Most people think that holiday recruiting is impossible.

They believe that people are too busy and too concentrated on the holidays to even think about starting a home business.

You might be thinking the same thing about holiday recruiting, but….

You’d be DEAD WRONG.

Watch the video below to see how YOU can make this Holiday Season a HUGE success for your business 

(0r you can skip the video and go here for more information).


This special webinar is scheduled for Monday, Nov, 19th. in the evening.

If you can’t make it, or if you’re reading this post AFTER this date, NO WORRIES… it has been recorded for you!

Make this holiday season AMAZING in EVERY way —

Don’t miss out on these secret strategies from over 20 of the Top Marketers in the World.

Bob Clarke
Dr. Bob Clarke teaches Part Time Marketers how to better leverage their time, effort, money, skills, and other people's knowledge in maximizing their business success. Don't forget to grab your Free Training Grow a Thriving Business in 30 Minutes/Day or Less -- an essential resource for anyone struggling to build their business Part Time.
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  • Sarah Park

    Hi Bob,

    Great video! I never thought I can still do business at this busy time of the year.

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