Despite all the negative statistics you’ve probably read on the Internet or heard from your friends, I’m here to tell you that you CAN succeed in Network Marketing! Yes, it’s true that approximately 97% of network marketers do not succeed, but that doesn’t mean you have to one of them.

Nobody is Focusing on the Real Issue That Causes Failure

Part of the problem surrounding the high failure rate in Network Marketing is that no one is really focusing on the true issue. In fact, if you do a Google search on “how to succeed in network marketing”, you’ll find plenty of articles and blog posts by marketers more than willing to offer their solutions.

– People fail because they don’t position themselves in their compensation plan.

– People fail because they’re not using the best marketing system.

– People fail because they joined the wrong company.

– And my personal favorite — people fail because they’re just plain lazy!

The True Reason Why Most Network Marketers Fail

The truth is that, while all of the above reasons might be secondary to someone’s failure in network marketing, there is only one thing that people really need to understand in order to succeed.

In fact, if people REALLY understood this one concept, we could cut the failure rate dramatically.

It’s a very simple, yet rarely talked about truth of Network Marketing, yet I believe it is the only one that truly matters:

network marketing leaderHere it is – People are looking to join LEADERS who can help them succeed.

That’s it. Can it really be that simple? Think about it. If you go to a doctor for a critical operation, you are looking for a leading specialist. If you are getting sued and need a lawyer, you surely want a lawyer who is a leader in his or her specialty.

It’s the same in network marketing. People are searching for leaders, people who understand what it takes to succeed AND who can show them how they can succeed, as well.

Can you be successful in Network Marketing without being a leader? You can probably realize marginal success, maybe enough to pay some extra bills or fund your vacation this year. But to be truly successful and to provide you with the kind of income that will allow you to quit your job and work from home, you will need to become a leader that others are looking to follow.

Now before you throw up your hands in disgust, assured you can never become a leader, understand that it’s never been easier to gain this status. While this subject is too large to cover in this article, I can tell you that it really comes down to three things: gaining knowledge and expertise, implementing what you’ve learned and focusing on what works, and teaching others to do the same.

And the Internet has never made it easier to accomplish this.

Yes, you CAN succeed in Network Marketing if you understand that it’s all about demonstrating leadership and gaining people’s confidence that you can help them achieve their goals.


While leadership can take quite a while to achieve, there are shortcuts — communities that train Network Marketers how to become leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Dr. Bob Clarke is a respected member of one such Leadership Community and teaches his team to be successful marketers through becoming dominant leaders.

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