12 Done-For-You AI Prompts
For Busy Entrepreneurs

Welcome my friend!

My Name is Dr. Bob Clarke and I help online marketers grow their businesses to new heights in whatever time they have available.  

My "12 Done-For-You AI Prompts" is designed to help you use Artificial Intelligence to build the foundation of your business so YOU can spend more time actually growing your business.

For each of the prompts given, you'll notice a BOLDED section.  That is where you would enter the specific information for YOUR business.  Then you would run theses prompts through Chat GPT or another AI Bot to help you develop your business strategies.

You may need to try out different versions of these AI prompts to fit your individual need, but they will get you a long way to building a solid foundation for your business so you can spend more of your time generating leads and sales!   Enjoy!

Target Audience Inquiry

"Can you help me create a list of questions that I should ask to identify my target audience in [insert specific industry/product/service]? I'm trying to understand their needs and preferences better.".
"I need assistance in developing a survey template to gather data about potential customers' preferences, challenges, and buying habits for [insert product/service]. Can you guide me on this?"

Ideal Customer Definition

"Could you guide me in developing a detailed persona for my ideal customer in [type of business/product/service]? I want to include demographics, interests, and pain points."
"I’m looking for strategies to validate my ideal customer profile through market research and social media engagement in [insert specific business field]. Can you provide some insights?"

Impactful Task System Development

"Can you help me design a weekly planner that prioritizes tasks based on business impact and my time availability, particularly for [insert business type or key tasks]?"
"I need a decision-making flowchart to distinguish between high-impact and low-impact activities in [insert business area or task type]. Could you assist me with that?"

Efficiency and Time Management Strategies

"I'm looking for productivity tools and techniques that can maximize my efficiency, especially in managing [insert specific business aspects]. Do you have any recommendations?"
"Could you suggest a process for conducting a time audit to identify and eliminate time-wasting activities related to [insert specific business operations or tasks]?"

Marketing and Outreach Strategies Request

"I need advice on tailoring social media strategies for my business in [specific field] to effectively reach my target audience. What do you suggest?"
"Can you help me develop a content calendar template focusing on key topics that resonate with my audience in [insert specific industry or niche]?"

Customer Engagement and Retention Techniques

"I'm looking for strategies to build strong relationships with my customers through personalized communication and feedback loops in [insert business type or customer segment]. What are your thoughts?"
"I would appreciate your ideas on loyalty programs or customer appreciation initiatives suitable for my business in [insert specific industry or customer base]."