Welcome To Day 3 of the “LEVERAGE!” 5-Day Crash Course:, all about leveraging your time and money to succeed in Network Marketing as quickly as possible.

In case you missed prior lessons or would like to review:

Day 1:  Building Your Foundation

Day 2: Leveraging The Work of Others

Which brings us to the next step….

Day 3:  Leveraging the Wisdom of Others

If you’re going to succeed in Network Marketing, you’re going to need help… and plenty of it.

If you spend any time on social networks like Facebook and Twitter,

you’ll soon find that there are LOTS of people offering their assistance.

Some are genuine and understand the power of Attraction Marketing.

Others are less than genuine and are simply out there looking to make a buck.

So how do you distinguish between the two?

How do you find that perfect mentor that will help guide you through the jungle that is Network and Online Marketing?

5 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Network Marketing Mentor

1.  Be Patient

The first thing to understand is that finding a mentor takes time.

Network Marketing newbies often think that their sponsor will be their life mentor.

If you’re really lucky that may be true, but most of the time it’s not the case.

None of our sponsors over the years have been what we would consider mentors.

They were nice enough, gave us encouragement and maybe a gold nugget of knowledge here or there,

but in terms of life changing mentorship, our sponsors have never had that effect on us.

It takes time for find the right mentors in your life.

It takes research, reading, talking with others, and doing your due diligence.

Sometimes you find them on purpose, and sometimes they appear out of nowhere.

But one thing is for sure — they are out there!  You just have to find them.

2.  Look Outside Your Primary Opportunity

As I said, none of our sponsors from our primary businesses have become our mentors.

We’ve been lucky enough to find a handful of really savvy, successful marketers who have become our mentors.

So how did we find them?

Don’t make the mistake we did.  When we first started, we thought that everyone we needed could be found in our upline.


While some of our upline have been are continue to be terrific marketers, our mentors come from all walks of life:

marketing, sales, leadership, and personal development.

Be a reader.

Read the books by authors that intrigue you.

Be a reader of blogs on the internet.  Watch videos to get an idea of what a person is like.

Gather your information.  That’s how we found many of our mentors.

3.  Find a Mentor Who Fits Your Personality

We hate hype and are repelled by those really hypey, in-your-face marketers.

We are attracted to those who really know their stuff and let their knowledge and reputation speak for itself.

We are drawn to integrity in marketing and all of our mentors share this philosophy with us.

Don’t be attracted to a teacher or coach because of promises.  Everyone in marketing makes promises.

Some keep them, some don’t.

The good ones deliver value well beyond their promise and these are the ones with whom you should align.

Again, take your time and get a feel for their personality and philosophy.

If you think you’ve found a good mentor, get on their email list, webinars and read their blog, especially the “About Me” section.

Better yet, pay for one of their courses (if they offer one) and see how they deliver their content.

4.  Mentors can be People You Know and People You’ve Never Met

Don’t get caught in the thinking that you must know your mentor personally.

One of the most influential persons in my life is someone I’ve never even met.

His name is Mr. Jim Rohn.

Although I never had the chance to see Mr. Rohn speak before he passed away earlier this year,

I have probably bought everything he’s ever written or recorded in books, CDs and DVDs.

He is a master communicator.

Mr. Rohn is responsible for helping me define my philosophy, set proper goals, and develop my leadership.

He has been one of the most influential people in my life.

And I’ve never met him.

5.   Find a Mentor Who Can Teach You How To Fish

You’ve probably heard the old Chinese proverb…

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Don’t look for a mentor who will do things for you.

A person who gives you their own set of autoresponder emails is a very nice person, but not a very good mentor.

How much better would it be if this person showed you HOW to write effective autoresponder emails and sales letters?

If they give you the solution, they help you today.

If they show you how to find your own solution, they help you forever.


Now go out and find the mentors who can help you build your dream business, the ones who will change your life forever.

They’re out there, you just have to keep looking.

Leveraging The Wisdom of Others

Finding the right mentors in your life can help you in so many ways.

We’ve been lucky enough to have several mentors help us in our business, each bringing something unique to the table.

Why make all the mistakes yourself when you can leverage off the mistakes of others?

Better yet, find out what has worked for others and start there to create your dream business.

Have you found mentors who have changed your life? 

Where did you find them and how did they affect you?


To your success!