deniedI just finished listening to an amazing Mindset in the Morning training and I need to share it with you today.

It was all about being in the space of...


More on this in a minute…


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Have you ever heard these words come out of your mouth?

  • “I'm gonna give it a try for a few weeks and see if it works.”
  • “I'm way too busy to do that now.”
  • “I'm so overwhelmed and confused!”

Sound familiar?

Don't feel bad, we've all said these kind of things at one point or another.

But here's the thing…

If you're not in the space of…

“Get OUT of my way, I will NOT be denied”,

You will not make it in this Industry.

Sorry to break it to you, but sitting back waiting for the right time for things to happen,

Or waiting for the right opportunity to fall into your lap WILL NOT CUT IT.

Let me tell you a story…

Rosemary and I have been in this industry for a little over 3 years.

The first 2 and a half years were spent dipping our toes in the water, making excuses.

  • We used our Full Time jobs as reasons why we weren't getting full time results in our business.
  • We told ourselves that once our kids moved out, we'd REALLY make a go of it.
  • We told ourselves that we couldn't go all in yet, because we didn't know enough.

It wasn't until the last 8 months that we made the decision —


To make this business work, to fulfill our dreams of absolute freedom or die trying (not literally).

What does this mean on a daily basis?

Listen to this training I did yesterday called The Power of One and you'll get an idea.

It means…

Being dead tired after a 12 hour shift at the hospital… and working on our business ANYWAY.

Being mentally drained by one of our kids problems and wanting to just veg out in front of the TV… and working on our business anyway.

Being on vacation with poor Internet access… and walking a few miles to an Internet hot spot to work on our business anyway.


It means TOTAL commitment, or as David Wood and the folks over at Empower Network so often say…images-1

Being… “ALL IN“.

There's a reason he's made this the mantra of Empower.

It's not because it's a catchy phrase, which it is.

It's not because it kind of questions your commitment, which it does.

It's because David is a success story…

And David KNOWS that you have to be All In if you want to have a chance of seeing the success he's found.

It's about being in that place of…


What About You?

Are you in that place?

Or are you floating around in the never-never world of obscurity, hoping that somehow everything in your life will align and you'll FINALLY get the chance to get serious about your business.

There have been far too many people who end up giving up, waiting for this to happen.

Don't be one of them.

Don't give up!

Don't be denied!

    7 replies to "I Will NOT Be Denied… Will You?"

    • Devin Thayer

      I definitely know what its like, not for me, but for others. I’m struggling right now with a signup to get his business started, but he needs to realize the sacrifices are worth the glory. Every step so far has been half assed, and I just pray he can find the motivation and the time to move forward – start booking himself for success.

    • Fatima

      I can so relate to these words because there were times in my life when making a career or business choice that I had myself questioning what are the chances that I will not be denied. We are always restrained to take that leap forward by this thought but i personally believe one has to have that strong faith and belief of not being denied only then we can make our dreams come true. Great share, Bob.

    • Aayna

      This post is a great reminder!! It’s true that in order to reach the zenith of the success one has to make sure to believe ‘I will not be denied’. I really liked the post because of its simplicity and appeal. Thanks for the share.

    • Ron

      I agree with you 100%!! When I decided over 12 years ago that I was tired of working for someone else and wanted to be in charge of my own time and income I wasn’t just “thinking about it” I took action! I worked a full time job and would come home, eat and get working! I would work until the wee hours of the morning, get a few hours sleep, go to my full time job and right back at it again the next night, this went on for 6 months, and while the wife and kids weren’t too happy with not having much time with me, it was all worth it because by the end of that 6 months I was able to quit my full time job and we were able to live very comfortably on my internet income. Whenever I get a bit tired and want to just kick back all I have to do is remember where I was (working for someone else!) and where I am now, and that is all the motivation I need!! I won’t ever go back, I love my life, love the time I can spend with my wife and now grown children, and soon our first grand baby and won’t have to miss a moment of her growing up! I hope others really read your post and if they would just decide how important it is to them, they WILL take action!!

    • Tracey Hausel

      I remember that call. It was very “kick in the buttish”, if you know what I mean. At first I thought David Wood was only talking about the products, which is, but he very much makes clear he’s really talking about mindset. You have to choose to not be denied. Sometimes it’s a choice you have to remake on a daily basis if you’ve not found success, but if you are consistent, you will.

    • Penny Turko

      Bob! Thanks for this reminder! I’m ALL IN!!!

    • Cindy

      Hey Bob great share. I will not be Denied… Absolutely true. I totally
      agree, you want to be successful in this industry then grab a hold
      of your dreams and goals with your teeth and don’t let go until
      you have landed on your island.

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