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5 Major Steps To A Successful Home Business… Regardless of Your Company, Marketing Strategy, or Level of Experience

In this post, you will discover the 5 steps to a successful home business, regardless of your company, business model, marketing strategy, marketing budget, or level of experience. How is that possible? How can there be one success model for every business, every company, and every marketer? The reason is simple... It's because being successful at your home business has nothing to do with those things... and everything to do with YOU. Your success depends on YOU. You may notice that the steps to a successful home business share many similarities with training by one of the greatest business philosophers ever, Mr. Jim Rohn. The training is called The Challenge To Succeed and within that course, Jim taught about the 5 Major Pieces to The Life ...
How To Build A Profitable Side Business While Working Full Time

How To Build A Profitable Side Business While Working Full Time

Is it possible to build a successful and profitable side business while working full time?  Of course, it is! I built my marketing business "on the side" while simultaneously growing a successful healthcare career. I wouldn't say it's easy, but it certainly can be done. My story... I started my marketing side business back in 2009 while working full-time in healthcare.  I wasn't one of those who hated my job and wanted to fire my boss.  I loved my job. But I wanted CHOICES for the future. I wanted to be the one who decided when to hang up my lab coat for the last time.  I didn't want anyone else making that decision for me.  Not my boss.  Not the hospital.  ME. And I certainly ...
Mastering The Balance of Life and Work... and Even a Side Business

Mastering The Balance of Life and Work… and Even a Side Business

In today's society, not much is harder than mastering the balance of life and work... not to mention also having a home business.  In this post, I'll be providing my best tips for "having it all"... meaning having a real balance between the various aspects of life that are important to you. First, let's define "work-life balance" (note:  feel free to substitute "business" for "work" in this definition). Definition of Work-Life Balance according to "The relative importance of work and personal life to a particular individual." And there's this definition from the Cambridge Dictionary : "The amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy." Makes sense, although as you'll ...
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9 Business Productivity Hacks That Actually Work

If you're looking for business productivity hacks that will both save you time and get more results, you've come to the right place. When I was building my business "on the side" while working a full-time job as a healthcare professional, one thing became abundantly clear... I needed to leverage technology to save time AND... I had to spend my limited time doing what mattered MOST for my business. In other words, work smart, work less.  I had no other option. Now that I've left my full-time job at the hospital, I've kept this philosophy and work only a couple of hours a day on business while spending the rest of my time doing whatever I want. That's TRUE time freedom, but it didn't come easily ...
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3 Reasons You Aren't More Consistent In Your Business

Why aren't I more consistent in my business? As someone who's coached hundreds of marketers building their business part-time, I've heard this question a lot. Before I go into the possible reasons behind your lack of consistency, here's a story you should hear... For years, I struggled to grow my home business.  It was always one step forward, two steps back. I bought all the courses. I attended all the trainings. I went to all the events. And still... I struggled. I became convinced that there was a SECRET that the successful marketers were leaving out.  It felt like there was a secret ingredient that all the gurus knew about, that they were withholding from everyone else. So I went on a quest to find it ...