Let me tell you about my spider and what he's taught me about marketing… and life!

Well, he's not exactly my spider.  He lives outside my house, specifically in or around my mailbox.

I've watched this spider every day now for a few months, and yesterday it finally clicked!

I need to be more like this spider in my marketing business.  In fact, I can take some life lessons from this spider, as well.

Yes, let me tell you about my spider…

My mailbox is mounted on the front of my house, right underneath the porch light.

A few months ago, each morning when I went to retrieve my mail I started noticing a spider web running from the light down to the top of the mailbox.

Only a few strands at first, within days I would find an intricate web woven from the mailbox to the light.  Within the web, I could see moths, bees, and various bugs helplessly caught and immobilized.  Some we dead, some were struggling in vain to get loose.

It kind of grossed me out.

Not wanting to offend my mailman or my neighbors, I decided to remove the web and all it's occupants.

The next morning, as I went out to get my mail, there it was… the web was starting again!  Just a few strands at first but once again a fully functioning web within a few days.

Didn't this spider learn?  Didn't he know that I'd just wipe out all this hard work again and again.

This went on for weeks and then it hit me —  this spider held the key to success in business… and in life.

What a Spider Taught Me About Marketing

Think about it.  

Do you think it was an accident that the spider chose this specific location to build his web?

I don't.

On one end of the web was my mailbox, a metal stronghold that secured his web and created a magnificent foundation.

On the other end?  The porch light.

Why a porch light? 

What's attracted to the porch light?  Moths and insects.

What does a spider need to eat to survive?

Moths and insects.


Marketing Takeaway — understand your “prey”, the people who will buy what you're selling.  Figure out where they hang out, what attracts them and that's where you should focus your marketing.

Let's continue with the spider….

Every night, the spider went to work on his web.  At first, it would consist of just a single strand, then another and another.  At this point, he couldn't see the benefits of his work

A single stranded web won't catch anything.

But he didn't stop.  He kept building his web, strand after strand. 

Most of the insects passed through with ease, but finally one got caught up in this simple web.  

Dinner would be served tonight.

Marketing Takeaway — you will not see the direct benefits of laying a strong foundation to your marketing business until much later.  At first, you must have FAITH that what you're doing will “put dinner on your plate” somewhere in the not too distant future.  

Too many stop when they don't see the direct results of their actions.  

Don't be one of these people.

Now that the foundations are in place, the spider goes about making it stronger and more effective.  He interconnects the main strands, building an intricate web to catch his prey.

One by one he connects the strands until finally his web is complete.

Through consistent effort, he's manufactured a system that ensures he will eat well for the days and weeks to come.

Marketing Takeaway — link together your marketing in such a way to make yourself appear to be “everywhere” on the web.  

Use social media to spread the word and bring your marketing message to life.  

You'll double your “catch” in the form of fans and followers who want learn more about you.

So What Did the Spider Teach Me About Life?

When some dumbass comes and knocks down everything you've done with one swipe of the hand (think Google and YouTube slaps), this is the time to regroup and rebuild better than ever before.

When every few days I obliterated the spider web from my mailbox, what if the spider had given up?  What if he listened to the other spiders telling him it was stupid and worthless?

What if he had just stopped trying?

You know where I'm going here…

When something or someone stops you from moving forward, don't let it stop you.  

Be consistent in your efforts and persistent in the pursuit of your dreams.

Be the survivor, not the victim!

Be a spider! 🙂


Your Turn

Are you a spider in your business?  Do any of these stories resonate with you?

Tell me what you think!  Leave a comment below.

    14 replies to "What a Spider Taught Me About Marketing and Life"

    • bilal

      cool post and its nice to review your post , thanks

    • Filip

      You made an interesting story about marketing. But we need to realize that, “Content is king”. Before we could even do submissions, we need to ensure that our content is of quality and unique.

    • Audrey Ross

      Ultimately, it’s what we know that works that will keep us alive. Instinct. This is something a lot of people are not using effectively. Like the spider – it doesn’t matter if he fails or if someone destroys everything it worked so hard for. His instincts and knowledge tell him that this is the way to survive, to win. And that’s why it continues to do it. We are all going to learn to have faith in our god given instinct. I mean, what else is instinct for if we’re not going to use it, right?

    • Richard Brokenshire

      Spiders are certainly relentless in their pursuits. As marketers we should be as well!! Thanks for the great analogy!

    • Kimberly Anderson

      Such a wonderful analogy Bob. The process of a spider is a great marketing tips. Your post is always a reminder to us, we always learn something form it. Thanks Bob!

    • Michaele Harrington

      Hi Bob,

      Talk about a unique analogy, this is brilliant! And I’m impressed with your level of awareness and observation that many would have completely overlooked.

      Your marketing take away on showing up everywhere is spot on. Whether your brand new or not, it’s amazing how quickly momentum kicks in when you’re actively out there sharing and engaging.

      The key here though is keeping your brand consistant. Your blog banner, your Gravatar and every single profile pic across every network needs to be the same. I know this is a no brainer but I’m emphasizing it because it was only a few months ago that I realized how slack I’d been! Even now I’m sure I’ve missed an old profile somewhere.

      I’m sure many marketers resonate with the gems in what the spider taught you about life. I recently had one of my main income generating blogs scrutinized by the ‘powers that be’ out here and was forced to remove keywords for my country which has resulted in sales almost grinding to a halt. Whist I could take the easy road and walk away from the project, it’s just made me more determined to find another avenue. These ‘slaps’ or whatever we like to call them, are really just life’s way of checking in to see if we are ready for the next level of growth. Bring em on!

      Question: Is the first pic in this post a pic of the actual spider? If so it’s an awesome shot.


    • ashley

      I would have never related a spider to our marketing. Of course, I don’t have one living outside my door to remind me of this but they do like to connect to my plants outside. Sneaky little devils.

    • Sonia

      That was awesome! I have read many analogies, but I would have to say that was the best yet. When you added in your “Marketing Takeaway”, it just tied it all together with a snap! I remember reading a post from a blogger that “allowed” a reader to ruin their day because they didn’t like or agree with what was said on their post. They went on to rant and dissect each and everything thing this person said. It was kinda pathetic to see a person allow someone to take “their spirit” away.

      I can’t count how many obstacles I have faced starting my blog and the situations that tried to derail me from doing what I now love. Someone once told me that when things are going great in your life, there is always something on it’s way to come piss you off. Instead of letting it beat you down, just get back up and continue where you left off. Concentrate and focus on what you need to do and anything is possible.

      Great post Bob!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      thanks for sharing this analogy and what you learned from it. Isn’t it amazing what we can learn from mother nature, here the animal world ? These stories definitely resonate with me as I am building my global spiderweb which is a lot of work (and fun) without direct results. Delayed gratification is the keyword here – and faith as you note. In fact, the spider is persistent and flexible and it goes “goes fishing where the fish are” (to say it with ‘Big Al’)

      Be blessed


    • Herbert

      Superb story Sir Bob, One thing a spider taught me is rise up every time you fall, just like a spider that if its web has been destroyed during the day, the following morning, its web is back again. Life is a constant struggle, if you dont know how to deal with then your lost.

    • Adrienne

      Hey Bob,

      I LOVE analogies like this. They really get you to thinking or least they do me. See, here you are teaching me something again. I would have never related a spider to our marketing. Of course, I don’t have one living outside my door to remind me of this but they do like to connect to my plants outside. Sneaky little devils. But they are persistent because it’s their livelihood! We need to look at our business in the same way.

      You are right though, we can learn how to build a solid foundation with our business as well so that we can continue to give our prospects what they want. Pay attention to their needs and provide them the information that will help them move forward. You become a lot more attractive in their eyes that way.

      I was listening to some training just last night and the guy hosting it had asked everyone if they have ever had any of their accounts deleted. He had personally had his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts deleted. Just because you get knocked around a bit doesn’t mean you need to stay down. Your blog is the only content that actually belongs to you so nurture it and remember that this is a representation of you and what you can do for others.

      Thanks again Bob, I always learn something from you when I visit.

      Have a wonderful week.


    • Radu

      Hey Dr Bob,
      This is a wonderful post. It seems that nature has only powerful lessons for those who are willing to grow.
      The spider understands the process.. until mastery. Why? Because of its great perseverance.
      How well this example works with online marketing….
      I have almost a year online and my “web” was affected several times and even destroyed one time.
      So what?
      As you said the key is to move on, even more determined to build that web. In the end you will find out that every effort, pain, frustration and disaster is well worth. Every post, comment, article shared, every bitter “no” from your prospects…The victory is sweeter when you experience all these things.
      A true “spider” finds his power in the all the challenges that life will inevitably throw on the table.

      Thank you so much for the superb inspiration. You really made my day.
      Keep it up 🙂

      Have a wonderful day,

    • Ken Pickard


      I absolutely love the analogy. The marketing tips wire hitting me each time I read one. i literally understand a little more of the why I do things the way I do. Marketing on the web…spider web. Preaching to the choir I know.

      Your point and realization as to why the spider was making his web under your porch light is spot on. Can it be any more simpler than to create content and place it right where buyers are buying. i also noticed that the spider really isn’t doing any “attraction marketing” and with that I think there’s another note to be made.

      A lot of people play on social media without a real purpose or vision for what they are trying to achieve. Being social is only a fraction of your marketing efforts. In fact some professional marketers see that as a waste of time. Sending and accepting friend request, commenting on blog posts and Facebook statuses, RT’ing, Digg’s, likes and Shares… oh my. But those of us who are creating an interlinking web presence have the bigger vision of what it’s really all about.

      Relationships, Tribes/Support groups, business centers, funnels and marketing campaigns as well as social media accounts, RSS feeds, social bookmarking services and back link campaigns. We do we do all this work over and over again? Because it works…for those who work it.

      Thanks for the great story. I also have a spider story. Two spiders have been building webs on the back of my truck for 3 months. Every time I lift the hatch back the webs break and I clean them off. Yet the spider comes back…again and again.

      Never give up!

      Ken Pickard
      The Network Dad

    • debbie turner


      Super great story… these kind always make it so each to relate and teach. I’ve had many spider opportunities… companies I affiliated for went out of business, you tube suspended my account for who knows why, people quit, computers crash…. but I kept rebuilding and adding more strands to my business.

      Thanks for your vision and message to all entrepreneurs to keep on keeping on… It’s makes a difference in the end.

      Debbie Turner
      Where Passions and Entrepreneurship
      Meet Prosperity

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