It might seem counter-intuitive to even think about starting a new business venture in the face of today’s global financial crisis. After all, if huge global banks and insurance companies can’t survive-at least without handouts from the federal government-how could a small business possibly survive. The answer might surprise you.

The first thing to consider is that the global fiscal meltdown notwithstanding, there is still a global economy out there, with an estimated annual value of over $60 trillion (USD). This of course means that every day there are transactions happening all over the planet worth several billion dollars, each and every day. If you can devise a way to plug a business into this huge ocean of global cash, you’re well on your way to unimaginable financial security.

Yes, there are some very big-and very poorly run-corporations that are taking a beating. But that’s not you. And you don’t need a very big piece of this huge global financial pie to achieve total financial freedom for you and your family. Granted, it’s not necessarily easy to do this, but it’s also not as hard as you might think.

Despite the turbulent economic news swirling around us, there is really no better time in history to consider starting a business. This is because the internet has literally delivered the world to our living rooms. Starting a home based business that leverages the awesome power of the internet is something more and more people are undertaking as they seek to generate extra income, and to ease the constant worry about being fired from their jobs.

A well-conceived and executed home based network marketing business conducted across the internet is completely recession proof. Many entrepreneurs who initially start these businesses to augment their income and to provide a little extra financial security find such dramatic success that they quit their jobs and run their online business full time. Certainly there are no guarantees that you’ll find this level of success, but it’s clearly possible to stack the odds in your favor.

First, find an opportunity that has a proven track record of success. Second, look for a business built around an operational system that automates the basic business processes and that lets you focus on building relationships. And finally, search for an opportunity that brings together a network of like-minded, successful entrepreneurs who can help train and coach you. By taking control over your financial future today, you can completely eliminate your financial worries about tomorrow.

Many people are choosing to recession proof their income by starting their own home based business. Dr. Bob Clarke coaches and mentors budding entrepreneurs in building highly successful home businesses using an automated marketing and training system. Join Dr. Clarke’s team at