How To Transform Your Blog’s Free Giveaway into a List Building Superhero

blog giveaway superhero image

How’s your blog’s free giveaway working for you?  You know, that free ecourse, video or newsletter you’re giving away to entice others to join your list. Is your giveaway helping you to build your list at the speed of light, or are you lucky to get one or two opt-ins per day…. or week? Don’t […]

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Lucky 7 — Results Are In

lucky 7

The results from this year’s Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest were announced yesterday, after a month’s worth of voting. Last year I didn’t enter the contest but this year I decided to go for it, with no expectations other than to get some idea of how people were reacting to our blog and it’s content. […]

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3 Holiday Gifts Just For You

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Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I haven’t been posting here as regularly as usual. I’ve fallen behind in my blog comment responses. My Facebook wall is starting to look like a barren desert. Some people have been asking if everything is okay, and I want to assure you that Rosemary and […]

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Can a Bribe be Ethical?

top 50 mlm blog contest

When you think of the word “bribe”, what comes to mind?  If you’re like most people, bribe conjures up visions of “cops on the take” or some other form of illegal activity. But I believe that bribes can be ethical under the right circumstances. How can a bribe be ethical, you may ask? I’d say […]

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You Can Determine The Future in Less Than 1 Minute

Have you ever heard someone tell you they could predict the future? I have. Did I believe them?  Not really. You see, I don’t believe in predicting the future. I believe in DETERMINING YOUR FUTURE. Today, I want to give you a chance to determine the future in less than 1 minute…. The future direction […]

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