You started a home business with the idea of making money part time to eventually replace your full time income…

But it's just not happening.

You had all these lofty dreams and expectations when you got started…

How you were gonna make tons of money, fire your boss and go live in your special dream house, paid for in cash, of course.

You were gonna show all those “friends” of yours who said you were crazy for getting into one of those “pyramid things” just how WRONG they were.

You were finally going to start living life on YOUR terms.

And now, nothing seems to be working.

making money part time

You’re putting in the time when you can find it.  

You’re dedicated, driven and nobody wants to make this work more than you.

And still, nothing.

So what’s wrong?  

Why can’t you be like the people on stage at your company’s live event, the ones holding those giant commission checks or picking up the keys to their new cars?

Something’s holding you back.  

Let's peel back the onion and see things how they really are.

You may not want to hear it…  

Some may sting a little bit.

Yep, you’re about to receive some “tough love” on my part, not because I want to hurt or discourage you, but because I want so much for you to succeed, and you deserve to hear the truth.

5 Reasons Why You're Not Making Money Part Time

If you're not making money Part Time in your business, it's likely that one of the following is the cause.

Or maybe there is more than one reason why you're struggling.

Or maybe it's all 5!

As you'll see, some are directly related to being part time, while many are true whether you’re full time or building your business on the side.

Be honest… any of these sound like you?


Having the right mindset is crucial to anyone building a home business, but it’s especially important for Part Time marketers.  

There are a couple of major mindset traps you must watch for when building a business on the side, thoughts and beliefs that can stop you from making money before you even get started.

The first is using your lack of time as a crutch.  

Whether you work full time in a traditional job, manage a household with 4 young kids or spend your days and nights caring for an elderly parent, one thing is clear…

Only in the most extreme of circumstances does the excuse “I don’t have time” fly.

For most, not having the time translates into a convenient excuse that you’ve set up just in case you aren’t successful.  

Tough love, I know but it’s the truth.

I work 50-60 hours/week in my job at a hospital and I’ve still been able to build a successful business at night.  

And I’m not special — there are lots of examples of part timers who do very well because they won’t let a lack of time become a crutch or excuse for not producing results.

If you find yourself using the “I don’t have the time” excuse often in your business, you’ve got to turn that around.  

I’ll help you with that a bit later in this article.

The second mindset trap I see commonly among Part Time marketers is the belief that you can’t compete with those building a business full time.  

Again, this seems to me to be just another excuse you can use if things don’t work out.

There have never been more resources available to people trying to build a business Part Time.  

The Internet has leveled the playing field so that anyone can compete and win, regardless of their status of Part Time or Full Time.  

There is no validity to the “No Time excuse”, so stop using it.

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Most Part Time Marketers have an issue with time, that’s a given.  

What I’ve found is that it’s not the AMOUNT of time that predicts success or failure, it’s what people DO with that time that matters.  

You’ve probably heard the term “revenue producing activities” by now.  

But here’s my question — are you really concentrating your time on these activities?

For network marketers, that means getting your presentation in front of people and following up.  

On the phone.  

Yes, I said phone.

While it’s true that some experienced marketers are able to use systems and emails to build a team and make sales without calling people, you don’t have that luxury if you’re part time and not making money.

You’ve got to pick up the phone and connect with people.  

It’s the fastest way to get into profit that I know of.

For affiliate and internet marketers, getting eyeballs on your offers is how you get paid.  

How you do this can vary, but in the end it’s who sees your offer, who opts in for more information and then making that connection that results in the sale.  

Listening to training, making friends on Facebook and spending hours making your blog look pretty and run faster may be important, but they’re not going to make you money TODAY.  

And that’s where you need to be spending the majority of time — on activities that will result in revenue now.  

Do a quick inventory on how you’re spending your time.  

If you’re not making money, my guess is you’re not doing the right things.


Being successful in building your business Part Time is all about leverage.  

And it’s never been easier to leverage your time than today.  

If you’re not taking advantage of the vast reach of the Internet and the technology to access it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Sending emails to thousands of people, locating groups of potential prospects online and finding the words that people type into Google when searching for exactly what you sell can ALL be done today in a few clicks of your mouse…

Sitting in front of your computer.

If you run out of time and can’t do things yourself, there are outsourcers everywhere that will do what you need at very low cost.

While you can build your part time business totally offline, I see no reason not to incorporate and leverage at least some online technology to help you get things done faster.  

When I started out a few years ago, all I really understood was how to turn on my computer, search Google and read my email.  

Now, I make videos, blog, and have a large following on Facebook.  

You pick up stuff as you go along and, if you don’t know how to do something, simply Google it!  

Google always seems to have the answer!

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I have yet to find a successful marketer who did it all him/herself.  

No way.  

Everyone needs help and guidance, especially when just starting out when everything is new.

If you haven’t found a mentor or someone to guide you as of yet, this may be the reason for your struggles.  

Sure, you can poke around trial-and-error trying to get things done, but you can reduce your learning curve (and increase your success curve) so much faster if you have a mentor to show you the way.

As a part time marketer, you simply cannot afford the luxury of forging your own path to success.  

Find someone who’s already accomplished what you want to do and do everything that person tells you.  

It’s one of the fastest ways to making money that I know of.

To look into hiring me as a coach, click here.


This one specifically speaks to folks with a traditional job or some other mechanism where you receive a regular paycheck.  

Watch out!  

This may be the biggest reason of all why you’re not making money part time.

I know, because it’s something that I fight against to this day — the need to create urgency in your business.  

When you have no other source of income, urgency is built in.  

You’ve got to pay your bills, buy food, survive!  

But when you have other income coming in, it can be very easy to put things off to tomorrow, crash on the couch and watch TV.  

After all, what does it matter?  

The bills will still get paid and the food will be on the table if you make no money in your business today.

For you, creating urgency may be a mind game, but I didn’t include it in the mindset section because it deserves it’s own stage.  

I have no magic bullet for getting around this.  

I can only speak from my own experience.  

When I made the decision to put my business on the highest possible priority, things changed fast.  

When I wouldn’t go to bed before I connected with 10 people or collected  5 leads or whatever my goals were at the time, results started to snowball.  

Your goals will depend on you and where you are in your business.  

But the DECISION to accomplish them no matter what is the key to making money sooner rather than later in your business.

Creating a sense of urgency — probably the biggest challenge to the Part Time marketer.  

Be aware of it.  

Be looking for signs that you’re putting off for tomorrow what you need to get done today.  

When you conquer this beast, great things will happen!

If this and other time-related issues are holding you back, this is the course you should have.


So  now that I've laid out all the things that can go wrong, let me give you some fixes.

All of these can be implemented immediately… today!

You don't need special knowledge or technology…

No more learning is required.

Just put these in place and watch what a difference they make in our business.

Let's go…


If you’ve heard this before, there’s a reason for that — it’s non-negotiable if you want to experience long term success in your business.

Build at least 15-30 minutes of mindset work into each day.

It’s never been easier to do this.  

It can be done during “busy time”.

In fact, it's one of the few times I recommend Multi-Tasking!

Throw a CD into your car stereo on your commute to and from work.  

Download some mindset training onto your mp3 player and listen while you’re waiting on line at the supermarket or for your kids to get out of school.  

Listen on your phone during your lunch hour.

This is important, so make it a priority.  

Gaining the proper mindset is almost always the prelude to getting results in your business.

Free Resource:  How To Build a Thriving Home Business in 30 Minutes/Day or Less

2b The key to making money part time is to make Time your ALLY rather than your ENEMY.

What does this mean?

It's a lot about leverage, getting more out of each minute you work on your business.

But it starts with this…

DECIDE how much time you can devote to your business each day or week… and STICK TO IT!

Get the family involved and ask for help in letting you have that time.  

Explain that they will benefit in the future when you’re successful!  

If you need more time, do a time “audit”, where you jot down how you’re spending your time during your day and see where you can add time for your business.

If you need help, I walk you through it in this course

Adopt a “I will not go to bed until” attitude towards your business, and amazing things will happen.


These tasks are those that will drive your business forward TODAY and get you into profit as soon as possible.  

Get on the phone.  

Talk to prospects.  

Follow up on your presentations.  

Do reviews of your products.

Make offers.

Email your list.

These are all things that will get you paid immediately.  

When you concentrate your efforts here, regardless of how much time you have for your business, great things will happen!

Your Turn

What do you think?

Have any secrets to making money Part Time that I haven't covered?

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To your success!

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