Every week we get asked about our favorite business and training tools in Network Marketing.   You know, the ones we’ve PERSONALLY used to build our business and sponsor dozens of people in our downline.

Before we divulge our favorites, a couple of things about tools….

  • There are no secret tools that the leaders are using that no one else knows about.   In our industry, everyone has access to the same tools.
  • There is no magic when it comes to using these tools.  The key word in the previous sentence is “using”.  If you buy a tool and don’t use it, you are wasting your money.
  • The tools and products listed below are ones that we PERSONALLY use every day to build our business.  We have tried many, and these are our favorites.  They may NOT be your favorites.  You will have to see what resonates with you.
  • You do NOT need to purchase all of these tools at once.  It will depend on the stage of your business.  Some of these are advanced tools for specific modes of marketing.   We have specified the “beginner tools” so that you can have a better understanding of where to start.



These are our favorite tools of the trade, grouped together by category.  

By way of full disclosure, many of of these links are affiliate links.  If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to go directly to the company's product page to purchase.


We use both GoDaddy to purchase Domain Names.

Go Daddy $7.49 .com domains

Autoresponders and List Management




Because YOUR LIST is the most important asset of your business.  

Your first month for only $1!

Web Hosting:  Our hosting company of choice in InMotion Hosting.

Highly recommended!


Content Syndication


After you create your killer content, you'll want to share it with the World!  We use this Content Syndication tool.


Social Media Sharing


Share your social media posts across many different platforms with one push of a button.

Free account available.



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