You two have been rocking it! What a great list. You’ve had some really powerful posts lately and I love the work you’ve put into your headlines they really make an impact. Well done and great time to catch a breather!

    • Dr. Erica Goodstone

      Bob and Rosemary,

      What a great idea to make a list of many of your previous blogs. The one I plan to read, as soon as I finish commenting here, is 5 Ways to Romance Your Blog Readers like a New Girlfriend. My focus and modus operandi is all about Healing Through Love, and romance is a huge part of it.


      • Bob

        Hi Erica,

        We had the idea that, life being as fast paced and busy as it is, perhaps people miss posts that might resonate with them. We felt that it was a good time to stop, take a deep breath and give people a chance to catch up with us! 🙂

        Glad you are heading over to Jane’s blog to read our guest post. Hope you enjoy it!

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