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Let's talk about leadership and what it takes to be a leader.

Why?  Because people follow leaders, and leaders make the most money.  

How's that for a reason?

And what you're going to see is that leadership is 90% in the mind.  

alpha leader imageIntroducing the Alpha Leader…

You've heard the term “alpha male”, I assume.  This is the person (male) in the room whose presence just oozes leadership and authority.  

He is the one who others in the room look to for direction and leadership.

Of course, in our Industry we have plenty of alpha females as well, so don't get hung up on the male vs. female thing.

Instead, let's look at the traits of what an Alpha Leader looks like… and let's see how many of these traits YOU possess:

Alpha Leaders:
1.  Have an abundance mentality –– they don't need a sale or
someone to join them.  They do not fear loss or failure.

2.  Are unconcerned with criticism.  They never let negative
comments affect them but keep moving forward.

3.  Dictate terms and are assertive.  This is commonly 
called “posture”, and they sure have it!

4.  Are willing to say NO, and mean it.  

5.  Are loyal to those who follow them and protect them
like a lioness protects her cubs.

6.  Are willing to take risks, because they live in abundance
and don't fear failure.

7.  Have high Self Esteem, are confident of their abilities,
outgoing and socially powerful.

8.  Have a strong physical presence — relaxed with a posture
that radiates confidence, and hold eye contact in all situations.

9.  Never seek approval.  They don't finish sentences with,
“right?”  or “don't you think?”

10. Are extremely protective of their time and don't give it
away to others unless they deserve it.

In a nutshell, Alphas are valuable people and they know it.

So how did you do?  

When you read through these traits, did you see yourself or not so much?  

Even if you couldn't say Yes to a single one, not to worry.

It's something that takes time to develop and it CAN be learned.  Fortunately, I have a resource for you that will help.

Much of what I wrote about Alpha Leaders was taken from Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring.  

Most people think of it as the Attraction Marketing bible, but it also contains really important information on leadership.

If you don't already have it, you need to get yourself a copy.
I bought it myself a few years ago and highly recommend it.  
Pay special attention to Chapter 1.

If you think you don't need help in this area, consider this….
There's not one top earner in the industry who is not an Alpha Leader.  
Every single one of the most successful in our Industry exhibit most if not all of these traits.

Here's the thing about Alpha Leaders — when you're in their presence, YOU KNOW IT.

I want YOU to become that person!

Your Turn

How did you do on the test?  

What other traits of an Alpha Leader can you think of?

Leave a Comment below and join in the discussion.

    4 replies to "Are You an Alpha Leader? Take the Test…"

    • Menno Bos

      awww, don’t think I’m an alpha leader. Well, I did have some of the things you listed, but definitely not all of them.

    • Maxwell Ivey

      Hi Bob; I guard my time well because when you are doing it all you can’t afford to waste minutes or seconds on projects or people that don’t deserve it. I’m very good at telling people no and meaning it. I’m past the stage where you are so happy to have the lead or too afraid to lose the lead to say NO. But i need to work on the living a life of abundance. Most of the time doing good work is enough, but I’d be lying if I said i don’t feel even better about myself and the future of my business right after a sale. Thanks for another great post, max

    • Stephan Knight

      Are those good traits for leaders to have? I think I’d highly dislike someone who was that arrogant in charge of me, fortunately I’m my own boss!

    • Wade

      Interesting post Bob. I think I have some of these attributes but not all of them. I don’t believe that I am protective enough of my time. Probably too scared that I will lose the sale.

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