Being more consistent is something we all struggle with, from the marketing newbie to the top earner in the company.

For some, it's more of a problem than for others.  For Part Time Marketers, a lack of consistent effort can mean real trouble for their business.

Yeah, it's that important!

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Be More Consistent:  The Seinfeld Strategy



If you enjoy comedy, you've probably heard of Jerry Seinfeld.  While he's well known for his jokes, he's not widely known for tips on time mastery and consistency.  

Yet, the following story provides one of the simplest yet powerful strategies for being more consistent in just about anything you do.

Here's the story…

A young, up-and-coming comedian asked veteran funny man Jerry Seinfeld how he can become a better comedian.  The young pup was expecting some profound lesson that Jerry had learned over the years.

Instead, the answer was all-too-simple…

Write new jokes every day!

Simple enough, right?  It's the key to becoming good at anything, practicing day after day.

Jerry then revealed a simple strategy for being consistent and keeping yourself accountable…


It's now known as The Seinfeld Strategy!

Step 1:  Find a blank monthly calendar.

Step 2:  Every day you write at least one new joke, put a big X through that date.

Step 3: Keep the string of X's going for every day of the month.

Step 4:  Repeat for the 11 remaining months.

The goal here is obvious — keep the string of X's going!

It sounds ridiculously simple, yet it is an incredibly powerful tool not just for keeping you accountable, but also in providing a mental “boost” every time you cross off another day.

Try it the next time you're struggling with being more consistent!


To your success!

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