Unknown-3It's no secret, if you want to be highly successful and a top earner in your home business, you need to be seen as an expert authority in your niche.

The marketer who is the “go to” person in a niche will dominate.

For example, I am considered to be the “go to person” in the Part Time niche.  While this wasn't something that happened overnight, becoming an expert authority in your niche is a lot more reachable than you think, and won't take as much time as you fear.

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5 Tips For Becoming An Expert Authority

As I said, it's never been easier (and faster) to become an expert authority in your niche.  But that doesn't mean it won't take work.

Far from it.  You'll have to work your butt off, but in the end it will be totally worth it.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1.  Make The Decision You WANT To Become An Expert Authority

No one is going to appoint you the expert authority of your niche.  YOU are the only one who gets to decide.

However, just because you make the decision doesn't make it so.  Now you have to get down to work and make it happen.

2.  Be Willing To Put In The Time

At the latest No Excuses Summit last month, my friend Lisa Grossman took the stage and presented a concept that was a total game changer for those looking to become an expert authority.

In a nutshell, she said that anyone can be proficient in whatever they wish in 20 hours of work.  While that doesn't necessarily make you an expert authority, it puts time in perspective.

Consistently adding to your knowledge of a subject will put you closer and closer to your goal of becoming an expert authority.

3.  Put That Knowledge Into Practice

In marketing, knowledge is POTENTIAL POWER, which is only realized upon implementation.

You just can't have the knowledge, you must apply it and get results.  Then you can tweak your approach and get better results.

It's this practice of implementing, tweaking and finally scaling your results that will “put you on the map” in your niche.

This much I know to be true — if you don't have quantifiable results, you cannot call yourself an expert authority.

So get to work.

4.  Teach What You Learn

The next step in becoming an expert authority is to TEACH what you've learned.  If you keep everything to yourself, you'll never develop that loyal audience of followers which is necessary if you want to become an expert authority.

Learn – Implement – Teach

This formula of learn, implement, and letting everyone know your results (and how you got them) is what will take you from success story to expert authority in your niche.

The mechanism by which you teach (blogging, video, webinars) is not as important as consistently doing so.

5.  Be Trustworthy… Always

You can do everything right — learning, implementing, and teaching — but if people don't trust you, they'll never recognize you as the expert authority in your niche.

People have to know that you have their back, that you're in their corner, and that you have their best interests at heart if you want to build a loyal following.

That means always keeping your word and making money secondary in your business.  Your primary goal must be helping others to succeed faster than you have.

The 3 Minute Expert

The 5 tips above only scratch the surface of becoming an expert authority in your niche.  If you want to go deeper and for those really serious about becoming the “go to person” in their niche, I recommend The 3- Minute Expert, the highly popular course put together by my friend, Ray Higdon.


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