6 Hidden Truths About Building A Successful Business Part Time… And How To Get Out Of Your Struggles!


If you’re looking for some honest truths about what it takes to build a successful business Part Time, look no further.  You’ve come to the right place. In fact, whether you’re building an MLM business, affiliate business, content marketing business or any kind of business and you’re doing so Part Time, these hidden truths will […]

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Part Time Entrepreneurs: 3 Tips For Getting Faster Results

part time entrépreneurs

Okay all you Part Time Entrepreneurs out there… You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and everything in your business is moving WAY TOO SLOW! That’s one of the most common complaints I hear from Part Timers and, while you may not see results faster than people who build their business full time, there are definitely ways to […]

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Overcoming Obstacles: Are You Asking The Right Questions?


Overcoming obstacles is one of the most important challenges for every home business owner and especially so if you’re building your business Part Time. Every Part Timer has, in addition to common obstacles faced by all biz owners, the challenge of TIME:  we need more of it and we require the discipline and wisdom to […]

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Top Business Building Tips If You HATE Your Job!

hate your job

This post is especially for those of you who HATE your job and are building a home business “on the side”. You can’t wait to get out of your job, I get it!  That’s not my particular circumstance, but I’ve coached enough people who hate their job to understand the emotions. After all, if you […]

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Attraction Marketing: Does It Really Work For Part Timers?

One lit bulb among unlit ones.

Attraction Marketing is a great strategy for building a home business if you hate approaching strangers or hitting up family and friends to join your new venture. The premise of Attraction Marketing is that you ATTRACT others to you (and your business) by providing valuable information that helps them solve a problem. Sounds easy, right? […]

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6 Steps To Take Back Your Life


Last week, I did a webinar for my Part Time Marketing buddies, intending to show them how I took back my business after facing some extremely difficult time challenges. As it turns out, it could have been subtitled… 6 Steps To Take Back Your Life The story begins 9 months ago, when circumstances at my […]

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Are You A Professional Or Amateur? — Take The Quiz


If you’re looking for home business success, then it’s important that you conduct your enterprise as a professional. You’ve probably heard the line, “Treat your business like a business, not a hobby!”. What this means is being professional in the way you run your business. So why is this so important? Home Business Success:  The […]

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Overcoming Procrastination And The War Of Art


Overcoming procrastination (in all its forms) is crucial for anyone building a home business, particularly if you’re doing it Part Time. I would venture to say that procrastination is the #1 Killer of home-based businesses, because it’s so prevalent and, let’s face it… JUSTIFIABLE! I’m reading this book called The War of Art, by Steven […]

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