Those of you who've been searching for answers regarding home business success are in luck.

There's a new resource out there for you.

It's called…

home business success imageThe Definitive Guide To Home Business Success

It's purpose?

Simply this:

28 of the Top Earning thought leaders in the Industry collaborated to tackle your most pressing questions about how to “unstick” yourself, get motivated, and keep going to find the fastest path of cash and success in this business.



Questions like:

  • “How do you know when enough learning is enough?”
  • “What are the only things you must know to get started?”
  • “What does your typical day look like?”
  • “Are there certain failures everyone must overcome?”
  • “How did you generate your first lead and make your first sale online?”
  • “Where is the industry headed?  What are the next trends?”
  • “How can someone become a leader, even if they're dead broke?”

It's 326 pages of Pure Gold.

It will become THE reference for people seeking Home Business success for years to come.

[Yes, you should buy it… it's dirt cheap for what is inside.]


Anyway, one of the questions asked stuck out to me. because it's one I get asked a lot and I was curious how the experts would answer.

Here it is:

“What is the most ‘bare-bones simple' model for home business success?”

Great question, wouldn't you agree?

I mean, who doesn't want to know the simplest way to start seeing cash come into your pockets?

Here are a few of the answers I found most interesting (there are many more):

“In this business, that would be build a list, build a relationship with your list, and monetize it.”  Aaron Rashkin

“This is my favorite question.  I teach it over and over and over.  Call it the 4 C's and it's so simple anyone can do it.  Collect – Capture – Communicate- Close.”  Diane Hochman

“Pick one product and market it relentlessly.”  Jim Yaghi

“Have a solid routine, mix in a percentage of study with prospecting, create value for the marketplace and identify your target market.”  Ray Higdon

“Choose whom you are going to follow and just do what they do. Period.  The end.”  Tracey Walker


How's that for solid advice?

Stop trying to over complicate things!  It doesn't have to be that hard.

Pick something you love, meet people who might love it too, provide value to them, capture their information to build your list, talk to those people, create a solid routine to follow day after day and find a mentor, put on your blinders and get to work.

It's what I've been teaching my team members for the last year.

[Until that time, I had no idea why I wasn't making much money — it was because I was overcomplicating everything!]


Action Steps

1.  Pick up  The Definitive Guide To Home Business Success today.  Make this very small investment in your business.

It will be something you'll refer back to again and again as you  grow your business.

2.  If you're not receiving my newsletters, fix that now.

This is the stuff I preach over and over… and I show you how to do it.



    4 replies to "The Simplest Model For Home Business Success"

    • Sneha

      Awesome Post BOB some great points to success home business as a starter this post give me vital points for my business Thank You for sharing this valuable post.

    • Hey Bob,

      First of all, for me, there is no “fast path” for success. It’s something that is worth to strive for. Indeed this book is a great resource for Home Business. With question and answer from readers and writers, it should be a pack filled of useful information. I honestly want to buy this book for future references. Anyway, about the question on the simplest model for home business, I actually agree on Aaron Rashkin’s answer. For me, making a list and building relationships within those who are in the list is a steady yet sure approach to get traffic and monetizing out from those topic. Thanks for sharing this informative post

    • Brian McDaniel

      Great post Bob and thanks for sharing. Like Jenni, I had never heard of it!

    • Jenni Ryan

      Sounds like a great resource for people in business of all levels. I dont know how i missed this but i haven’t seen it before. thanks for sharing.

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