Refuse To Adjust To This, And You Will be Swallowed

“Understand the wave, you can ride it. Refuse to adjust, you will be swallowed.” This from a book I highly recommend called, The Mobile Wave by Michael Saylor – How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything.   Tough to disagree.As you know, things are heating up really fast in the Mobile Marketing world and we are still, only at the […]

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List Building Secrets – Does Size Matter?

list building tips

Today, I’m going to give you some of my best List Building Secrets and Tips. Ready? One of the things you hear all the time about building a list is… You Gotta Build a BIG List If You Want To Make A Lot of Money! Really? While it’s true that people with big lists can […]

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How To Romance Your List Like A New Girlfriend

Many people struggle with building their list… that’s all they think about. Get more people on my list… More people. More people. They get so focused on building their list numbers and they FORGET about building a RELATIONSHIP with their list. Romance Your List Like A New Girlfriend In many ways, building a list relationship […]

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