Dr. Bob's Get The MOST Out No Excuses Bonus Package

(aka $2285 worth of Bonuses That Get You Results AFTER You Get Home!)

 What Makes No Excuses Different Than Other Live Events?

(Attendees Generating Leads and Sales AT The Event!)

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Just Announced!  BONUS BONUS!

jackpot bonusThe NES6 Jackpot Bonus!

My wife Rosemary is AMAZING when it comes to just about everything, but definitely when it comes to WINNING at the Las Vegas SLOTS!  Rosemary wins almost every time we hit a casino and I have never been able to figure out how.  

In fact, up until now, she has NEVER revealed her secret strategy to anyone, but for those who purchase their NES6 ticket before Thursday, March 19th at Midnight, she has offered to share her secrets to winning at the slots.  This has never been done before and likely will NEVER be offered again!!   Real World Value:  Unable To Estimate


packing for new journeyBONUS #1:  How To Prepare For NES6 (and Any Live Event)

Let's make sure you're 100% ready for the big event!  We'll give you our best tips for what to bring, what to leave home and how to prepare to get the most out of NES6!

Real World Value:  $97



Accountability on Highway Signpost.BONUS #2: NES6 Power Accountability Group

The event is over, you're feeling a HIGH level of energy and drive to really make things work for your business.  Then you get home and all that energy fades into everyday life and problems.  

Not this time!!!  Welcome to the NES6 Power Group!  We'll meet with you twice a week for 30 days to keep that energy flowing and the results coming in, well after the event.  

Real World Value:  $497


Our Memories From No Excuses 5 Last Year! 




ShoppingBONUS #3:  How To Build An Email List Of Buyers

You'll learn at NES6 how to generate leads and build a list.  But that's only half the battle!  Now it's time to build trust and a sense of community with your leads, and this training will show you exactly how to do it.    Real World Value:  $197




fast mail green background down and upBONUS #4: Email Follow-up Templates For Any Business

 Imagine having a complete email followup campaign written for you to send to your new leads!  Welcome to our Email Followup Tamplates bonus!

We'll provide you with email templates that you can use for any product, service, or company, to followup with your leads and build trust fast!  Real World Value:  $297



On a meetingBONUS #5: Turn Your NES6 Notes Into Cash!  

Do you know what most people do with their event notes when they get home?  Nothing!

I'll show you how to turn those gold nuggets you learned at NES6… and turn them into cash!  It's a formula that few use, but works every single time.  

Make back your investment in NES6 and much more!  Real World Value:  $197


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If you upgrade to a VIP ticket for No Excuses, you get ALL of the above bonuses, plus…


vipBONUS #6:   Inner Circle VIP Only – Meet The Gurus at NES6

Who do you want to meet at NES6?  Ray Higdon?  Diane Hochman?  Ferny Ceballos?  The Pescosolidos?  

When you purchase a VIP ticket through our link, I will personally take you around and introduce you to any top earner in the building.  I'll talk you up and get you involved in the conversation, so you don't feel like a lost soul afraid to introduce yourself to the leaders in our space.    

Real World Value:  $200 (actually priceless)



bobBonus #7:  Breakfast With Dr. Bob

Get your private invitation to a group breakfast with Dr. Bob, where we will talk about what you learned at the event and how to IMPLEMENT it to get the most results for your business.

Real World Value:  $300 



Unknown-10Bonus #8:  Complete Business And Marketing Review

(Fast Action!  First 3 VIPs only!)    CLOSED!

The first 3 people to purchase a VIP ticket through our link will receive a complete business and marketing review of their business.  I'll sit down with you and go over your business and marketing strategies, and help you develop a serious plan for hitting your income goals.  I'll even review how you're using your time for your business and help you maximize each minute you dedicate to your business.  Real World Value:  $500


$2285 Total Bonus Value — FREE!


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