My Top 3 Takeaways From Ray Higdon’s Mastermind Event

I just returned from a very cool Mastermind Event this weekend, led by Ray and Jessica Higdon. It was an amazing experience with 2 full days of training followed by an “adventure day” (more on this later). The training ranged from the basic to the advanced, from mindset to webinar presentation slides and everything in-between. […]

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10 Keys To Building Trust With Your Target Market

building trust

There’s a key ingredient that all successful marketers emphasize in their business — building trust with their target market. After all, as the saying goes…   “People buy from those they Know, Like and Trust!” As an affiliate marketer who’s participated in many contests, I’ve been witness to the “surprise” showing of marketers with relatively […]

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Part Time Business Tip: Dealing With Haters

This is a very important Part Time Business Tip and it involves dealing with haters. No one tells you this in the beginning when you’re first starting out (and with good reason), but the fact is that you WILL get haters as you get more successful in your part time business. And in fact, the […]

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