Starting a home-based business can be a daunting task, especially if you’re entering the world of entrepreneurship for the first time. There are so many things to learn, including new technical skills, marketing skills and social skills. Motivation becomes essential, since most home-based business owners are isolated and working for and by themselves. This is the reason that, from the very beginning, almost every new entrepreneur is told to develop a very strong WHY — THE motivating reason why they’ve started a business.

Indeed, it is very important for you to seriously consider these motivating “whys”, since obstacles and setbacks will come on a regular basis. For most, their “why” will not be strong enough to keep them going during these difficult periods. But for some, those that ultimately develop into the most successful leaders in the industry, their “why” is so strong that it carries them through the lean times and propels them to learn more, gain more skills, and push through the obstacles to their success.

Yes, having a very powerful “why” is extremely important. Your “why” can be very different depending on your circumstances and the stage of your life. While a young entrepreneur might be motivated by never wanting to get fired by a jerky boss again, someone older may be pushed to move forward by the necessity of sending his children to college, or by his impending retirement. The actual reason why is not as important as the intensity of the feelings surrounding it. The more intense the feelings behind your “why”, the more powerful it will be to keep you in the game and moving forward.

Once you have your “why”, it’s time to consider the “mission” of your new business. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their “why” and their “mission” are one and the same. This is a critical mistake. The difference is subtle but huge. While your “why” is very egocentric and focuses on you, your “mission” should focus on how your business will help others. Why is this difference so important?

One word: Attraction.

If the mission of your business is about yourself and what you want, your prospects will sense this and will never be drawn to you as someone who can help them with THEIR problems. However, if you make your mission about helping others, your potential business partners will be attracted to you as a person that might just help them achieve their goals and ambitions. Switch the mission of your business to focus on others and watch your business thrive.

Your “WHY” is the main motivating reason why you need your home business to be successful. It is egocentric in nature. In other words, it’s all about you. Your MISSION is larger is scope, and should focus on how your business will be able to help others with their problems. In other words, the mission of your business is all about your prospect.

Knowing the difference between “your why” and “your mission” and how to use each correctly is a key to the success of your new business venture.

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