What Does It Really Mean To “Work On Your Mindset?”

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“Work on your Mindset” is something we’re all told to do, right from the beginning of starting our home business. But what does that really mean? In the audio training below, you’ll find that working on your Mindset is much more than just reading books and listening to audios (although that’s a big part of […]

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You Gotta Be Willing To Take The Hits

I love the old Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone. At least the first couple, until the remakes got ridiculous 🙂 I find them to be really motivational. There’s one scene in particular that ALWAYS inspires me, particularly when things aren’t going my way. This can apply to your business… Or your Life. Watch the video […]

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How to Slay the Victim Within

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Victim mentality — it pervades our society at every level.  We’ve become a society that thrives on entitlements and considers anything less “unfair”. We see this in our Industry as well. People who think that anything less than FREE is uncool. People who find the fact that you “sell things” offending. People who fail to […]

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Part Time MLMers: Stop Looking Pitiful on Facebook

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Part Time MLMers have enough time challenges — they certainly can’t afford to waste time in their marketing business. And for some, the BIGGEST time waster of all is…. FACEBOOK! Facebook is a great way to gain an audience and attract others…. when done correctly. But I’m seeing over and over again, people who are […]

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Part Time MLM – Why You Should Hug Your Boss

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You ever notice how some Network Marketing “gurus” actually try to make you feel ASHAMED of having a J-O-B? Like you are somehow less of a Marketer because you build your MLM Part Time! Some leaders have told me that I’ll never truly “break throughl” in my business until I quit my job and give […]

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A Review of Ray Higdon’s Power Mind Training

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Ray Higdon’s Power Mind is a 4-module training that focuses NOT on marketing methods, prospecting or closing. No, this course deals with something far more important — YOUR MIND. You see, you can have all the knowledge and all the experience in the world, but if your MIND isn’t “right”, your results will be sparse. […]

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My 3 Biggest Network Marketing Fears

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One of my morning rituals is to listen to Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pros video training.  Eric is an old school, experienced and highly successful Network Marketer who provides brief snippets of training and lessons for the day. I urge you to check out Eric’s Network Marketing Pro training… you’ll learn a lot from this […]

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