I'm offering you these cliff notes from the 5 sessions of the Challenge so that you can grab the major concepts and the homework assignments if you're too busy to watch the actual training.

This is NOT meant to replace the actual video training! — I highly recommend you watch each training recording, as they often contain examples of what is being taught.

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Watching the Trainings Live

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Watching the Recordings of the Trainings

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How to optimize your profile to position YOU as the authority (even if you’re brand new!)

Your business income is directly correlated to the perceived value you bring to the Marketplace.  What you post on Facebook is the start of the process of adding value.

How to Optimize Your FB Profile/Timeline To Put Your Best Foot Forward

NOTE:  You may not get a lot of engagement yet if you haven't been building your audience or posting on your timeline regularly.

Your Profile is the first thing people will check out when you send a friend request or follow them.  


IMPORTANT:  Download this Profile Makeover Cheatsheet as a guide to the information below.


PROFILE PICTURE – should be only YOU, clear pic preferably smiling.  No sunglasses.  Can be a selfie, doesn't have to be a professional picture.


COVER PHOTO – your chance to get people to know you.  You should also be in the cover photo.  Quotes on your cover photo scream “marketer”.

Good pics for cover photo are lifestyle, your family, hobbies, etc.  Choose carefully.

Again, make sure it's a clear picture.

Your Profile should express to people who you are.


BIO — prime real estate on your profile.  Can either say who you are (Mother, Educator, Internet Marketer, etc) or What you Do.  You CAN include a link here.

Here's an example from my current FB Profile…


INTRO – if a female, don't put your actual location.  Put a city near where you live, just for safety.

Can put links to other business assets, like blog, website, youtube channel, etc.  Make sure these links are in your best interest (go to your own stuff or will directly generate leads for you).

When you edit your intro, fill out completely, including the About You section.

NEW:  You can now put your hobbies in your intro section.


FEATURED PHOTOS – photos that represent you, the pics that show you in the best light.  You can select your featured photos.

Great to put pics with leaders, at events, travel, etc.  

TIP:  If you choose just one photo as a featured photo, it will show up large on your profile.  See the example of my profile below.

PHOTOS — FB chooses these for you, but you can delete ones you don't like.


HOMEWORK:  Make sure your profile pic and cover photo are appropriate.

Also, go through your timeline from the past couple of months and make sure there is no spam there (company name, products, etc — and absolutely no links).  People don't pay attention anyway.

You want people asking you what you do.

If you put your company name or products on your timeline, people will go to Google to research it.  They will NOT come back to your profile to buy, they will just find the easiest person to buy from.  

We will teach you curiosity posts that will better serve you.


Q & A:  There was an extensive Question and Answer session at the end of the training, starting at minute 25 of the recording, if you care to check it out




How To Create Effective Lifestyle Posts

Have a plan and objective.  Every post on FB should have a reason for posting it.

You should only post 1-2 times (3 max) on your timeline each day.  

Make them count!


Lifestyle Posts have 3 purposes:

1)  You are giving your audience a chance to know, like, and trust you.  Create relatability.

2)  Two Reasons People will want to join you:

— a) they want what you have (lifestyle, business)

— b) you have the life that they want- doesn't have to be income, could be travel, or staying home with your kids

3) Your timeline is like your own little reality show.  Entertainment is a huge purpose for your lifestyle posts.


Examples of lifestyle posts:

— taking your kids to the park

— making dinner, make it fun

— when doing yoga at home

— other hobbies you have

— when things go wrong (Super effective)

— trips you take or places you want to go

— ask questions

— you are documenting your life so others can relate to you.


TIP:  In your MLSP back office, you have access to a course called POSTING FOR PROFITS ON FACEBOOK CHALLENGE. 

It's under the Training Tab —> Training Library —> My Membership Courses —>  Phase One

This course is PART OF YOUR TRIAL MEMBERSHIP and will help you with what to post on your own profile for maximum effect.


People are fascinated by stories and are curious about other people's lives.

What YOU post on your Facebook profile is important!!

TIP:  Create a little mystery in your posts…

“I'm on a sea plane and it's a little rough…”

People might ask themselves…

Where is she going on a sea plane?”

Create curiosity.


Go check out Erin Birch's timeline posts for good examples of lifestyle posts.


PRO TIP:  You can boost a  popular lifestyle post by going back and commenting on them later.  Facebook will see that and again start showing your post to more people.


Next  Training:  How to post about your products without being spammy.




How To Post Effectively About Your Products


How to create product posts that don't come off spammy and have people reaching out to you, asking for information.

Spam = posting company products right on your newsfeed.

Here is why that's bad and why you'll lose sales  (this is an actual post of mine from a couple of days ago):

YOU need to be the gatekeeper for all the information about your company and products.

There is a better way to promote your products on Facebook and other social media.


The best and most-effective way to promote your products is via CURIOSITY POSTS.

You want people saying to themselves…

“What is this?  This would make my life better!”



Don't talk about what your product IS..

Tell people what your product DOES.


You want to share about the END RESULT.


Example  – Weight Loss (Benefit)

People don't really want to lose weight.

They care about feeling good about themselves, more self-confidence, getting healthier, fitting into their clothes again.

This is called the BENEFIT OF THE BENEFIT.


Nobody cares about the FEATURES or INGREDIENTS of your products.

They are about what it will DO FOR THEM.


If you can tap into people's emotions (the benefit of the benefit), they will buy from you.


Talk about the problem, tap into their pain/emotions, and provide the solution.


Different Kinds of Product Posts

— Simple Curiosity Post  

OMG!  Just got my botox in a bottle! 

Holy smokes!  This toothpaste!  My teeth have never been so white!

— Expanded Curiosity Post

Same as above, but provide more information/details…


You could create a short PDF or report about the benefits of your product and give it away, as well.

— Story Post

Telling your story or other people's story.

Talk about the problem, the feelings of how it made you feel, and offer the solution.

This can be a written post, or more effectively, it can be done as a video (or Facebook Live).

“Before and after” pictures can be done, but much more effectively as a story post.

Actually, before-and-after posts are better placed in your FB Stories, where you can be more promotional.


Q&A starts at ~minute 37:00 of the recording in the MLSP VIP Facebook Group.

Erin provides examples of many different products.

Worth watching if you're stuck for what to post.



How To Create Effective Business Posts

If it sounds like an ad, it generally won't do well on social media.

Most people are on FB looking to be entertained, not sold.

Business post = any time you plant seeds of curiosity about your business opportunity — never mentioning the company name.

Mumble about how much you love the home business industry or the success of your team… these are planting seeds.

Here's an example of how Erin does this…


Saying things like “ask me how” will actually repel people — your post should have them WANTING to ask you how.

Don't have Call-to-Actions in all your posts.

You can also do “Shout Out” posts for members of your team:

You can do this kind of post even if you haven't made a dime in your business yet.

Notice how these posts mumble about having a business but don't actually name the company or opportunity.

Erin says you should be doing 2 business posts per WEEK.


Erin goes much deeper into this in the upcoming Level One Workshop (click here for details).


At the 22:00 min point of the recording, Erin does more examples of business posts based on the attendee's kinds of businesses.

Lots of good examples, worth listening to.


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How To Create Story Posts to Build Trust


People will follow you for the value you provide…

They will fall in LOVE with you for the stories that you tell.

Many people don't think they have a story.

We all do, multiple stories.

Facts tell… stories sell.

Storytelling creates RELATABILITY.

You can angle your story to make offers.

How To Write a Story Post

Best is to tell where you were at… and where you are now.

You can use this to promote your products, biz opp, and MLSP

PAS Format For Telling a Story

Establish the PROBLEM that you had.

AGITATE the problem – really drill in the pain/emotions that this problem was causing.

Provide the SOLUTION


There's got to be EMOTION in your story, or people won't be inspired to take action

The first 2 sentences of your story post are more critical.

— The first sentence must be super intriguing – the hook.  You must grab your attention.

— The second sentence must also be intriguing or create curiosity.  It keeps them reading.

Write short, clear, concise sentences… write the way you speak.

Make sure you break up the text so that it's not one big paragraph.


In the beginning, it may take you some time to write story posts.

But over time, it gets faster.

Call-To-Action – not necessary but can have it occasionally.  It sometimes can turn people off.


Most people have multiple stories when they sit down and think about it.

— life experiences

— challenges you got past

— these are all stories that can be angled to plant seeds in your audience's minds

Here are some story post examples from Erin:




Q&A session started around minute 45:00 minute of the video.