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In this training, I'll be taking you through the steps I use for promoting a live event.  We'll go through the 3 different phases of promotion, the formulation of bonuses that draw people in and have them asking to buy from you, and strategies for standing out from your competition.

This is an ongoing private training.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS PAGE!  I will be adding more training at each step of the launch.  By the end of the launch, you will have tons of valuable training on this page that you can access anytime you wish.

I will let you know via email each time a new training video is published and placed on this page.  You'll want to bookmark it so you can come back often.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment down below.  


Training 3/16/15:  The 3 Phases Of Buyers


Training 3/10/15  Creating Kick-Butt Bonuses for Your Promotions

Click here to study my actual NES Bonus Page


Training 3/5/15:  The Divergent Video

Okay guys, this is where things get interesting.  I was taught by one of my mentors to always ZIG when others ZAG.  That's exactly what I've done in the video below.  While everyone else is promoting the Ferny Ceballos videos as inspirational and “guru-ish”, I've taken a different approach — giving people the inside scoop.  People tend to like being on the inside and I've taken advantage of this with the video below.  I call it The Divergent Video, because it diverges from my affiliate competitors in a  pretty big way.

First, while explaining that Ferny's documentary is indeed very valuable from a “how to succeed” angle, I also tell them what the videos are REALLY for, how they are leading up to the sale of No Excuses 6 tickets next week.

Second, I begin to broach the topic of bonuses and how I'll be showing them what kind of bonuses to look for when “all heck breaks loose” next week (ticket sales open).

Third, I give them a link to come back to our training here, in case they want to learn more about how to promote a launch.

All in all, a pretty darn effective video!  🙂

Here is the actual video below so you can see how I positioned it.  And if you haven't yet checked out Ferny's 2 videos, you probably should, even if you aren't going to the event.  There are  a lot of very important business and life lessons inside.



Training 3/3/15:  Inject Yourself Into The Marketing

Here's the actual example of what I teach in the video


Training 3/2/15:  Pre-Promotion Of The Launch


Training 2/25/15:  What Are The Best Affiliate Promotions?