If you’ve attended any of your network marketing company’s live events, you’ve undoubtedly seen them. They are the ones getting all the accolades and awards on stage, winning sales events and walking away with fabulous prizes.

They are the network marketing top earners in your company.

Everyone wants to be near them. People are drawn into their circles of conversation, hoping to hear the magical secrets to their success. Certainly they must do something different than the others to make all that money.

There must be a secret.

Well, there is one big difference between network marketing top earners and everyone else in the industry. But it has nothing to do with secret traffic generation sources or magical marketing strategies. There’s no secret mindset tricks that they use, nor are there any secret, underground network marketing societies they belong to.

The difference between the network marketing top earners in your company and all the rest is unbelievably simple, yet no one wants to believe it. No one wants to admit that anyone can be a top earner — it’s easier to believe that they have some secret advantages that others don’t enjoy.

The one thing that separates the network marketing top earners from the rest of the pack?

They work harder and smarter than anyone else, and they’ve done it for longer than others in the company.

That’s it!

No magic, no secrets. These people simply have the drive and discipline to accomplish more than everyone else does. They don’t settle for less and they don’t let obstacles get in their way.

They work harder.

And they work smarter. All network marketing top earners inherently know that they need to be smart with how they spend their working hours. And they understand that there are basically only 2 things that bring money into their business.

1.  Getting Their Offer In Front Of People

Whether it be driving traffic to their business website or sending people to home parties, the relationship is the same — the more people who see their offer, the more money they make. This is the same in any business in any industry. That’s why the top earners in your company spend the majority of their time on getting their offer in front of as many people as possible.

2.  Interacting With Prospects

Whether it be on the phone or on the Internet, a huge part of making money in network marketing is building relationships with people. The top earners understand that the more people they speak to or interact with online, the more sales they will make.

The top earner work harder and smarter than the rest of the people in your company. No magic bullets or little known secrets — just hard work consistently over time.

Want to be a top earner in your company?


To your success!

Dr. Bob Clarke