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I was having a bit of an off day yesterday, feeling a bit edgier than usual.

I was tired, which always makes me cranky…. but after spending a few minutes of Facebook last night, I finally had enough and blew my stack for everyone to see.

Do I regret it?  

Not for a second.

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The reason I'm mentioning it and copied it below is because there are some HUGE lessons within it for people who are struggling to get traction in their business.

My rant was directed at Part Time Marketers, but the lessons are applicable to all.

Without further adieu, here is what I said on Facebook and what others had to say:

“I'm a little on edge today.

Part of it is because I'm tired — been working too many 12 hour shifts lately trying to help our patients get pregnant. When they need us, going home just isn't an option.

If you're gonna do something right, DO IT RIGHT!

This brings me to the other reason I'm riled up today.

I'm tired of hearing from people who are using their Full Time Job as an EXCUSE why they aren't growing their home business and why they aren't making any money online.

It is what it is — you work at your job and then you come home and work on your business. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes there's no energy at the end of the day.

Get over it. Stop using your job as an excuse for not taking action in your business. 

Sure, your time is limited.   So what? 

Make the best use of the time you have. If you really try, you can probably get more done in 2 hours after work than many Full Time Marketers get done in a day.

It's about Focus.   It's about having a plan and sticking to it.

It's NOT about sitting on Facebook looking for someone to rescue you.

YOU have to rescue you.

If you need help, fine — go hire a coach who can guide you in making the best use of your time to get results.

But stop looking for a handout. It's not coming.

If you truly want to become an entrepreneur, then you must start acting like one.

Figure out a game plan for moving your business forward. Figure out what actions you can start taking today that will get the snowball rolling in the right direction.

I can't give you all the answers, but I can tell you that, when your time is limited you MUST leverage it so that EVERY SINGLE ACTION you take means something.

Stop surfing the Net looking for the next promise to fix what's hurting your business.

By wasting your time looking to be rescued, YOU are hurting your business.

I guess I've ranted enough for one night, but PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU — do not use your full time job as an excuse for why you aren't making any money online.

If you do, you'll find yourself at the same old job that you hate 5 years from now. It's that simple.

Accept that fact that you have less time than others to build your business and then make a plan to make every second count.

I'm here if you need a push in the right direction.

How's that for a rant?

I thought for sure that some people would unload on me for “not knowing what it's like” and all that nonsense.

After all, this hits people at their core and focuses the blame right in the mirror.

I was just waiting for the “unfriends” to come (maybe they still will), but I don't care…. I believe what I believe.

But I was wrong — here are just some of the supportive comments:

 “I work a 40-45 and still put in 20-25 on my business. Plus a family. It may not be easy sometimes. But I know it's well worth it. I'm putting in MY DUES! Thanks Bob Rosemary Clarke for the message.”

“… it's the hard truth and honest as it can get. If people don't get it they are simply in the wrong business. This aint harry potter it's network marketing and things don't appear with a waive of a wand you need to put in the hours and work hard and smart.”

What About You?

Are you letting excuses get in the way of your dreams?  

Are you guilty of blaming your circumstances for your lack of results?

If you are, then do so with the understanding that the key to everything is WITHIN YOU!

You get to decide if you win or lose, succeed or fail.  

You get to choose a life of “what ifs” and “if onlys”….. or a life of prosperity and dreams fulfilled.

It starts… and ends with you.

    23 replies to "My Rant on Facebook and The Surprising Response"

    • Pollard

      Bob, it seems the social media is not only make us social and engaged with lots of but also cheer up! It’s pleasant to get a bit of your holiday’s energy ;). Thanks for sharing the details of your straight forward view.

    • Bob

      Thanks, Grace. It needed to be said, and it sure felt better to just let it out.

      I will help just about anyone, but not someone who is looking to be rescued. Meet me half way, you know?!!

    • Sonia

      Talk about something up my alley. I struggle with it still sometimes because at the end of the day “life” happens and I simply just roll with it, but you are so right about the excuses. I figured that if I get my posts ready for the week it frees up my time for my family and me time. I work a day job and I am swamped, but so many others do the same thing and still find the time to just MAKE IT HAPPEN.

      You do what you have to do no matter what to get towards your goals. If that means staying up late, than you do it. I think that is why I treasure my afternoon naps on Sundays with my dogs. Everyone has to find what works for them and for some organization is key. I say, find what works for you and do it.

      We all have different situations, but giving excuses about what you “can’t do” is lame. Make it happen! Great post Bob!

      • Bob

        Hi Sonia! I love what you said, “everyone has to find what works for them.”
        It’s true, our situations are all different. What works for me may not work for you at all, and vice-versa.

        The truth is, everyone is busy but if you keep making excuses for what you can’t do rather than just DOING WHAT YOU CAN, you’ll never get anywhere.

        Thanks for your insights, Sonia!

    • Lace Gleer

      I also love spending some little time on Facebook. And why regret? You just saying the truth. Heep it going. Don’t mind other people.

      • Bob

        Thanks, Lace!

    • Chris

      I am sure that they have reacted because you are saying the truth. Some people really react to the truth because they know deep inside its the truth and they dont want to accept it and most specially some truth really hurts.

      • Bob

        It did create a bit of a stir, Chris. But when you know in your heart that you’re right, the criticisms just roll off your back, you know?

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Elena Anne

      It’s good to see that you don’t go around apologizing the day after a rant instead you choose to repost it! It definitely has some good points even if it does lack finesse, but sometimes that is what people need to get their butt in gear! I am working about four hours a day on my home business and that is not too much for me and I still get a lot done.

      • Bob

        I never apologize when I know I am speaking the truth, Elena. It’s just not me. And sometimes you need to figuratively bang someone on the head rather than be careful about feelings.

        In the long run, it is my hope that I’m helping those that take offense. Appreciate the comment.

    • Adrienne

      I do believe I commented on your rant Bob and I agree with you.

      I know I’ve mentioned this a few times in some of my posts but if you happen to watch the show The Biggest Loser, their motto for this season is NO EXCUSES… Everyone will come up with some excuse why they can’t lose weight. They don’t have the time, the food is too expensive. I don’t have the willpower, etc. They are all excuses.

      The same goes for your business. Either you want a better life for you and your family or you don’t. We all get tired, we all get cranky, we all get worn out talking to people who have no drive or ambition for a better life. It happens to everyone so just get over it.

      It will pay off down the road and not only will you be able to quit that 9 to 8, or in your case Bob have a nice nest egg stashed away when you get ready to walk away, but you’ll probably have made more money then you ever did working that day job. That is the possibility when you go after something you really want.

      So bravo to you for letting her rip and as you said in your post here, you got more support then lashings. I think some people just need to be reminded right!

      Now, I hope you’re off this weekend and can enjoy yourself. If not, hang in there because your three day weekend is coming. 🙂

      • Bob

        I think people inherently know that excuses are lame, Adrienne… and they just get mad when you point it out. But like you said, until you can come from a place where NO EXCUSES is your mantra and truly mean it, the sad fact is that you’ll be stuck in mediocrity.

        Thanks for your support, my friend! Happy Easter to you and your family!

    • Carol Lynn

      Couldn’t agree more. The only person responsible for “you” is “you”. And if you need help, there are so many outlets and so many people who would be willing to help if you asked. Honestly, I think that people who support your opinion already are the people who “get it” and who know it”s hard and who know what it takes. They’ve already taken responsibility, or know they should. And the people who would unfriend or disagree, well they are likely never going to “get it”, no matter how you rant. They are the perpetual victims of circumstance and even if they got help, they still wouldn’t succeed because ultimately “help me” in their mind means “do this for me”.

      Good rant. I approve 🙂

      • Bob

        I like that Carol — “perpetual victims.” That describes it exactly.

        The reality is that some people will aways have a victim mentality. It’s just easier than working to change.

        Appreciate your support.

    • Maxwell Ivey

      Hello; we all have things we could use as excuses. Some people have jobs that consume their time and energy, others have families immediate and extended; and some lack financial means or certain technical skills. Those of us who succeed or come close to it just decide to do the job. we find a way somehow. Personally, I don’t have a full time job, but I am visually impaired. most of my clients and very few potential customers even know. I don’t think about it. I don’t give it a chance to be an excuse. and i believe that most of your readers are here for help from someone who is going through the same things they are. We appreciate honesty. so, don’t worry about the rants. by the way could you send me a friend request. I don’t want to miss anything. keep up the great work, max

      • Bob

        Hi Maxwell,

        I love your attitude, man. You could let your visual impairment slow you down but you never do. You are an inspiration to others!

        I believe we are already friends on Facebook, Max. Let’s stay connected.

        • Maxwell Ivey

          Hi bob; glad to hear we are already friends on Facebook. I’ll have to find you in my friends so i can subscribe to your comments there. Facebook is not easy for people using a screen reader, and i get most of my posts through email notifications. most of the time i just post my status updates there and reply to people’s comments. although the new laptop i bought with the money from the carousel sale seams to be making a lot of things easier. I guess that’s what happens when you go four years without updating your tools/toys. smile if i’m inspirational, i like to think its because of hard work and a genuine desire to help people than anything else. but i accept your praise and will try to stay humble. take care and keep up the great work, max

          • Bob

            Thanks, Max… anytime we concentrate on helping others , great things happen. Glad we are connected now.


            • Maxwell Ivey

              yes, connecting with you and rosanna and the other people out here struggling has been a great blessing. take care, max

    • Nicky

      You are definitely speaking the truth here Bob, but this is what separates those who can and will versus those who say they can’t and don’t. The old 80/20 rule in action – although in this case the way I phrased it, it is the 20/80 rule!

      Everyone who has success in business has made some sacrifices along the way – it’s just that in all the marketing hype that we see on the internet, some of the “gurus” would have you believe that they achieved it pretty much overnight and that it is all very simple!

      Glad you got it off your chest Bob!

      • Bob

        Thanks, Nicky. It’s something that’s been brewing for a while, but that week I got a couple of those “you promised to bail me out” kind of emails and that threw me over the edge! 🙂

        It’s true — we all have something that we could use as an excuse to give up — but the successful ones never do.

        I’m so glad to have surrounded myself with like minded, successful people like yourself, Nicky. Makes it easier to leave the others behind… but it’s their choice, not mine.

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      you are speaking the truth, no doubt about it. And it’s not the truth that actually hurts, it’s the reaction of the untruth towards the truth because a lie, told over and over again, doesn’t like the truth because we would have to admit that we were wrong our entire lives.

      Thanks for sharing your insights and your rant, love it.

      Be blessed


      • Bob

        I think that’s exactly it, Oliver… people get mad not so much because they think you are being untruthful, but because they feel “no one understands what I’m going through”.

        We DO understand, that’s the point — maybe not exactly what that person is going through, but like Nicky said, we ALL have something, some obstacles we need to overcome. Look at Maxwell in the comment above.. he could let his visual impairment stop him, but he doesn’t. That’s the kind of “never say quit” attitude we must ALL have to succeed.

        Thanks for your insights, Oliver!

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