We are Dr. Bob and Rosemary Clarke, co-founders of this site, and we are REALLY  BUSY people!!

By day, we are Infertility Specialists in a major NY hospital, helping others to experience the ultimate joy of parenthood.

By night, we are Online Marketing Professionals, helping others of like mind to change their lives, secure their financial future, and find their voice online.

In between, we are parents of 4 kids, volunteers at our town Senior Center, gardening experts, and movie buffs.

Yes, we are very busy people.

And so, probably are YOU!

If you already have your own network marketing business, or if you are in the process of doing your due diligence before taking the plunge, you’ve undoubtedly seen one or more of these proclamations:




And while these are great goals and things to aspire to, the REALITY is that most of us have to continue to work while building our business.  Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home Mom or Dad with equally challenging time issues.  Or maybe you’re like me (Bob), who spent countless hours caring for my Mom and Dad before they passed away a few years ago.

Whatever your story, WE GET IT.

And that’s why we created this site.  We understand the challenges of trying to become successful Network or Internet Marketers PART-TIME.

We did it the hard way, trial and error, finding out what was needed and what wasn’t, what was a waste-of-time and what made a difference in our success.

  • We signed up for dozens and dozens of trainings, some of which helped us catapult our business forward, and many that were a waste of time and money.
  • We discovered which skills were non-negotiable and needed to be mastered immediately and which ones can be “put on the back burner”.
  • We even went from program to program, looking for that magic product that would make people flock to join our team.

In short, we made MISTAKES, and lots of ‘em.  Some cost us time, some cost us lots of money, but they were instructive in one way — WE LEARNED WHAT WAS NECESSARY to succeed in online marketing.

And that’s what we share with you here…. the “Straight Line” to success, if you will.


How To Use This Site


Here is a STEP BY STEP GUIDE for getting the most out of this site:

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