Unlocking the Secrets of Offline Advertising

Offline advertising is a rare beast these days.

On average, it will cost you $10- $25 to generate a lead offline using classified, magazine display ads, or postcards.

When you consider that the average person in the MLM or network marketing arena makes just $30 to $100 per new customer or distributor sign-up, a problem arises.

The simple truth of the matter, is that for 90% of homes business owners, the numbers don’t add up.

For example, let’s say that the average lead cost comes to $15 and that they make $100 for each new customer.

If they have a 10% conversion rate (which is great!), they’re still spending $150 to make $100.

Losing $50 per customer on the front end is usually not an option for the average home business start-up. It might make sense for a more established company that can take the life-time value of a customer into account, but the average mom and pop isn’t in that kind of position.

But none-the-less, offline advertising offers amazing advantages if you can make it work.

For example…

When a new partner gets started with our team, we want to help them get their marketing campaigns up and running ASAP!

Unless you already know how to advertise online, it’s going to take you 1-3 weeks while you go through that learning curve.

That’s a problem because we want our new team members making money within days, not weeks.

And what if you’re an old corporate work-horse who isn’t “computer savvy?”

What are you supposed to do then? Buy leads from lead vendors?

That’s old school.  We used to buy leads, and we promised ourselves, NEVER AGAIN!

An alternative?

How about something like a proven, turn-key postcard campaign

that can be tapped into the very day you start your business?  This is just one alternative, but the key is

to provide something turnkey to get new members in positive money flow as soon  as possible.

This is not only important for the bottom line of your business, but it’s equally important for

your mindset – you begin thinking that you CAN make your business work and, believe me, that’s

half the battle.

Offline advertising, such as postcards can be an incredibly effective way to introduce prospects

to you and your business, and it allows you to position yourself as a leader because people

are CALLING YOU for more information.

No more cold calling… promise us you’ll never do that again!

Until next time,

Bob and Rosemary Clarke

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