Ever play the game Peek-a-boo as a kid?

Or maybe you've played it with your child.

My kids always loved that game…

They would scream with pleasure when I'd  “pretend I couldn't see them.

They'd even get a bit bold and do something they weren't supposed to…

Because they thought I wasn't watching.

Then they'd HOWL in surprise and delight as I “peeked” and saw them.

kidsHere's a picture of them when they were at the fun age!

Then they became teenagers!  🙂


What does this have to do with marketing and your business?

A lot.

A Pivotal Question In The Success Of Your Business

Here's the all important question I have for you that is pivotal for your business success…

“What do you do when no one is watching?”

Put into an empowering phrase…

It's all about what you do in your business when NO ONE is watching!


Breaking The Employee Mindset

When you have a boss, you do what he/she says.

You come in when he says.

You leave when she says.

You eat when you're told to eat.

And you probably have deadlines to get work done that you'd better not miss.


Your world is more structured, and many who profess to want the freedom of a home business have trouble when that structure is removed.

Because when you're your own boss, no one is watching.

  • No one will know (or care) if you sleep in and be lazy in the morning.
  • No one will care if you blow off a day to kick back and do nothing.
  • No one will notice if you haven't done anything for your business for a day, or a week, or even a month.

Only YOU will notice…

And that has to be enough.

So the Question Is..

So the all important question is…

What will you do when no one is watching?

Will you be disciplined and driven enough to do what it takes to build your business every day?

Or will you give it a half hearted effort and blame your failure on your sponsor or the system or the company?


Will you meet people on a regular basis and see if you can help them?

Or will you hide behind “I'm too shy” and give yourself permission to skip this critical step of building your business?


These are the times…

These are the DECISIONS that YOU must make on a daily, no hourly basis.

Those who choose to take the actions will WIN.

Those that don't will LOSE and claim it doesn't work.

It's as simple as that.


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    4 replies to "Peek-a-Boo…."

    • Robyn Durham

      You can’t just overcome your shyness. If your a shy person be that way, don’t try to change yourself to be a different person. Guys don’t like girls that change themselves. Especially when they see you change, themselves.

    • Arianne

      Peeking is quite funny when playing peekaboo. Haha! In terms of business, it means being able to be ourselves when working really hard.

    • Vianney

      When no one is watching, I have a tendency to be lazy and happy-go-lucky. Hahaha! You are so right. ANd I think that’s one of the perks of working at home or having business. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this awesome and cool post! 🙂

    • Darren Spruyt

      Hey Bob/Rosemary!

      Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and you have clearly outlined it in your blog post. After all, it requires tremendous discipline for one to set their own timetable and tasks as an entrepreneur – and most entrepreneurs I know don’t work 8-hour shifts.

      That’s what employees do! I believe the question of the day is “Would you hire you?” and that’s what everyone needs to consider when they want to “hire” themselves.

      Thanks for this post guys! 🙂

      Darren Spruyt

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