“One thing you absolutely must do.  You MUST plan on attending our next live event!” These were some of the first words out of our sponsor's mouth soon after we joined our first MLM company just about 3 years ago. ” To not attend, he went on to say, would be a huge setback for your business and a really dumb move.”

We were skeptical, to say the least.

We had just plunked down a bunch of money to join the Company and the last thing on our minds was to fly across the country and stay in a fancy hotel, just to attend a live event.  I mean, could it REALLY be worth it?

Was it really worth using our hard-earned vacation time?

Was this just another way for our new company to get their wrench into our wallets and pry us away from our hard-earned cash?

To make a long story short, no it wasn't… and yes, it was worth it.

And here's why….

6 Compelling Reasons For Attending a Live Event

1.   Are You Serious?

I've written a lot about taking your business seriously and how to get more attention from your sponsor.  Nothing will grab your sponsor's attention faster than seeing you at a live event.  Your sponsor will know without a doubt that you are dead serious about making your business thrive.  And when that happens, guess who will get the invitation to the next  private coaching call?

You, of course.

2.  See It With Your Own Eyes

At every company live event, there will be the inevitable announcement of contest winners, level promotions and whatever else your company uses to motivate the masses.  Before you start shaking your head in contempt, think for a minute what SEEING the leaders in your company does for your subconscious.

It provides EVIDENCE that there are people in your company MAKING IT HAPPEN, MAKING REAL MONEY… and there's no reason you couldn't be next.

3.  Meet and Greet

Building a home business is hard, and you can easily start feeling isolated and alone.  Conference calls and webinars are nice, but there's no substitute for sitting down over a cup of coffee or a beer and actually spending time with people who are having similar feelings and experiences.  It's just great to connect with fellow human beings.

Even better, how great would it be to spend some time with people who are seeing the results you covet? You'd be surprised how many successful people are willing to spend time with beginners and answer their questions and give advice…. especially if you buy them a drink!

4.  Follow The Leader

When you attend a live event, it will become quickly evident who the leaders are.  They're the ones that always seem to have people surrounding them, eager to ask a question or just soak up their guru's knowledge.

Observe them.  Take in the scene.  Watch how they act, how they conduct themselves and position themselves as leaders in the community.

And there's no better way to find your own personal Network Marketing guru to guide and coach you than to meet them at a live event.

5.  Here's The Deal

When you attend a live event, you'll find that your company will inevitably offer a pitch or two.  It might be a discounted product, training, or even the chance to step up in their compensation plan.  Whatever it is, don't feel compelled to bite.  In fact, if you have absolutely no extra money to invest in your business, leave your checkbook home.

But it CAN be a great chance to advance your business or invest in some personal development if your budget allows. Over the years, Rosemary and I have stepped up in our compensation plan, invested in training courses and signed up for private coaching, all at our company's live events.

The discounts were steep and the benefits amazing.

6.  Pictures, Pictures

This is one aspect of Live Events that beginners rarely think about.  Live events are the PERFECT opportunity to grab the top earners in your company and ask them to pose for a picture with you.  In fact, it's expected.

Why is this useful for you?

Quite simply, its all about association.

Having a picture with your company leadership conveys authority to your prospects. They imagine you being best friends with the top earners and you gain respect, simply by association.  Your prospects don't have to know that you only met once.  In their eyes, you and that top earner hang out together and share business success.

You can and should put these pictures on your blog, Facebook fan pages, and landing pages as social proof that you are a serious business owner that can help others find the lifestyle they so desperately seek.


What's been YOUR experiences at a live event?  Love 'em or never again?  LEAVE A COMMENT.


To your success!

    2 replies to "Attending a Live Event: Is It Really Worth Your Time and Money?"

    • Audrey Ross

      For those who operate a home based business, they tend to get stuck in a comfort zone where learning and networking are done only via email, phone, webinars, etc. I think there’s so much more potential that can be taken out from a home based business by attending live events. You’ll never know who you’ll end up meeting attending to live events. It could be a potential customer or a business partner. Attending these events broadens the options for growth and success.

      • Bob

        In all the events I’ve attended, it’s never been the actual speakers that have proved memorable. Rather, it’s the people I’ve met at the event, some of which have become collaborators.

        Good point, Audrey.

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