mlm business laughing imageHas anyone ever told you that you were crazy for getting involved with one of those “things”?

Have your friends ever laughed behind your back?

Have you ever heard,  “Quit wasting your time and money and get a real job”?

If you have an MLM Business, chances are you've heard all of these and worse.

But there's a way to deal with it, and a strategy for combating what I call “society pull” — society trying to get you to do what it considers “normal”.

Your MLM Business:  How to Handle the Naysayers and Non-Believers

What do you think?  Do you have a better idea of what's happening when you hear these criticisms?

How have you dealt with them?

Have they worked?

Leave a comment below and add to the conversation!

    16 replies to "Your MLM Business: How to Handle the Naysayers"

    • Azam

      Hello Dr Bob

      Actual leaning starts when you go on your way and create new routes of progress. Every person in your vicinity dish up his advice but what fits you is your personal perception. Good video .

    • Eli

      MLM seems fake t first but i have observed some MLMs that are doing real business ,have a large network of referrals and are selling genuine and demanding products.Such MLM companies also provide incentives to the members for being more active down the line

    • Pete Goumas

      Hi Bob,
      You have shared some very important points about naysayers here. In network marketing world, we all prefer to surround by like minded people but sometimes we have to be in contact with different types of people and it is good to know how to handle them wisely especially naysayers.

    • Carol

      Yeah it is very true. Peers could play a big part of our life. This is such amazing post.

    • Charlenevans09

      Great post Bob! I’m just lucky that my friends do understand what I’m doing.. but others think I’m crazy for being in the computer everyday and checking my sites. I don’t care actually as long as I can get some profit from what i’m doing.

    • Carol Lynn

      This is quite true of any business, Bob, and advice that anyone can take to heart. not everyone will agree with what I, or you, or anyone else does. The important thing is that we have decided it[‘s what we want, we choose to pursue a dream, passion or path and we take responsibility for our lives and successes. I agree you can’t convince people of something they refuse to believe but that’s not your job. Your job is to run your business and ultimately, like they say, “the proof is in the pudding”. Are you running a business? Succeeding? Doing what you want? Happy? Then there is nothing anyone can say about it!

      Even if you’re still learning and struggling, that’s part of life. Nobody promised an easy road, but you have to take the road you choose, not the one someone else chooses.

      It’s also so important to surround yourself with the right people. You need support and you can find it if you look.

      Thanks for your positive outlook and positive advice!

      • Wade

        I have a question for my esteemed colleagues. I have chosen to focus on building a large retail base and then recruit from there. I am now in two about this and want to devote a small amount of time to recruiting. How much do I need to be earning each month to impress someone enough to get them into the business. This income is only from my retailing efforts. I ask this with a view to avoid the naysayers griping about me not earning enough income yet.

    • Cori Rizzo

      Great post Bob! All my friends and family think I am crazy too.

    • Wade

      Not one of the naysayers in my life have been able to offer me a better solution. When I think of the people that I know who earn huge incomes, the naysers simply fade into oblivion.

    • Jens P. Berget

      Hi Bob,

      I haven’t been much involved in MLM, but being I believe that I understand the feeling of people don’t understanding what I’m doing, and not believing that I’ll be successful. When I started out blogging and doing research on Internet marketing, not a single person of my friends or members of my family had a clue what I was doing, and they told me that I was just playing around and wasting time and money. I had to stop listening to them, because if I had listened, I wouldn’t still be doing it, that’s for sure.

      We need to keep hustling and doing what we’re passionate about, that’s what I’ve learned. It’s all about passion.

    • Adrienne

      I think I’m extremely fortunate with my family and friends Bob. They’ve always believed in me and know that I’m the type of person who when I put my mind to something I go for it.. They support me 100% and I don’t have any of that negativity in this respect.

      Even though I wasn’t having massive success at this and have struggled throughout the years. They also know that I may not learn at the pace everyone else does but that I’ll eventually get there. I just appreciate the fact that they are always behind me so the people who say no to my business and throw out ugly things about network marketing, I know that they’ve just had their own bad experiences. I know a lot of us have.

      I honestly believe that those individuals need to work more on themselves first though before they will have success in anything.

      Wonderful message and I’m surprised that some of your friends and co-workers questioned you joining this industry. But we’re all so very happy that you’re still here.

    • Maxwell Ivey

      Hi Bob; In the amusement industry the neysayers are referred to as crape hangers or knockers. I get quite a few of them. Their favorite comment is why should I pay you to sell my equipment when there are several free sites. I have a set logical answer to this question. There are many things I do for the fee that they won’t get on the free sites. And I end by telling them if they don’t want to use me, good luck with their own efforts. I often smile when I hear that the same people have the same rides, games, inflatables, etc for sale months later. I know I shouldn’t, but most of us are only human. smile What you said about having confidence in yourself, your company, and your products is absolutely the truth and a good thing to remind us all of from time to time. And it really helps to have good friends and or supportive family on those days when you wonder if maybe everyone else is right. As always thanks for the great posts, max

    • Nicky

      Some people are so scared to step out and be different and ultimately peer pressure is very powerful – you have to be a strong person with a strong belief, to do something that goes against what we are taught – i.e to get a “good” job and work 60 hours a week to earn just enough to retire on! Hmmmmm. – I’m glad you mentioned about hanging out with positive minded people – it really does make such a difference.

      The more I think about this, I wish the positive mindset training was taught to children at school so that they knew from an early age, that they could change their lives immensely if they just allowed themselves to believe in what they want.

      Thanks for sharing,

    • marianna

      Naysayers… there is a bunch of them out there so we have to be prepared to survive in this industry

    • Sylviane Nuccio

      Hi Bob,

      Your’re right those naysayers can really bring you down. Anyone have joined a network marketing business has heard some of the statements that you mentioned on the video.

      You’re right. Reasoning with the naysayers is really useless. However, it’s very important to surround yourself by like-minded people.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      thanks for sharing your personal insights and a common problem. It helped me to realize that “society” and “people” are not entities for themselves, nor do they think for themselves. They’re just being used by certain individuals to cause problems for you for your own identity. “Society” and “people” are nothing but a gigantic group trap, the culmination of it being “the government”. Certain individuals might postulate an absolute morality, but as every single person will have to bear the consequences of his decisions anyway – regardless if they justify their decisions with an absolute morality – they might as well do what makes them happy.

      Take care


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