UnknownYou’d be surprised how many home business owners I’ve seen flounder and quit because they never got off the ground.

They all had good intentions. They all wanted to succeed for various reasons.

They all failed.


Most of them failed because they didn't ask themselves some simple questions.

They failed to make some basic decisions which would have got them moving, making some money ultimately allowed them to realize their dreams.

If you’re just starting on your entrepreneurial path, I urge you to think hard about the questions you’re about to read.

And if you’ve been at it for a while and are struggling, take some time away from it all and really THINK about the decisions I’m asking you to make.

If you do, only good things can happen!


I ask this question in the broadest of terms.

Do you want to be a NETWORK marketer or an INTERNET marketer?

Of course there can be some cross over (like using internet technology to build your MLM business), but at their base these 2 industries are very different.


Do you want to build a team that will yield residual income month after month? Do you enjoy working with a team and helping them succeed?

If so, you want to be a Network Marketer.


Do you just want to learn how to sell products (yours or someone else’s) on the Internet without worrying about having to support team members and perhaps enjoying the quick hit sales that can come with affiliate marketing launches?

If so, you really want to be an Internet/Affiliate Marketer.


Understanding the difference between the two and DECIDING which type of business you want to have will save you so much time and money in the long run.

Of course, many Network Marketers also sell affiliate products on the side in support of their business, but their primary business is Network Marketing.

Too many folks walk a tightrope trying to do it all and end up paralyzed, not knowing what to do next.

I say this from personal experience. 🙁

Not knowing WHO you want to be in business can cost you both time and money and severely delay your progress.



Don’t be one of those “toe dippers” who tries stuff out “to see if it works”.

Newsflash: They ALL work…. IF you work them.

My mentor calls it PLANTING YOUR FLAG.

It means staking a claim in one place (MLM, affiliate platform, etc) and saying THIS is where I am building my business!!


Having a passion for your product and belief in your company is all part of it, but it’s that DECISION… “This is my home” that will carry you forward in a big way.

Personal note: It took me WAY too long to make this decision. I liked everything I joined. I found faults in everything I joined.

I made very little money in everything I joined…


Until I made the decision to plant my flag.  

Time for you to make yours!



Nothing will help you build your business FASTER than having access to a teacher or coach who can show you the ropes.

You know, someone who’s already done what you’re trying to accomplish.

It’s HUGE.

I’ve published some content on how to find these people in your business, like here and here.



I’m praying that your answer to this is YES, because I’ve learned the hard way that YOUR LIST is your most precious business asset.

I’ve had companies that I loved change products drastically so that I no longer could sell them.

I’ve had an MLM decide to merge overnight with another company of which I had no interest.

I’ve seen companies flat out DISAPPEAR from one day to the next!


If you’re not building your own list, you’re making a big mistake in my opinion. A list of people who will follow you REGARDLESS of where you choose to build your business.

If you have no idea where to start building a list or have tried unsuccessfully to do so, I suggest you check out this platform. It’s what I’ve used for years.



How are you planning to find people out there who want the product you’re selling? Will you be using the technology of the Internet or doing it “old school” through networking off line?

These are BIG questions and the sooner you decide, the faster your business will grow.

Some people want nothing to do with the Internet, and that’s cool. Go out into the world and find your prospects.

Others, like me need to leverage the power of the Internet to find prospects due to time constraints. If this is you, great, but one word of warning.


There are dozens of methods you can use online to find prospects for your business. Again, simpler is better.

Choose ONE method to learn.

— If you want to become a proficient video marketer, then do that.

— If you want to use Facebook and social media to grow your business, then do that.

— If all this technology weirds you out and you just want to learn how to better use the phone to grow your business, do that.

Just do one thing and get very good at it… and your business will SOAR.


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