Welcome To Day 2 of the “LEVERAGE!” 5-Day Crash Course:

Day 2:  Leverage Established Marketing Systems

Your next lesson is all about making that “all elusive” FIRST SALE.

It may be the sale of a low cost product or even an application fee for joining your opportunity.

What matters here is that you get a taste of success, to help you move forward and push through the inevitable obstacles to follow.

Now, I’m going to assume here that you’ve already joined a Network Marketing company

and have a product to sell.

If not, no worries — this post will make perfect sense for you, as well.

I’m also going to assume that you’re interested in taking your Network Marketing business ONLINE.

There are plenty of mentors who will teach you how to make presentations in far away places, host home parties every week, and practice the “3 foot rule” (anyone within 3 feet of you is a prospect).

That way of  sales and marketing never resonated with me;  besides, we were way too busy to

The 2 Schools of Network Marketing Success

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to succeeding in Network Marketing.

And they represent two very different ways of proceeding.

First, there are those that you believe that you should find a reputable, already established and proven successful Marketing System and leverage their resources to grow your business.

Others feel that this is a waste of time.  They believe that your time is better spent building your brand online, creating valuable content, growing your email list and gradually becoming a forceful, successful Network Marketer.

I don’t believe you should choose between the two.  You should do both.

While I fully endorse the idea of Building a Brand online, one that establishes you as a leader to be followed,

I also believe that it’s important for Network Marketing newcomers to see some initial success.

I’ve found that the simplest way to do this is to LEVERAGE an online marketing system that already works.

Later, as you succeed in branding yourself and attracting others, you can back off or even stop marketing using a

replicated marketing system.

But in the beginning, I’ve found it’s the fastest ways to get that initial success under your belt.

A Comparison Of the Two Paths

A)  Using a Replicated Online Marketing System

Advantages (the best ones have these):  quicker ability to make sales and promote your opportuniyy;

can promote any business;

replicated landing pages and sales pages;

professionally written autoresponder messages;

a proven funded proposal (a low priced product to help fund your marketing);

an online community of other marketers to help with questions

Disadvantages: does little to help you build your brand (reputation) online;

use of replicated pages are not allowed in certain marketing strategies (Google, Squidoo, possibly YouTube and Facebook);

you don’t “own” your email list (in most cases).

B)  Building a Brand Online

Advantages: Provides a solid foundation for a profitable online business;

brands YOU as the leader that others want to follow;

attracts potential prospects to you  (rather than chasing leads); the leads you generate are your own (your most important business asset);

comparatively lower cost.

Disadvantages: takes much longer to establish yourself as a leader;

relatively few sales in the beginning; more labor intensive;

people often quit from not seeing results fast enough.

The Best of Both Worlds

The strategy we have taken (and the strategy I teach our students) is to use a HYBRID MODEL,

using the advantages of each model.

This is how we established ourselves as leaders online.

First, we found a proven, successful online marketing system to “cut our teeth”

(we had no online experience when we first started less than 3 years ago).

We plugged into this system, the training and the resources to get some initial success.

Within a few months of implementing the marketing strategies we learned and plugging into the system,

we were able to have our first 5 figure month, making over $11,000.

While we were doing this, we started the process of branding ourselves online and attracting others to us.  We carved out our piece of internet real estate (our hub blog), found mentors to help us build our brand, formed a mastermind group to share our ideas and the rest, as they say….is history.

We will cover Building Your Brand later in this course, so for today let me finish by providing you with a list of what to look for in an ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM, should you decide to go that route….

Attributes of a Proven and Profitable Online Marketing System:

  1. The flexibility to promote any product or business.
  2. A proven, low cost funded proposal to help offset your marketing costs.
  3. Professionally written and high converting replicated webpages.
  4. Professionally written autoresponders to keep in touch with your leads.
  5. An inhouse mechanism for collecting sales and distributing income.
  6. Staff business coaches to work with your prospects in explaining the opportunity and closing your sales.
  7. Emphasis on training and education
  8. Easy access to company leaders through webinars, training calls, or a company forum.

It may seem as though this is a tall order, but if you do your research as we did, you can find the replicated

online marketing system that fits your needs and budget…

and will allow you to see some initial success while you are busy building your brand and attracting a following.

Leveraging the Work of Others

Plugging into a simple, proven system for generating leads and sales got us started when we first entered the Network Marketing universe.

By leveraging the works of leaders and 6-figure earners in the industry, we cut months, if not years off our learning curve.

It is a strategy that we wholeheartedly endorse.

What do you think about his?  Have you been trying either of these strategies?  What have been YOUR results?

If you’re just starting out, does this make sense to you?  BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT!

To your ultimate success!