In this post, I'll be revealing 3 relatively under-utilized places to find prospects on Facebook.  It's not that they're “secret”…

It's just that most marketers don't think to look for their prospects in these locations.

Before we start, let's get ahead of the game.

When you do find potential prospects on Facebook, what do you think they're likely to do?

They will most likely want to check you out to see if you can help them or more likely…

If they can prospect you!

So it's best to get your Facebook Profile in order.

Step 1:  Download a copy of the Profile Profits Cheatsheet

Step 2:  Get a Complimentary Facebook Profile Review to make sure you've optimized your profile for business

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Alright, now that we've got that covered, let's dive into…

The 3 Untapped Goldmines To Find Prospects on Facebook

Here's what most marketers do to find prospects on Facebook…

They kind of randomly or haphazardly find people who might be remotely interested in their business, either from their friend's friends list (yes, you should hide your friends list!) or when someone engages on one of their friend's posts.

There's really no strategy,  just a drive-by hit if you will.

I'm here to tell you that you can and should develop a STRATEGY for finding prospects for your business on Facebook.

And here are 3 really hot places to find them:


There's a Facebook group for almost everything and that includes your products and services.

Got a weight loss product?  There are tons of weight loss groups.

Credit repair?  Oh yeah.

Network Marketing?  You bet!

Start a Business?  Go take a look.

Let's take Weight Loss as an example.

If you have a product that helps people lose weight, wouldn't it be a good idea to get into some of these weight loss groups and see what questions people are asking?

find prospects on facebook

Here are some tips when looking for groups to find prospects on Facebook:

  1.  Look for groups that are PRIVATE and those that have group rules.  Public groups are generally spam-fests and not worth your time.
  2. I always look for groups that have at least 500 members.
  3.  The group should be active, meaning several posts a day.  In the example above, the groups highlighted with a red arrow have at least 500 posts/day, indicating they are quite active.

These kinds of groups are GOLDMINES when it comes to finding prospects on Facebook.


Instead of searching for topics as we did for groups when it comes to Facebook Business Pages you want to find those leaders in your niche who actively post on their page.

For example, if you're into Network Marketing and wanted to find others who would also be interested in Network Marketing, you would probably want to check out Ray Higdon's business page.  Ray is a well established and very successful trainer in Network Marketing who has a huge following.

Here's how you would find his page:

Find those leaders in your niche and search for their business pages, as shown above.

Once on their page, you want to look for posts that have a lot of comments, as these are all potential people you could connect with as potential prospects.


The final goldmine to find prospects on Facebook are Sponsored Ads.

You'll find them when you scroll down your newsfeed and you'll know they're ads when it says “sponsored”.

The strategy here is simple:

Find ads that are related to your niche, then check out who is engaging with those ads.

There are all potential prospects for your business.

So You Know How To Find Prospects on Facebook… Now What?

In this blog post, I showed you 3 relatively untapped goldmines to find prospects on Facebook for your business.

Right now, I'm guessing at least some (if not all) of these questions after popping into your head…

  • Should I just friend request them?
  • How should I reach out?
  • What should I say?
  • Should I lead with my business or start building some rapport?
  • Once we start messaging, when should I bring up my business?
  • What do I do if they try to prospect me?

If any of these are going through your mind, I've got you covered.

I attended a live Facebook Prospecting and Recruiting Challenge last week and it answered every one of these questions and more.

Even though the Challenge is over, the recordings are still available, and best of all… it's only $1 to access the videos.

Best of all, you get a free trial to the same marketing and education platform I use to grow my business (it's especially good if you're short on time).

Final Word

When you are trying to find prospects on Facebook for your business, don't leave it up to chance encounters.

Be strategic.  Have a plan.  Use the strategies I've laid out in this post as a starting point.

Facebook is a very powerful platform for finding prospects for your business.

When you know what you're doing, it becomes almost childs play.


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