I've recently started using My Lead System Pro to generate leads and sales for my Primary Business.

It's also a great place where I can send my team to do the same…. duplication is critical to maintain activity in your downline.

Anyway, here's the deal.

One of my mentors challenged me to “put the pedal to the metal” in building my MLSP Team in exchange for more face time with her.

Since I really want to spend more time learning from her, I've accepted the challenge and am going forward full throttle.

How Can I Stand Out?

Like you, I've seen  a lot of people marketing MLSP and I know I needed to stand out from the rest.

You're gonna like this….

I've teamed up with my colleague, VaNessa Duplessie to fill a niche within MLSP that no one else have touched.

We're providing anyone who signs up for a 14 day MLSP trial with a Free Coaching and Home Business Training Program that will allow you to maximize your results with your MLSP membership right out of the gate.

You see, while MLSP is an amazing community and training system, many people get lost and can't figure out how to get started generating leads for their business.

They get frustrated, quit and say that MLSP doesn't work.

What they really needed was some one-on-one Coaching and Training to help them focus their attention in the right places… 

We've filled that void.

Details, Please!

We've pulled out all the stops to make this package so valuable that joining with us is a no brainer…

You register for MLSP using our link and we throw in everything else for Free… coaching, training, webinars, Q&A sessions, private Facebook groups and much more.

You can find all the details here.

An Extra Cool Bonus

Here's one of the coolest benefits I added just yesterday:  A Free Blog Setup (or redesign) for people who take action first.

Because this offer went out earlier today, I can only give a free Blog Setup to the next 2 people that sign up.

I've spent 3 years crafting a blog that has not only branded me in this industry but has helped me develop a loyal following, as well.

I also  spent a lot of time finding the right designer and programmer to help me in the numerous redesigns along the way.

I'm basically giving you access to my private outsourcer and free coaching to help you create a blog that will become a lead and sales generation machine for your business.

This is a huge shortcut for you.

Tick Tock

This offer will not be up for much longer.  

VaNessa and I have decided to close it out at midnight Saturday (ET) or until all the slots are filled.

With this kind of offer, I anticipate it selling out rather quickly, so if this is something that makes sense for you,  it would be best to grab it now



If you have questions or want to discuss your personal situation, you can reach me by using the Let's Talk box on the right or email me directly at:

bob at bobandrosemary dot com.

    8 replies to "Our Free Coaching and Home Business Training Offer"

    • Kathreen Smeyer

      Thanks for sharing this free coaching and home business offer. This can help a lot of people who want to engage home business.

    • Nichole Evans

      What a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing this one. Indeed, I am interested to try this free coaching and home business training. For sure it can definitely educate me a lot.

    • Carol Lynn

      Wow, that’s a serious offer! Your mentor must be pretty fantastic for you to tackle this kind of challenge for more learning time with her. I know how time consuming a good blog setup can be especially if you take requests and changes from your customer. It definitely takes dedication and motivation. Good for you and best of luck. I’m sure a million people jumped on this offer. It’s worth the price of the blog!

    • Carol

      Wow. this is very helpful post. thanks for hosting 🙂 like it so much!

    • Donna Merrill

      Althogh I am not part of MLSP, many of my colleagues are in it and it is of extreme value. I know signing up under you would be a double bonus. You are always giving and a great mentor.
      Good luck with it.

    • Adrienne

      That is a great offer Bob and one I’m sure plenty of people will take you up on.

      I think that’s great that your mentor would like you to spend more one on one with them so this is a great way to get you motivated enough to achieve that goal. I have no doubt you will too.

      I joined MLSP late last year and I have found it to really be one of the best marketing systems around. Not only do I get to learn from them but some of the top income earners in this industry are with them as well so they’re teaching us too. Kid of a win/win for everyone involved…

      Best of luck to you Bob but I doubt you’ll need it!


    • Nicky

      Thats a great offer Bob and people who are sitting on the sidelines wondering whether or not to jump in, should absolutely take you up on your offer.

      MLSP was a real game changer for me, but like you I started to see some people come in and not really know where to start. I was able to increase my active downline by 20% when I started coaching them on weekly webinars, so I know you are on to a winning formula here – a new blog too! Wow, people would be crazy not to jump in!

      Nice to see you are involved with MLSP! Just about every ‘ fab’ marketer I know has seen the benefits of being able to train their team in this way. Congrats! I’m sure we will see you on the leaderboards!


    • Kristen

      Love your blog-great, valuable content without hype!

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