collaboration liveIt's a trend I started seeing a couple of years ago, and it's happening more and more.  I don't know why it surprised me because it makes so much sense.

I guess I'm just surprised at how many of the Online Marketing “Gurus” are doing it.

What am I referring to?


Teaming up and working together to realize more results (and cash!) than they ever could individually.

It makes perfect sense and they're all doing it….. and there's no reason why you can't, too!

Collaboration in Network Marketing

One day I looked up at the leader board of the Network Marketing company we were affiliated with at the time and I noticed something really interesting — the top 3 leaders were not individuals, they were GROUPS OF COLLABORATORS.

As a matter of fact, the top “leader” was a group of 8 entrepreneurs who had teamed together, shared resources and skills and made a ton of profit along the way.

This was something I had never seen before but I liked the idea.

Collaboration in Affiliate Marketing

If you're an Affiliate Marketer, you've probably noticed the same thing — top Marketers in the industry banding together to offer extra special bonuses to everyone who signs up for a product using their affiliate link.

I saw this happen BIG TIME in the latest product launch by Mark Hoverson, his Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint.

This was no ordinary launch.  Never before did I see all the top Affiliate Marketers forming collaborations to compete for the top prizes (and the most cash).

Don't believe me?

Take a look at the Final Standings for Affiliates for the launch of Mark's Info- Marketing Blueprint product:

collaboration live event
Collaboration on a HUGE Scale!

All but 1 in the top 5 spots went to groups of 2 or 3 big names in Affiliate Marketing.

And that one (Mike Klingler) is the head of Marketing Merge, Inc., which includes Marketing Funnel Mastery and Coaching Cognition, so in essence Mike pulled together many of the top entrepreneurs to offer stellar bonuses, as well.

This was a huge eye opener for me.

So What About The Little Guys (and Gals)?

As I was staring at the Hoverson Leader Board, I started thinking, “Why not me?”

Why can't anyone, regardless of the size of their following or email list collaborate with others to build success?

Granted, your chances of forming a collaboration with the Top Leaders in your industry are not great, at least until you get more established and better known.

But what about collaborating on a smaller scale?

  • What if you could find people just like you who are looking to team up and share expertise and skills to build their business faster?
  • What if you could learn exactly what to say to people to get them to collaborate with you?
  • What if there was a resource to help you find and build collaborations in your own business?

How would that effect your business (and your profits)?

Alot,  I would think.

Introducing Collaboration Live!

Now, I don't have to tell you about the power of Live Events…. I've written about it enough here on this blog.

But Collaboration Live! is not your ordinary Marketing Event, so big that you never see the same person twice!

This event has been put together with YOU in mind.

  • If there was a Marketing Event that was dedicated to building Collaborations and Alliances, would you be interested?
  • And what if that Event was small enough to allow the experts to personally work with you and help you find your first collaborators, would that interest you?

collaboration live event

Richard Goutal, the organizer of the event and a great Collaborator in his own right has made it  possible for ANYONE who wants to attend can afford it.  No kidding (I thought the price was a typo!).

You can find more information here —>,

[This is NOT an affiliate link]

Oh yeah.

I have one more surprise for you….

I have been invited to speak at this Event!

I am so excited to take my act on the road!

I'm hoping to meet many of you at this Event, talk about your hopes, dreams and challenges… and maybe even collaborate ourselves! :-)

So if you're free on the weekend of Oct. 29-30, come hang out with Rosemary and I and network like you've never networked before.

Stop hiding behind your computer and come join us!

We'd love to see you there!

    13 replies to "All The Marketing Gurus are Doing It — Why Not You?"

    • Sally Thompson

      I really love to hear from the gurus like you! You are a good model for us bloggers.. Thanks for this information!

      • Bob

        Thanks for the support, Sally but I am not a guru. Just a regular guy who shares what he learns. 🙂

    • Suggs

      Hi Dr Bob , havent commeted before but i just wanted to say collaboration in business is not new but history is littered with examples of mutualy beneficial partnerships failing bring both partners down in the process .With the internet and social media the ability to collaborate is easier and the dangers are multiplied.I suppose what im trying to say that with collaboration as in life , be carefull who you jump into bed with , you may regret it the next morning.

      Suggs in Geneva

      • Bob

        Great point, Suggs… collaboration is powerful with the right person. But if you partner with someone who is not the right fit, or worse unscrupulous the results can be disastrous.

        Best to get to know the person well and do your homework here, I think!

        Thanks for your insights here, Suggs…. great to see your comment!

    • Dewane Mutunga

      Collaboration is absolutely mandatory if you expect to be successful online. The internet is all about engaging, collaborating and sharing. Teamwork makes a dream work!

      Great Post!

    • Radu

      Hi Bob,
      Great point! Collaboration makes a huge difference in any area of life.!Where are more minds there is more productivity, great ideas and more wealth:)
      Everyone who truly wants to make it big in this industry will work with other great marketers at a point or another!

      Thanks for sharing!I appreciate all the that you do!

      All the best,

      • Bob

        So true, Radu. Joining forces with others is a powerful way to shortcut your way to success, in marketing, business or anything you do in life. It’s a strategy that I’m looking to do more of in my business, as well.

        Thanks for your comment, Radu!

    • marquita herald

      Ha! No trip to ANYWHERE is affordable from Hawaii Bob … not even a 20 minute trip to another Island I can see from my deck! Anyway, it really does sound great and I hope you’ll share some of what you learn. I have no doubt you will WOW them with your presentation.

      • Bob

        Sorry you won’t be able to join us Marty… but I’d certainly rather be living where you are! It sounds so incredible!

        I will definitely share a lot about the conference here on the blog when I return.

        Appreciate your support, Marty!

    • Jan

      Collaboration is key, that really is the truth. The more you can communicate what you want to do and what you want to get out of it, the more successful you will be.

      • Bob

        All true, Jan. The more we form relationships through blogging, blog commenting, social media, etc. the greater the chance that we’ll meet that one person who will help us through a collaborative effort. That’s why its so important to keep meeting others.

        Thanks for your insights here, Jan.

    • Adrienne

      Wow Bob, congratulations my friend. You are going to speak at this event? Is this your first speaking engagement for your network marketing business or are you an old pro now? Either way, I’m so excited for you.

      I’m familiar with the collaborations when it comes to launching products like Mark just did. The way you do this is you go to one guy and ask if you can give their product as a bonus and you do the same for them when they need one to promote something. You also send that information to each other’s list and of course the more the merrier.

      The bottom line is no one can do this business all by themselves. Whether they like it or not, they will be teaming up with people somewhere down the road. Which is why I continue to preach about building relationships. You have no idea where that will take you.

      Enjoyed this post and again, congratulations. Oh goodie, I get to say I knew him when. 🙂

      Best to you my friend,


      • Bob

        Haha Adrienne… thanks for your support and good wishes! 🙂

        It’s funny, I have spoken dozens of times to scientific audiences around the world but this will be my first networking talk. Should be a lot of fun!

        I agree about teaming up and collaboration — can’t possibly do it all ourselves!

        Appreciate the comment, Adrienne!

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