A Quick And Easy Way To Monetize Your Blog

If you’re looking to monetize your blog, you’re in for a treat today. If you’ve spent anytime with me or read my blog, You know that I’m all about LEVERAGE and finding the simplest and fastest ways of accomplishing my goals. It’s just that I’m really busy, and a little LAZY! 聽馃檪 It’s Not That […]

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Why NOBODY is Buying Your Stuff

There’s no lonelier feeling in the world for a marketer… You get all pumped up about a product promotion, You prepare your Facebook ads and your blog posts, You write a killer email to your list, And in the end… NOBODY BUYS YOUR STUFF. Or maybe you’re in a Network Marketing company and you’ve been […]

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The New MLSP Academy… Take a Peek for $2

mlsp image

MLSP (My Lead System PRO) has been our system and community of choice for the last few years. Brian, Norbert and Todd, the leaders in MLSP have always provided HUGE value with integrity and trust. And now they’ve UPPED their game. Introducing the “New MLSP Academy”… $2 trial to take a look $19.97/mo after the […]

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Is Time Your Enemy or an Ally?


It’s no secret that finding the time to build a home business can be a challenge, particularly for folks who have a Full Time Job or are otherwise extremely busy. But here’s the reality… It’s the approach you have towards TIME that will make or break your Part Time business.   Right now, do you […]

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How To Run Your Business in 2 Hours a Day or Less

Time… There are 2 truths when it comes to TIME and building your business. There usually isn’t ENOUGH of it. We tend to waste it doing the COMFORTABLE rather than the NECESSARY. I’ve made it my business to solve these time issues. Out of necessity. I work 50-70 hr weeks in my job in Reproductive […]

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Futuristic Marketing – Why I Bought It

futuristic marketing image

I don’t buy many products anymore. I really don’t. So when I started seeing references to Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson’s new product launch, Futuristic Marketing… I honestly dismissed them. I went into “learning mode”, where I gather all the emails of the “gurus” who promote the launch and study their technique. I also began […]

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A $500 Tour and One Scary Cab Ride…

mentor image

Rosemary and I have spent the last week in Turkey. Three of those days we attended a scientific conference. We then flew down to southern Turkey to visit Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary. Rosemary is very religious, so this part of the trip took on added meaning for her. It was all […]

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