Avoiding the ‘Stupid Tax’ of Online Advertising


We’ve had a few people ask us about our team’s winning marketing techniques and their common concern was a lack of “know-how” when it comes to online advertising…

And let us assure you, their concerns are legitimate, so we want to spend today addressing them for your benefit as well.

You see, the internet charges a “stupid tax” when it comes to online marketing.

That basically means that if you just jump in with both feet without really knowing what you’re doing, the net is going to “tax” your wallet big time.

  • Your PPC campaigns will be disabled by Google or Yahoo.
  • Your ezine ads will get a whopping “0%” response rate.
  • And in the end, you’ll end up paying $30 per lead instead of $3 to $5.

It’s a frustrating experience, and it can put a well-intentioned, yet uneducated business owner on the sidelines pretty quick.

But there is an simple solution…

The key to mastering online advertising is (like all things), is a little dose of “inside” knowledge.

So does that mean you have to go out and buy 10 different books and courses on online advertising once you get your business started?

Well in most cases, the answer would probably be yes, but not here.

Let us be blunt…

Unless you have a marketing system to plug into, you are dead in the water.

This is when selecting the right team of people to partner with becomes critical. (And this is our big piece of advice for the day…)

Essentially, you want to join someone who builds their business like you would want to build your business, because that’s what you’ll be taught.

If you want to use online advertising and avoid the internet marketing “stupid tax”, then you don’t want to partner with someone who likes to do home meetings.

Our team specializes in what I call the “work smart” approach. While less experienced home business owners are making lists of their friends and family members to pitch, handing out business cards, posting fliers, and buying low-quality leads,

…We Use Marketing To Attract The Right People To Us.

And that ability can only be wielded once you’ve experienced the right kind of training.

For example…

Let’s say that you submit an application today to work directly with us in starting your new entrepreneurial enterprise.

While you’re a sharp, successful leader – you might not have the whole internet marketing thing down yet.

…Which basically means that you’re now faced with the daunting challenge of teaching yourself the in’s and out’s of internet marketing and lead generation which will cost you about $10,000 in books and at least six months of your life.

That’s not really practical for you or us because we want you producing quickly .

And what are you supposed to do when you have a new business partner join your sales team?

Do you have the knowledge and skills necessary to help them hit the ground running? Can you teach them online marketing?

Probably not.

The solution?

We cut your learning curve down to days or weeks with simple, step-by-step instructions that will have you generating your own leads faster than you can imagine.

Want 5,10,15,20 people contacting you every-single-day about your business?

Piece of cake.

You see, we’ve put together the most comprehensive training site you’ll ever see when it comes to generating leads, and building a home business which will show you (exactly) how to make that happen.

  • Adwords Pay Per Click
  • Ezines
  • Articles
  • Post Cards
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Free advertising sources

It’s all there…

Have questions?

Well that’s what we’re for, but in addition to our help, you’ll have access to our team forum where members from all over the world congregate to help brand new people just like you, to hit the ground running.

Don’t know what to say when you talk to a prospect? No problem. We’ve got live recorded prospecting calls that you can listen to over and over again…

But for the most part, you wont have to worry about that because our “mastermind group” will call and close the sales for you.

In fact, some people have joined our  team just to access this training, as it would easily reach over $20,000 in real world value.

And that’s the type of team and environment you’re going to have to find if you want to avoid the internet marketing “stupid tax”.

The alternative is to make that list of your 100 closest friends and family members.

If that’s something that you’d settle for, we’d suggest that you keep your day job .

It’s a harsh reality but you wouldn’t make it as a doctor without going to medical school, and you won’t make it as an entrepreneur without learning how to generate your own leads.

If you’ve been surfing around the net recently looking for a home business, you’ve no doubt come across opportunities that promise you the world…

They claim they’ll do it all for you… yet they fail to back it up with “real” training.

Aside From That, Here’s The Real Problem With Those Kinds Of “Programs”…

There’s no ownership involved.

You don’t own anything and you have no real value to offer the world.

You don’t own the marketing skill set needed to generate the leads which means you’re dependent upon them.

You don’t own the personal confidence or leadership skills required to attract new business partners and customers to you.

And finally, you don’t own the list of prospects and you won’t have a personal relationship with them, which means you don’t have a business at all.

Your business and your income are 100% dependent upon other people and services.

Do you really think you’re going to upgrade your life and lifestyle? Do you think it’s going to last for more than a few months?

…Only a fool would think so.

To your success!

Bob and Rosemary

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