wasted timeMost of you know that I teach Part Time Marketers how to build a successful home based business, even with just an hour or two each day to spare.

It's what I do, it's how I build my business.

I'm a product of what I teach.

So my question for you today is…

Are You Wasting Your Time On Your Marketing?

I just finished listening to a recorded webinar by my good buddy Ray Higdon, who talked about this very subject.

He compared two aspects of marketing that will get you VERY different results:

PASSIVE Marketing and ACTIVE Prospecting.

In this short audio training below, I'll tell you what these are and how you'll want to concentrate your limited time if you want to build a business that will get you into the life you dream of.

Have a listen.

Here's the link to the Facebook training I discussed.

Here's how to get on my list, because many of these trainings are not made public.

Here's how to join my Private Part Time Marketer's Facebook Group (by invite only, request to join and I will approve you).


I WANT you to succeed!   

So I know that this training, if you take it to heart can mean the difference between succeeding and giving up.

Let's get you into profit mode!


    1 Response to "Are You Wasting Your Time On Your Marketing?"

    • Hey Bob,

      Its nice to know that your sharing your ideas and thoughts to anyone who is interested in online marketing and stuffs related to it. I honestly want to hear your podcast but unfortunately, my headset is not working and I have to buy a new one this week. But I’ve watched your short video though I don’t hear any audio. I still get what your point is and that the 3 biggest question you just highlighted are already circulating in my mind. Soon enough, I can hear your podcast and learn new things from you first hand. Well, thanks for you post and expect me to be back soon. Cheers

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